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It’s time to look at bathroom tile in a whole new way. Mosaic tiles from Granite and TREND Transformations is like artwork for your walls, as it creates a stunning backdrop for the most amazing bathroom tile designs.

Granite and TREND Transformations uses only the highest quality, luxuriously smooth and luminously colored glass mosaic tiles, and offers them in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that are sure to spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. Here are some eye-catching bathroom tile ideas using mosaic tiles that are sure to inspire and “wow” even the savviest designers.

Stunning Floral Murals

Florals never go out of style, and here they add whimsy and joy to these two distinct bathrooms. The green tile with a white daisy made up of mosaic tiles resembles nature in all its beauty, while the gray and black tile with orange and yellow flowers creates a dramatic, timeless elegance.

Mosaic tile design

Classic Tapestry

Classic elegance goes a long way in this beautifully designed shower tile design using mosaic tiles. It’s a perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication.


Accent Wall

This traditional bathroom met its match with an eye-catching accent wall of mosaic tiles. The blending of two worlds works beautifully and adds a touch of opulence to this bathroom. Read more about tile accent walls in our blog, “Tile Accent Walls Bring Character and Sophistication to Any Room.”

Focal Point

When you want to embrace the look, but you’re not ready to go all out, a great way to show off your style is to create a focal point – as shown in this bathroom. Here, a striking display of colorful mosaic tiles sets the stage for a beautiful look.

Mosaic focal pointMosaic detail

Below, a design using traditional mosaic tiles featuring browns and golds is used to add warmth to a focal wall leading to the tub. The built-in shelf also serves a functional purpose for storing soaps, shampoos, bath salts, body wash and decorative items.

Traditional mosaic tile by Granite Transformations

Traditional mosaic tile

Under the Sea

You can’t help but feel like you’re under the sea when you look at this whimsical shower design with mosaic tiles. This creative display of artistry brings a sense of fun and excitement and adds to the ultimate bathroom tile ideas for the young at heart.

Mosaic tile gradients

Get inspired to create your own bathroom tile design. Contact Granite and TREND Transformations today to schedule your free in-home design consultation and unleash your creativity.

Last Updated on November 27, 2019

The Granite and TREND Transformations® Experience: Nashville Niche Sparks Franchisees’ Success

Integrity, experience, and dedication have proven to be a winning combination for Bret and Kathy Foster, co-owners of Granite Transformations in Nashville, Tennessee. This month, we are spotlighting the Fosters and how this dynamic duo embraces their community while growing their business.

When a window opens

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Bret has honed his engineering skills and mastered his talents in the areas of sales and marketing. Prior to purchasing the Granite Transformations franchise in Nashville in 2007, Bret put his skills and talents to work at a prominent window manufacturing company, where he worked for 19 years and met his wife, Kathy, of 27 years. “I learned all aspects of the business and put my engineering degree to the test during that time,” Bret said. From drawing schematics and working home sales and installations to holding upper management positions, Bret said he gained a lifetime of experience. It was meeting his wife, Kathy, however, which made it all worthwhile. “I never imagined back then that we would be a part of a company like Granite and TREND Transformations,” he said.

GT Cash Mosaic

What’s hot in Nashville

Nashville may be the home of country music, exciting night life, and lip-smacking BBQ, but when it comes to home décor, Bret said the styles tend to be more on the conservative side. Let’s call it “neutral chic”! Bret explains how neutral shades of marble and quartz are two of the hottest kitchen remodel and bath countertop trends in his area. When it comes to a kitchen remodel, cabinet refacing is on the rise as homeowners are updating their kitchens and moving away from their darker wood cabinets and opting for lighter woods. Bret said his clients are all about going all-out on their backsplashes – if they weren’t already making a splash in today’s kitchen remodel trends. “Think of your backsplash as the perfect accessory for your kitchen,” he said. “It’s a great way to show off your personality while bringing a pop of color and pizazz to your kitchen.” In the bathroom, “practicality” and “convenience” are the key words. Bret explained how clients are ditching their garden tubs and customizing their master baths with large spa-like showers that are more functional. These popular tub-to-shower conversions are on the rise, as Bret states his clients are finding better use of the tub space.

GT Showroom Statuario Floor Sample

Making it happen

Walk-in customers are a rare gem these days, as Bret said most of his customers love the personal touch of a one-on-one home design consultation experience provided by Granite and TREND Transformations. “The Granite and TREND Transformations home design consultation is the cornerstone of our business,” he states. “It’s the perfect formula for our customers to see, firsthand, how our beautiful products will look in their homes while building our business through trust and experience. Achieving their goals is our top priority, and the design consultation makes it happen.”

Catering to the community

Client satisfaction is the first and foremost priority for the Fosters. Although most of their clients are residential customers, one unique client stands out in their community. For the past two years, Granite Transformations of Nashville has renovated kitchens and baths for a local assisted living facility which caters to teens and young adults. “We are currently renovating our fifth kitchen for the facility,” Bret said proudly. “The goal is to transform the space from an industrial look to a ‘homier’ residential look and feel.” Bret explains how each kitchen remodel they have completed is different from the other. “Granite and TREND Transformations is the perfect fit for this project,” Bret said. “They need quality and beauty rolled into one in a time frame that doesn’t interfere with the flow of their business. We deliver that and more.” To date, Bret said they have completed the kitchen remodel with new cabinets, backsplashes and quartz countertops. But the transformations do not stop with the kitchen remodel. Shower rooms are being updated as well. “The shower rooms tend to feel very cold and industrial,” said Bret. “We turned that around and the results are more than they ever dreamed they could be.” Bret said they started by replacing the small shower tiles with etheriumTM by E-Stone surfaces to give it a more residential look. Then, they switched out the vanities to more traditional-style vanity cabinets and removed the lockers and replaced them with cabinets. “It’s a great feeling to know our work is making their home a happier and cozier place to live,” he said.

 Looking to the future

Before you know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve been. Today, Bret runs the sales, operations and marketing aspects of the company while Kathy controls the accounting department and supports sales. “I grew up working in the construction business,” Bret explained. “There’s no doubt working construction laid the foundation for my future, but it’s my wife, Kathy, and our great team of employees who have brought us to where we are today.”


Last Updated on November 27, 2019

Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Maybe you’re not a witch at all. But when it comes to Halloween decorations, the thought of witches casts the perfect spell for fun. With Halloween around the corner, Granite and TREND Transformations is stirring up its own fun by offering some tips on how to turn your house into a witch house with Halloween decorations.

Witch House Transformation Step 1: Something wicked this way comes

Laughing witch in front of house

Greet your “little pretties” with a fun or spooky Halloween decorations of a front door display to set the mood for what’s to come next. Hang fake spiderwebs. Set up witches and ghoulish decorations to entice those who dare to enter. (Oh, and don’t forget the black cat!) For any of you witches and warlocks who have your “wicked on,” try going all out in your front yard Halloween decorations by creating a creepy cemetery and hanging spooky-colored black and orange lights in the trees and bushes. Have fun with it and invite friends to help by recruiting a spook squad. Give each of them a witch’s hat for some wicked camaraderie. They’ll love the idea and you’ll love the help.

Witch House Transformation Step 2: Casting your spell

Teenage witches with hats

Now it’s time to transform your house into an eerie “coven” witch house. Creating an accent wall is a great place to start for this Halloween decoration idea. Dark paper or even black fabric can make the perfect backdrop for your witch house. How spooky you decide to make it is entirely up to you. It wouldn’t be a witch house without a cauldron to whip up some witch’s brew and cast spells. You can make this your main attraction. Simply put dry ice inside the cauldron to create a “smoky” effect. Just be sure to tell your guests not to touch the dry ice since it can damage their skin. Creatively decorate the room with witch-inspired accessories such as broomsticks, orange and black candles, complemented by creepy “witchy” things like toads and eyes of newt. Let’s take a break to see how well you know your witch incantations.

How about some “witch trivia”?
In what literary work does this quote come from?

“Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and caldron bubble.”

See if you answered correctly.
Read the answer at the end of this blog.

Witch House Transformation Step 3: Pooches, potions and snacks! Oh my!

Dog with witch cape in front of house

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore. While we adults are also getting in on the fun, we can’t forget about our four-legged family members. They want to have Halloween fun, too! Get Fido or your feline in on the action by dressing them up in your favorite costume. Your house may look “spooktacular,” but your pets are sure to steal the show.

Halloween cupcakes

Your guests may be under your “spell,” but their appetites will still be raging. Invite them to enjoy specialty “potions” and spooky snacks. In a punch bowl, serve a non-alcoholic beverage (potion) that everyone can enjoy and offer a kicker on the side for those who want to indulge. Float some rubber spiders or eyes of newt for a creepy effect. Your guests will love the extra touch and you just might get a scream out of the kids. The cupcakes above look good enough to eat. They’re just the right touch for a colorful and tasty treat.

Lastly, don’t forget the spooky background sound effects like thunder, screams and howls. It’s a great way to set the mood and send chills down their spines.


Trivia Answer

If you answered – Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” – you’re correct! You’ve just earned your witch’s hat and broomstick!

It’s not too late to get your home ready for holiday entertaining. Granite and TREND Transformations can make your design wishes come true by transforming your kitchen, bath – or both – in less time than you ever imagined. Contact us today for your free in-home design consultation and see how our beautiful etheriumTM by E-Stone surfaces can complement your amazing fall decor.