Last Updated on January 28, 2022

Welcome to a new year of the Granite and TREND Transformations blog. This month, we are excited to bring you the first in our series of the “Smarter Way to Renovate” blogs, where we—and Janet, of course—will discuss smart ways to save money on your winter energy-related costs. Whether you live in a cold or mild climate, we have energy (and money) saving tips that everyone can use to stay warm—without breaking the bank.

Are your heating costs higher than expected this winter? We have you covered. Janet, take it away!

The heated facts: Why your winter energy bill is high

You shouldn’t have to choose between staying warm or saving money—but that is a dilemma that truly keeps some people awake at night. When it comes to home heating costs, you may expect to see about 40 percent of your utility bill going toward staying warm. With some smart planning and lifestyle adjustments, however, you can have the best of both worlds while enjoying a warm and cozy home. Here are some reasons as to why your winter heating bill could be high:

  • The condition of your home—Lack of insulation and poorly-sealed windows and doors are key contributors to heat loss and higher energy bills. Even leaks around your fireplace and power outlets might cause heat loss. Adding insulation and sealing up any cracks can help to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.
  • Age of your HVAC system or furnace—Older systems and furnaces tend to be less energy efficient (i.e., they use more fuel or energy) than newer ones. If your budget allows, you may want to consider purchasing a new energy efficient system or furnace. It will save you money in the long run and keep you warm, and without the worry of a high energy bill.
  • Thermostat setting—Why would you heat your house when no one is home? Exactly, you wouldn’t. Saving money on your heating costs begins with warming your house when someone is actually at home. If you’re thinking that it takes more energy to heat up the house from it being cold all day, you’re not alone. The truth is, it costs you more in energy to keep the heat on all day than it does to heat the house when you’re home. Just be sure to set your thermostat to a temperature that will turn the heat on throughout the day. Doing this will help keep your pipes from freezing. Setting it at 63 degrees or lower is recommended.
  • Lifestyle–Unless you’re a member of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club—where you like to go swimming in the winter—then this may be a good indicator as to why your heating costs are high. Wearing slippers, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt may be the better way to go. Who knows? You may save enough money for a fun summer excursion where you can put your summer clothes to good use!

Janet’s winter heating savings tips—which are free!

Did someone say “free?” Making small adjustments in your home—and lifestyle—can yield big savings over the course of the winter months. Here are some easy and “free” ways to save on your winter heating bill:

  • Let the sun shine in—It may be cold outside, but the sun still provides warmth—even on cloudy days. Open your blinds, shades or other window coverings and feel the warmth of the sun come through. And at night, be sure to close them to insulate your home from the cold air.
  • Let your oven work double duty—Cooking and baking your favorite comfort foods just took on a new purpose. Not only does using your stove and oven help to heat the kitchen, but by leaving the oven door slightly open when your food is done will allow warm air to heat the room.
  • Lower the thermostat—Did you know that lowering your thermostat by up to 10 degrees can save you up to 10 percent per year on your heating costs? If no one is home during the day, try lowering the temperature to 63 degrees—or lower. And, if you can, lower your thermostat before bedtime and place an extra blanket or two on the bed.
  • Reverse ceiling fans—If you have ceiling fans in your home, now is the time to switch things up. Did you know that by reversing the fan—so the blades turn clockwise—can help pull warm air near the ceiling down toward the room? It’s an easy way to use what you have to make the most of your comfort. Test it out and warm things up.
  • Rearrange the furniture—It’s all about airflow. Take a look around your house and take notice if any of your furniture is blocking the heating vents. If so, then now is a great time to rearrange the furniture for optimum air flow. Who knows? You might love the new look!
  • Get cozy—Layering up your clothes and keeping your feet warm with shoes, fuzzy socks, or slippers is a sure-fire way to keep warm at home this winter. Just add a cozy blanket and you’re all set to bundle up for a warm winter’s day.

Janet’s suggestions to keeping your heating costs down

We have learned several ways to help with lowering your winter heating costs, but Janet still has some smart suggestions for you to keep in mind:

  • Change your filters regularly
  • Install a smart thermostat
  • Schedule an energy audit
  • Keep unused rooms closed off by keeping doors closed

We hope you found our blog on saving money on winter energy costs helpful. As you gear up for a new year, it’s a great time to start thinking about a kitchen or bath renovation. At Granite and TREND Transformations, it’s all about getting to the “after” faster. That’s the Smarter Way to Renovate. Just ask Janet. See what she’s been up to in our latest video.

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