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Hexagon tiles are shaping up to be the “it” shape for 2019, as designers and homeowners are revisiting the six-sided gem as one of today’s most sought-after looks. Afraid to go out of your comfort zone? Don’t be. Now is the time to ditch the four-sided standby and try something new. It may have been “hip to be ‘square’” in the past, but 2019 will be the time to break out and explore the diversity of geometric shapes. And don’t worry – no geometry is required.

Geometric Genius


Again, you won’t need a refresher course in geometry to know that hexagon tiles are making a big comeback in 2019. Geometric shapes like a hexagon, also known as a honeycomb, create interest and intrigue while lending a brilliant accent to any space. It’s a timeless look that is versatile yet elegant.


Transcending Space

Hexagon tiles are a great choice for both large and small spaces. When it comes to flooring and walls, large hexagon tiles add dimension and style. For smaller spaces like backsplashes and bathrooms, smaller hexagon tiles can improve space perception, making the area appear bigger while adding a touch of sophistication.


Granite and Trend Transformations has you covered with a beautiful collection of hexagon tiles to suit virtually any décor. With a palette of today’s most sought-after colors, you can explore your creative side with endless design options.

Are you ready to skip the square and join the hexagon trend for 2019? Contact us for your free in-home design consultation and see how hexagon tiles can add a new level of beauty and sophistication to your home.

Last Updated on June 24, 2021

Savvy homeowners thrive on keeping up with the trends. When it comes to home renovations, there’s an old favorite making a big comeback in places you wouldn’t expect. Terrazzo is becoming a real game changer in kitchen renovations. This beautifully unique flooring is working its way up onto kitchen countertops and is projected to be one of the hottest new countertop trends for 2019.


What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a composite countertop material for kitchens and bathrooms made from chips of marble, granite, quartz and glass which are set in cement and then polished to create an elegantly smooth finish. It originated over 500 years ago in Italy as a way to use leftover marble chippings. Who knew they were recycling back then?

Today, it has been remastered as a dazzling terrazzo countertop surface which boasts a spectrum of speckled colors that add character and interest, covering everything from flooring to lamps – and now, countertops!


Why is terrazzo popular again?

Granite, quartz and marble may still be high up on the radar when it comes to countertops, but a number of today’s consumers are also hungry for something new. Enter terrazzo countertops. Its versatility and virtually infinite color and material options make terrazzo a remastered classic that lends sophistication to today’s most modern homes. Plus, it’s one of the industry’s most environmentally green products.



How to have the look in your home











Granite and Trend Transformations stays ahead of the curve when it comes to industry trends. That’s why our Terra Series is becoming a popular choice among homeowners who want the look of terrazzo countertops in their homes. Offered in some of today’s most sought-after colors, the Terra Series is the perfect choice for those looking to transform their kitchens with one of the hottest looks for 2019.



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What places come to mind when you hear the word “concrete”? Sidewalks, buildings, industrial sites? If you haven’t heard about concrete countertops, then listen up because this unsuspecting material is topping the charts as one of the top countertop trends for 2019.


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Surface gamechanger

We know that one of the last places you would expect to use concrete is in your bathroom, but today’s designers are embracing the material as a surface gamechanger in the bathroom and beyond. So, is this the same concrete used to build your house? Not exactly, but it has the same characteristics – with a designer spin – to make it one of the industry’s strongest and most unique choices for countertop surfaces.

Benefits of concrete countertops

Homeowners like choices – especially when they’re investing in a home renovation. They want to know they’ve made the right choice for a timeless look while getting a good return on their investment.  Here are some of the benefits of concrete countertops to help you decide if they’re the right choice for your home:

  • Versatile and durable
  • Available in select colors and decorative styles
  • Customizable surface to accommodate several sink options
  • Natural stone finish
  • Unique beauty and luxurious look



We’ve got the look

Granite and Trend Transformations is capturing the momentum of the concrete countertop craze by offering its unique Concrete Collection. It has the look of concrete but is actually made from quartz—so you’re getting all the benefits of quartz with the look of concrete. Imagine all of this without the maintenance of traditional concrete. Our Concrete Collection is:

  • Low maintenance
  • Non-porous
  • Heat, stain, scratch, mold and mildew-resistant
  • Plus, so much more


Want to learn more about concrete countertops? Get in on the excitement for 2019 and contact us today for your free in-home design consultation. With many jobs completed in as little as one day, you could transform your bathroom just in time for the new year.


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‘Tis the season to deck the halls, but what about decorating your mantel? Your fireplace is the “hearth of the home” during this time of year and is the perfect space to go all out. Plus, what better way to greet Santa than with a decked-out mantle? Here are some beautiful and festive holiday mantel ideas that will bring another layer of joy and holiday spirit to your home.

Country Barn Charm

This little red barn mantel topper is a quintessential accent for any country theme. Small country-style Christmas trees on the mantel and lighted garland round out the look.

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Traditional Elegance

This beautifully adorned mantel celebrates the reason for the season. A spiritual message written on a basic chalk board lends a rustic touch while a sparkling nativity scene sits at the base of the hearth. This is a glorious arrangement that welcomes and sets the tone of the season.

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Festive Flowers

This fun and festive mantel-scape pops with red and green. A simple arrangement of red berries and ornaments grabs your attention while smaller arrangements of red seasonal flowers and red votives add just the right pop of color. And, can we talk about the adorable mini flower “presents?” They are the perfect standout to this fashionable mantel-scape.

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Improvising: No Fireplace? No Problem

Not everyone has a fireplace, but that doesn’t stop them from making their own version of a mantel. This decked out piano is a clever and whimsical way to improvise and show off your creative side. And on the practical side, there’s still room to play your favorite Christmas carols.

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Blue (and Green) Christmas

Who said a “Blue Christmas” was a bad thing? This blue and green mantel- scape takes on a whole different tone and adds a sense of whimsy to the room. It’s a fresh take on a classic look with tiny trees wrapped in blue burlap with matching blue patterned stockings.

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Any Holiday Will Do

Using the mantel as your centerpiece for your holiday covers all holidays. So don’t forget to decorate it up for Hanukkah. Using the mantel to highlight the menorah, easily makes it the center of attention. Whether the look is elegant and simple with pine cones and greenery, or something a bit more festive with blue and white ornaments, the mantel will bring everyone together.

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Nature’s Beauty

Pinecones are one of nature’s gifts that bring beauty and simplicity to any room. This natural mantel-scape is the perfect backdrop for the season and is an easy way to fill the space with simple beauty.

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Happy Holidays From Granite and Trend Transformations