Last Updated on November 28, 2022

With the holidays rapidly approaching, the new year is right around the corner! This year, perhaps you may want to consider tackling a new home project instead of setting a more traditional New Year’s resolution (such as joining a gym or depriving yourself of chocolate). How about that kitchen refresh you have been putting off for the last few years?

You don’t need to embark on a complete kitchen renovation (unless you really want to, of course!). Some simple yet spectacular options can breathe new life into your space at a fraction of the cost. One or two small projects can transform your kitchen and give it a fresh, new look! And to help inspire you, let’s take a look at some of the hottest kitchen color trends for 2023!

Add a New Color with Cabinet Refacing

You can transform your kitchen cabinets with a brand-new look without the messy demolition of completely replacing them. Cabinet refacing is a cost-effective and quick process that will leave you with a stunning new color and style. If that sounds like a project you’re ready to add to your list, consider one of these trendy color choices:

A classic option that always seems to stay in style. And the best part is that any shade of gray will pair beautifully with whatever countertop or backsplash colors you choose.

Select any shade of green that strikes your fancy. However, if you’re feeling brave, opt for a bolder, brighter tone. Go green in 2023!

Countertop Colors

A neutral pallet is “in” for the coming year. Select your favorite from the choices below for subtle grace and beauty.

Whites and Creams
This classic color palette stands the test of time. Find the perfect fit for your space with a countertop from our marble collection.

Create a space that emits peace and tranquility when you choose a shade of blue. Choose a countertop with more subtle blue shades, or pick an eye-catching style from our recycled glass countertops collection.


Add a Pop of Color with Mosaic Tiles

After you’ve selected your countertop and cabinet colors, add the finishing touch to make them truly pop. The hot mosaic tile style for the new year is the bolder, the better. Bold colors that shimmer and shine are making a comeback in 2023. Choose rectangular tiles or bright, solid colors to achieve a gorgeous finish. Explore our Metropolis Honey Mosaic Tiles for more inspiration.


Wall Colors

While you’re updating everything else, don’t forget to spruce up your walls! The right color will set the stage for all your other color selections.

Blush Red
With bright, bold colors taking the new year by storm, blush red is an ideal choice for your kitchen walls. And it will pair perfectly with the cream countertop you’ve selected.

If you aren’t quite convinced to add such a bright pop of color to your walls, opt for a more neutral tone. Choose a shade of gray that offers a warm, earthy feel to create an inviting space.


At Granite and TREND Transformations, our team wants you to achieve all your kitchen décor dreams. And we are here to help you do so. Explore our extensive selection for ideas and inspiration. If you need a little more help or guidance, feel free to contact us. Our design team would love to support you—schedule your free in-home design consultation now!

Last Updated on November 28, 2022

The holidays come with a flurry of activity and countless family gatherings. If your existing bathroom seems stale and you want to get it updated before you entertain for the holidays, we have some simple suggestions for refreshing cabinets, countertops, walls, and mosaic tiles with trendy color schemes for 2023. This year’s hottest color palettes range from warm to cool and neutral, but they all share common roots in the natural world. Think bark, leaves, fruit, and flowers—and get ready to give your bathroom a color splash your guests won’t forget!


Your vanity color serves as a foundation and your countertop color ties everything together, but the walls and tile are where bathrooms make their biggest impression. Bright shades, like a peachy pink or wispy lavender, are in vogue this year, as are darker shades, like deep-ocean blues and bold olive greens. It is fashionable to combine these with more neutral colors, like creams or beiges, for the countertops and vanities.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles for shower and bath spaces help set a comforting and relaxing tone. Choose from more muted and earth-tone colors, or go bold, if that’s your style. Whites, greens, and blues seem to always be in style here, but to mix it up, you can keep walls lighter and go with a deep sea blue or darker green for your tile.


A new bathroom vanity and cabinets might sound inviting, but with gatherings only weeks away, don’t underestimate the disruption and delays that can come with replacing your vanity and cabinets. Instead, consider bathroom cabinet refacing to give your existing vanity and cabinets an updated look. Hot color choices for cabinets include beiges and olive greens—warmer, earthier colors as opposed to the cooler blues or more neutral grays that have been in style in the past. Cap it off with some shiny metallic hardware for the perfect modern touch.


Like their kitchen counterparts, bathroom countertops should be highly functional while simultaneously tying the room’s palette together. Quartz is a great option for replacement, as it is extremely durable and comes in popping whites, creams, and other marble-esque patterns. If you want a classy and sophisticated look, marble countertops are another great option.

If you’re updating a heavily used bathroom, consider that white surfaces can make unclean countertops more obvious, so you might want a darker surface, like granite. Or, go a more unique route with recycled glass countertops!

Granite and TREND Transformations Can Help!

No matter what color palette you’re into this year, the Granite and TREND Transformations team is here to help you design the bathroom of your dreams. We offer an extensive selection of products to choose from. And if you need a little extra inspiration or guidance, we can help with that, too. Our design team would love to support you. Contact us today and schedule your free in-home consultation!