Last Updated on March 15, 2021

March is the month of green. After all, it’s when we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

In keeping with the green theme, Granite and TREND Transformations is switching things up by showcasing “all things green.” We will be featuring our stunning green mosaic tile, suggesting beautiful ways to use the color green in your home, and discussing how Granite and TREND Transformations—and its products—have been recognized for their commitment to the environment with certifications from leading organizations.

Green mosaic tile

Today’s designers are raving about the color green—especially during this season. And where home renovations are concerned, look for this rich hue in kitchen backsplashes, tub surrounds, and shower accents. As a company that’s passionate about design, Granite and TREND Transformations stays ahead of the curve when it comes to the hottest trends. Our three exclusive shades of green mosaic tile are beautiful examples of today’s most sought-after looks. Each shade pairs beautifully with our  etherium® By E-Stone surfaces and complements any décor. Which of these is your favorite?

Green décor and more

You can’t help but think of nature when you see the color green. So, it’s no wonder that applying this beautiful hue to any room in your home should come naturally. From painting an accent wall to using green throw pillows or an area rug, the color green is always in style.

modern living room with plants

And design experts agree: Decorating with plants is the easiest way to add touches of green to your home décor. (Don’t forget your four-leaf good luck clover!) Did you know there are certain health benefits to houseplants? It’s true. Read all about it in our blog: “Best Indoor Houseplants for Your Optimum Health.”

Committed to “green” practices

“Going green” is becoming one of today’s more popular catchphrases. But what does it really mean? From living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle to taking steps to preserving the Earth and its non-renewable resources, “green” has taken on several meanings.

contemporary kitchen

Did you know Granite and TREND Transformations’ products are designed specifically to consume fewer raw materials and to extend durability? Our belief is simple: Great style and beauty do not have to be sacrificed in the pursuit of corporate responsibility. Long before it became fashionable, Granite and TREND Transformations, an eco-friendly countertop manufacturer, declared a commitment to implementing real-world processes that protect and preserve the planet’s resources.

Granite Transformations is certified by U.S. Green Building Council, GREENGUARD and NSF

We are proud to be recognized among numerous organizations that are committed to providing health, safety, and eco-friendliness standards for companies across the world. These organizations include U.S. Green Building CouncilGREENGUARD and NSF.

Did you know that our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces contain up to 72% post-consumer recycled material, while our mosaics contain up to 78%?  Additionally, our engineered stone surfaces require 60 percent less raw materials and incorporate both geologic waste and recycled glass, which would otherwise end up in landfills.

Here are some ways to show how Granite and TREND Transformations is sensitive to the environment and committed to the safety of its customers:

  • Our manufacturing facilities were designed with sophisticated water recycling systems to significantly reduce water consumption and the proliferation of pollutants.
  • We use recycled or reusable packaging to reduce the consumption and cost of packaging materials.
  • The overall waste produced at our manufacturing facility—located in Sebring, Florida—has been reduced by over 22 percent.
  • The company collaborates with the world’s leading environmental organizations, architects, and designers to promote sustainable building practices.
  • Our green product lines contribute measurably to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ratings based on credits for material and resources, indoor environmental quality, and innovation and design.

We hope you enjoyed our “all things green” blog. How will you “go green” this month? If you’ve been thinking about a kitchen or bath renovation, now is a great time to contact us for a free consultation, which can be conducted either in-home or virtually. We look forward to helping you with your design inspiration!

Last Updated on March 1, 2021

Today’s kitchens are so much more than just a gathering place for meals. This bustling hub is now doubling as a space for work and leisure, as many families have changed the term “home” to “home base.” This new lifestyle trend is making way for creating a space that is cozier, more convenient, and—dare we say it—less “kitchen-y.”

This month, Granite and TREND Transformations is featuring beautiful, easy, and budget-friendly ways to update your kitchen that won’t put a strain on your wallet. Here’s a peek into the latest design trends for today’s kitchens.

Touchless Faucets

touchless faucet

Today’s times call for a “hands-free” zone wherever possible. With families flocking to the kitchen throughout the day, keeping the spread of germs to a minimum is key. Touchless faucets are the way to go when it comes to keeping your hands (and germs) to yourself.  They make a great addition to your bathroom, too. Plus, washing your hands becomes more fun. Your kids will think these faucets work like magic!

Classic Hardware

kitchen hardware

Updating the hardware on your kitchen cabinets is an easy and budget-friendly way to elevate the look and feel of this room. Although brushed nickel still holds a place in the “popular column,” brass is making a big comeback, as this golden trend brings class and elegance back to the kitchen. And don’t forget your wall plates. Today’s designs are a far cry from the boring, plain ones. Are your kitchen wall plates painted over to blend in with the walls? You’ll be surprised to find a variety of designs and finishes that will add just the right amount of pizazz to your walls.

Lavish Lighting

kitchen lighting fixtures

Lighting sets the tone for any space. For kitchens, now is the time to think cozy, relaxing, and soothing. Your kitchen is most likely equipped with ample lighting for meal prepping, cooking, and dining. The addition of accent lighting for atmosphere and conversation is a beautiful way to transform your kitchen into a tranquil evening breakaway space where you can enjoy a late-night cup of tea or whatever soothes you. You might also consider purchasing small lamps to place on your countertops as an even more economical way to add cozy, indirect lighting.

Artwork on Display

painting of a cat

Today’s artwork is finding its way off of living room walls and onto unsuspecting places such as kitchen countertops and open shelving. As families spend more time in their kitchens these days, they are bringing more of their family treasures into this space for comfort and sheer enjoyment. And the best part? It won’t cost you a penny to use what you already own and love. Consider this a “picture perfect” trend!

Changing Hues

kitchen decor

Color is the ultimate mood booster. Did you know the Pantone Colors of the Year 2021 (a tie between “Ultimate Grey” and “Illuminating”), along with the color green, are setting the stage for this year’s hottest looks? If your kitchen walls give off a “kitchen-y” vibe, then it’s time to paint over the past and revive your walls with a hot new look. If you’re not up to painting the entire kitchen, try painting an accent wall instead. It’s not only an economical refresh, but you’ll be surprised at how switching up the colors in your kitchen will breathe new life into the room.

Tech Savvy Spaces

modern kitchen technology

Do you have a spare television that’s collecting dust in a guest bedroom or the basement? For the cost of a service appointment, you could put that TV to good use in your kitchen. Whether you enjoy watching your favorite shows while cooking or catching up on the day’s latest events, your family will love the convenience of blending the comfort of a living space into your kitchen.

New Countertop or Backsplash

kitchen countertop and backsplash

If your budget allows, splurging for a new countertop or mosaic tile backsplash, such as our Liberty Diamond pictured here, (or maybe both) can truly transform your kitchen. Did you know a kitchen renovation from Granite and TREND Transformations can often be completed in as little as one day, and with little-to-no demolition? It’s the smarter way to renovate, with no stress or mess. And, our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces are the only engineered stone product with 24/7 Microban® antimicrobial technology built right in!

We hope you enjoyed these beautiful, easy, and economical ways to update your kitchen. Does your kitchen need a refresh? Contact Granite and TREND Transformations for a free in-home or virtual design consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!