Last Updated on May 17, 2021

With summer upon us, entertaining and outdoor family gatherings are right around the corner. This is the perfect time to take the plunge and give your kitchen or bar area a facelift with a new countertop overlay installation. All of our etherium® by E-stone surfaces are made with only the highest quality quartz, granite, and recycled glass which are cut and fitted directly over your existing countertops – so there’s no messy cleanup or extra time and money required for demolition. In a few easy steps, you could be on your way to a beautiful kitchen or entertaining space – with installation that is completed in one day!

The countertop overlay installation process is easy, and adds a special touch of beauty and elegance to your home in a few steps:

  1. In-home Consultation: For your free in-home consultation, a Granite and Trend Transformations design consultant will come to your home, show you product samples, measure your space, and give you an all-inclusive cost estimate based on the products you select. It is best to have all household decision-makers present during this meeting.
  2. Contract and Design Template: After you review and sign the contract and submit an initial deposit, your consultant will create a design template of your kitchen that depicts the materials you selected as well as the measurements. You will review and approve this before any materials are ordered or cut to size.
  3. Order and Fabricate: Once your design template is approved, our team will create your countertop (according to your specifications) in our manufacturing facility and ship it to your location – all ready to be installed. This way, there are no loud construction noises or disruptions in your home. All that needs to be done is the installation.
  4. Installation: When your countertops arrive, our professionally trained installers will come to your home and install them in a day. The countertops are set in place, permanently bonded to your old countertops, and in just hours your old kitchen will feel and look like new – with no demolition or downtime!


Bringing your kitchen from ‘drab’ to ‘fab’ is as easy as 1-2-3-4. Here’s a recap of the benefits of a countertop overlay installation from Granite and Trend Transformations:

  • Little to no demolition means less mess and less stress
  • Our revolutionary resurfacing process means installations are done quickly (often in as little as one day)
  • Our materials and installation services are backed by a lifetime limited warranty
  • Our installers are employed and specially trained by Granite and Trend Transformations, so you don’t have multiple sub-contractors to deal with
  • Our etherium® by E-Stone countertops are manufactured at our state-of-the art facility in Sebring, Florida using the highest-quality quartz, granite and recycled glass.
  • Our countertops are heat, stain, scratch mold and mildew-resistant and maintenance-free
  • Our ForeverSeal® technology means you never need to reseal your surface
  • Our thinner, lighter-weight material is easier to install than traditional slab granite and it is virtually indestructible
  • Our etherium® by E-Stone offers a broad selection of gorgeous granite, recycled glass and quartz countertops to choose from

Schedule your free in-home consultation today. Your new countertops are just days away. Also, don’t forget to check out our custom mosaic glass tile backsplashes and our cabinet refacing services.

Last Updated on December 14, 2021

Now that you’ve selected the perfect solid surface countertop for your newly renovation, your next decision is choosing a kitchen or bathroom sink. With so many options on the market today, Granite and Trend Transformations is here to put it all in perspective for you with an easy guide to making the perfect choice.

• Stainless Steel Sinks – Experts agree: stainless steel sinks are the best choice to complement your granite or solid surface countertops because of their capability to house undermount sinks and their inherent durability. Look for lower-gauge stainless steel when choosing a kitchen or bathroom sink to ensure the highest quality and longevity.

Stainless steel sink









Enamel-Coated Cast Iron Sinks – Consumers today still prefer enamel-coated sinks for their beauty and aesthetic qualities. Experts warn, however, that if you are tough on it, an enamel coated cast iron sink may scratch and wear over time.

Enamel Coated Cast Iron Sinks may Scratch & Wear.

Composite Sinks – Newer to the market and more budget-friendly than other sinks, composite sinks are another option for homeowners. Several types of composite sinks are available, with polyester/acrylic being one of them. They are available in an array of colors which are appealing to consumers. Keep in mind, however, that they aren’t as durable as other sink options and tend to be more difficult to clean since they are installed as a ‘drop-in sink’ rather than as an undermount.


GT sink_interior image_compositte sink

One Bowl or Two? – Depending on your space, experts suggest choosing a sink that has at least one oversized sink bowl and one small bowl for kitchens or bathrooms with limited space. If space isn’t an issue, one oversized bowl and one standard sized bowl is best.

Budget-Friendly Composite Sinks with Many Color Options.

Sizing Your Sink to Your Kitchen – Most homeowners will install their sinks under a window with a view. Be sure to measure the width of the window and choose a kitchen sink that will complement the size, so that it isn’t too big for a small window or too small for a larger one.

GT sink_interior image_sizing your sink to your kitchen

Sizing Your Sink to Your Cooking Needs – For avid cooks who might prefer hand-washing their dishes rather than using the dishwasher, experts suggest choosing a kitchen sink with a large divided bowl with an integrated drain board. This wider-style sink allows for more than one cook in the kitchen (pun intended) to avoid getting in each other’s way. Be aware, however, that this size sink is generally more expensive, will require an extra-wide sink cabinet, and also take up much more space. It is recommended for larger kitchens or bathrooms.

GT sink_interior image_sizing your sink to cooking needs

Multiple Sinks/Fun-Sized Sinks – Homeowners today are opting for islands in their kitchens that are equipped with a smaller sink for quick clean-ups. Having more than one sink in the kitchen saves time and allows for a more stress-free cooking and entertaining environment. Linear island sinks are the perfect choice for quick water breaks and can be used as a mini cooler to store ice and chilled drinks for parties and game days. (This eliminates the need for an unsightly cooler and unending, energy-draining trips to the refrigerator.)

Linear or fun-sized sinks provide the ability for stress-free cooking and entertaining.

Granite and Trend Transformations is ready to assist you with a free in-home consultation, including advice on choosing a kitchen or bathroom sink. One of our professional design consultants is only a call or click away, so get in touch today.


Last Updated on June 11, 2019

When was the last time you showed off your laundry room? No, it’s not a trick question. The truth is, when it comes to sprucing up our homes, the laundry room may be the one room we overlook. That’s all changing, as today’s trendy homeowners are ramping up their laundry room design by unleashing their creative side and transforming this forgotten space into a room of beauty and functionality.

Doing laundry is inevitable, so why not do it in style? Here are five do’s and don’ts to consider when revamping your laundry room:

Do: Make Use of Vertical Space

Making good use of vertical space is an efficient way to add storage to dead space. Upper cabinets above the washer and dryer keep your go-to items within arm’s reach, while shelving doubles as bonus space to keep larger and heavier items off the floor.

GT Interior Laundry Room Image Vertical Space

Do: Pay Attention to Good Work Flow

Just like a well-designed kitchen, the layout of your laundry room should follow the same premise. Placing the sink away from the appliances in this L-shaped laundry room design keeps dirt away from clean clothes, while the added counter space doubles as a folding station. For general and galley-shaped rooms, the sink should be placed opposite the washer and dryer.

GT Laundry Room Image Interior Work Flow

Do: Think “Outside the Box”

With a little creativity and some planning you laundry room can include the unexpected. Some fun “outside-the-box” laundry room design ideas include:

  • Farmhouse sinks
  • Wall-mounted TVs
  • Dog bed or cat hole
  • Wall/space-saver drying racks
  • Fold-out desks
  • Craft space

 Don’t: Forget the Importance of Lighting

“Light and bright” is the name of the game in today’s trendy laundry room design. The more lights, the better. Fun chandeliers, recessed lighting, and under-the-counter illumination are great ways to keep the room lit in places where it is needed most.

Another way to make sure your room is amply lit is to include large windows that will let in a lot of natural light. Using both expansive windows and lots of overhead lighting is the perfect combination.

Don’t: Be Afraid of Dark or Unique Colors

Is there a color you’ve been wanting to try in your home but are afraid it’s too loud or bold? Your laundry room is the perfect place to explore your creative side and try something new and exciting. Let your wild side be your guide.

GT Laundry Room Interior Color

Are you ready to take your laundry room from drab to fab?

Contact Granite and Trend Transformations to schedule a free in-home design consultation. Our design team has what it takes to transform your laundry room design into the talk of the town. Who knows? You just might start showing off your laundry room sooner than you think!

Last Updated on June 4, 2019

There’s a good chance a kitchen remodel is not on your list of things to do this summer – but maybe it should be. Warmer and longer days means more time to spend outdoors with your family, thus freeing up your typically busy kitchen. Think it’s too early in the year to start thinking about it?  You’ll be happy you did when your kitchen is ready for the holiday season, which is just a few short months from now.

Here are some top reasons why summer is the best time for a kitchen remodel:

  • Lighter schedule – Summertime is a fun time of year when your lifestyle is a bit more relaxed and less scheduled. With the kids out of school, you’re not bound to homework and after-school activities, making mealtimes more casual and less structured.
  • Contractors’ schedules are more open – Fall tends to be the busiest time of year for contractors since homeowners want their kitchens holiday-ready. You can beat the rush by scheduling a kitchen remodel now. Additionally, supplies, appliances and fixtures may be easier to come by during the summer months when compared to the fall and winter seasons.
  • Weather – Since a kitchen remodel can leave your kitchen out of commission for a while, outdoor grilling is a great way to cook for your family, allowing you to enjoy the warm weather. Plus, it’s fun way to dine al fresco and incorporate family time.

Outdoor Barbeque Interior Image

  • Natural lighting – Did you know showroom and indoor lighting can be deceiving when choosing cabinet and countertop colors? Choosing your materials in natural light is the best indicator of how your selections will look in your home and can eliminate any surprises once installation has begun. Are you ready to see for yourself? Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with Granite and Trend Transformations and see how beautiful your kitchen remodel can be.
  •  Healthier time of year – Dust and odors come with the territory during a kitchen remodel. Summer weather allows homeowners to open windows and doors to allow for much needed ventilation. Poor indoor air quality is kept at bay, particularly when compared to fall and winter remodels which can trap cold air and moisture in your home.
  • Longer days – More daylight during the summer months means more daylight hours for workers to complete the remodel faster.
  • Less stress – Summer is a carefree time of year in comparison to the fall months, which are packed with a string of holidays. Aside from Independence Day, a kitchen remodel in the summer may reduce your stress levels and limit the intrusions on your busy schedule so your home will be ready for holiday fun and entertaining.

Getting the job done quickly and easily with Granite and Trend Transformations

Have we sparked your interest to start a kitchen remodel this summer? Just wait until you hear how quick the process can be. In just four easy steps, your can have a beautifully remodeled kitchen with little to no demolition, less mess and no stress. Sound too good to be true? Schedule your free in-home design consultation to see for yourself.