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Swan Bells, Australia

21st Century Australian Architecture

Last Updated on October 7, 2011

Australian architecture has kept pace with changing times throughout its history. With a host of immigrants coming into the country from all over the world, there is tremendous influence on the local architecture. Today, Australia is enjoying the 21st century style of architecture, something that verges on the experimental and bold rather than the tried and tested.

There are plenty of examples of Georgian, Old English and Gothic architecture that have ruled the streets of Australia’s largest cities. However, it is the introduction of the likes of Late Modern and the Post Modern era that has created a buzz amongst Australia’s tallest buildings.

Today, Australia is the place to be if Deconstructivism tingles your taste-buds. From the fantastic Swan Bells, in Perth, to the absolutely fabulous Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, in Southbank, ideas are flowing out of the seams. The design is flamboyant and yells out the new Australian image to the world. The country is on the cutting edge of design and technology and with installations and constructions like Federation Square, in Melbourne, counting Australia as a weakling would be the biggest mistake anyone could make.

When it comes to aesthetics and giving a new meaning to spaces and styles, Australia is leading the way in Post Modern architecture. The 21st century has been all about expression through ambiguity and installations like the entrance at the National Museum of Australia, in the Australian Capital Territory, highlight the capability of the architects of this progressive nation. And if you thought that the entrance of the National Museum was flamboyant, you need to just take one look at the Port 1010 building at Melbourne’s Docklands Harbour to get an idea of how far Australia has moved down this wonderful path.

When we speak of 21st century Australian architecture, not mentioning structuralism amidst them all would be a grave sin. Using some of the world’s most advanced technology, Australian architects have created marvels like the Telstra Dome, now known as the Etihad Stadium, in Melbourne. A fantastic stadium that oozes with extravagant design and a retractable roof that lends unimaginable magic to the entire experience of sitting in the stadium, the Telstra Dome is the epitome of Australian Structuralism.

There are plenty of massive examples of this art form and Melbourne’s Southern Cross Railway Station is another fantastic example of this wonderful style of architecture.

Moving along with the latest trends, Australia is moving into the Sustainable sector with ease. With a fantastic track record of environmental concerns and initiatives, Australia has always been at the forefront of flora & fauna species conservation as well as environmental friendliness. The bend towards sustainable architecture has been everything that the world has imagined it to be – use of natural, renewable and recyclable materials to create some fantastic structures like the Dunc Gray Velodrome in Sydney or the Council House, in Melbourne.

The Sustainable architectural style has poured into the Modern format as well, with plenty of examples lining up along Australia’s biggest business and cultural districts. As the world moves deeper into the 21st century, there has been a massive focus on Australia and its contributions to the world of Architecture. Winning awards and accolades all across the globe, Australia is leading the way into this new era!

Matt Pollock writes about architecture from around the world and is currently exploring modern, modular homes in Queensland Australia as part of a study into the changing styles and technologies used in Australian home design.

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
Federation Square
Federation Square

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