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Designers are calling grey the new white. So, what could be better than pairing them together? As both grey and white fall under the “neutral” category, this winning color combination has unbeatable staying power. Better yet, it gives homeowners the freedom to go a little wild with bright and bold accent colors like reds and yellows.

This month, Granite and TREND Transformations features our beautiful etherium® By E-Stone surfaces in some of our favorite white and grey kitchen ideas. See how today’s homeowners are embracing this chic look for its clean and sophisticated feel. Get ready to be inspired!

 Statement walls

White kitchen with grey onyx countertops from Granite Transformations

Metropolis Onyx mosaic tile accent wall

A cool statement wall in Metropolis Onyx adds character and just the right edge to this quaint modern day and sophisticated kitchen design. Grey walls—with touches of grey in the backsplash and countertop—pull this grey and white kitchen idea together beautifully.

A new twist on “old world” style

Solid white marble kitchen with gray walls and an island

Statuario quartz countertops

Nothing speaks tradition and class quite like the presence of marble. Here, beautifully veined Statuario quartz adorns the countertops and backsplash in this gorgeous new world kitchen. Grey walls add just the right contrast to tie this look together for an exquisite look, which is sure to stand the test of time. Like what you see? Check out our entire TrascendaTM Collection for more beautiful selections.

Dramatically Subtle

Modern rural kitchen with white quartz countertops and rustic decor

Portland White countertops

Choosing colors for large spaces can be just as tricky as for smaller ones. Here, a touch of grey in the ceiling and molding is a dramatically subtle way of adding a splash of color to this primarily white kitchen. Here, Portland White quartz countertops are beauty at its finest. This white and grey kitchen idea offers the look of concrete with a sophisticated and chic feel.

Is your kitchen ready for a refresh? The sophisticated kitchen design specialists at Granite and TREND Transformations can guide you on designing the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today for a free in-home, or virtual, design consultation.


Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Smart technology just keeps getting smarter, as innovators continue to “cook up” the hottest must-have kitchen gadgets for tech-savvy homeowners. From cool kitchen tools to high-tech appliances, cooking as we know it just went up a notch.

Get ready to add another app to your smartphone. Kitchens of the future will make quite a stir, as these high-tech kitchen gadgets and appliances will surely shorten your time in the kitchen and make daily culinary tasks a breeze.

Shared Shopping List App

The days of writing out grocery lists – and leaving them home on the counter – have come and gone. Meet Hiku. This smart shopping app allows you to scan barcodes and it also has voice recognition to allow you and your family to create shared shopping lists. Just download the app and you’ll have your list everywhere you go. You can even connect it to online stores to make shopping online easier.

Photo Credit: HGTV


Smart Fridge

Imagine a refrigerator that acts like a juke box, tells you when your food is going bad, and even offers recipe suggestions. The Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge does all this – and more. An embedded camera takes a picture of the what’s inside your fridge every time the door is closed, and even alerts you when a food item is ready to spoil. This is such a great feature when you’re at the store, wondering if you have enough milk. Don’t know what to cook for dinner? The built-in touchscreen displays recipes and allows you to reorder food. Oh, and it keeps your food cold as well.


Smart Fridge
Photo Credit:


Smart Wi-Fi Thermometer

Set it and forget it. No more peeking in the oven to check if your meal is ready. Now, you can enjoy the company of your guests and check your meal from anywhere in the house with this Wi-Fi thermometer app from Williams Sonoma. The app even has pre-programmed settings which offer cooking suggestions.

Wi-Fi Thermometer
Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping


“Touchless” Trash Can

Kitchens of the future are going “touchless,” and what better place to start than with a germy trash can? With a simple hand gesture above this trash can from Simplehuman, you can dispose of what you don’t need while the lid remains open. Imagine – no more back-of-the-hand slaps from the lid.

Touchless trash can
Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping


Digital Measuring Cup

This digital measuring cup eliminates the guesswork because it measures by weight instead of volume. It even converts from ounces to grams, getting it right every time.

Digital measuring cup
Photo Credit: HGTV


Smart Wi-Fi Tea Kettle

Tea lovers, listen up. Any time is tea time, right? This Wi-Fi-enabled tea kettle allows you to skip the boiling process and pre-boil water from anywhere via an app. You can even choose your temperature, so it’s perfect when you get up from the couch or get home after a long day.

smart tea kettle
Photo Credit: HGTV


Granite Transformations Countertops

Countertops from Granite Transformations are a beautiful way to show off any of these must-have kitchen gadgets. Choose from a wide variety of quartz, granite or recycled glass surfaces that are stain, scratch and heat-resistant – and backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. These truly are the countertops of the future. They are installed in as little as one day, right over your existing countertops, and require very little maintenance and absolutely no sealing. Granite Transformations has raised the bar to meet the demands of future high-tech kitchens. To get a countertop of the future, schedule your free in-home design consultation today. To help you imagine what your new kitchen space might look like, view a sampling of some of our gorgeous renovation projects.

White kitchen with Statuario countertops and backsplash by Granite Transformations

Last Updated on January 15, 2018

If you’re feeling wiped out from waiting in lines, battling crowds, and sitting in traffic after the holiday shopping rush – we’ve got you covered. Granite Transformations offers a complimentary shop-at-home experience that takes the stress out of kitchen and bath renovations. From the time you schedule your appointment, you can rest assured knowing that Granite Transformations will see the process through from start to finish – and you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your home. Here’s how easy it is to get started:

Schedule the appointment

We’ve made the process as easy as pie. Simply complete our free in-home design consultation form, or call the Granite Transformations location closest to your home to schedule an appointment for a time that works best for you. One of our professional design consultants will arrive at your door at the scheduled time with a bag of samples, ready to discuss your design needs. We simply ask that all decision-makers be present at the time of the design consultation.

During the consultation appointment

You’ll be surprised to see how seamless and fun the entire consultation session can be. It’s like getting a sneak peek into your new kitchen or bathroom before it happens. Here is what you can expect during the consultation:

  • Choose your materials: Our design consultants bring everything to you. Yes, you can touch and feel the products and you’ll have the benefit of seeing exactly what they’ll look like in your space, under your lighting conditions. You’ll have the convenience of choosing from a wide variety of our beautifully crafted quartz, glass and granite countertops, cabinets and hand-cut mosaics.
  • All-inclusive estimate: Honesty is our policy, which is why there are never any hidden fees in our estimates. Once you’ve selected your materials, and the design consultant has taken all the initial measurements, you will receive a straightforward, all-inclusive estimate that clearly defines the material specifications, costs and payment schedule, so you’ll know exactly what you’re purchasing and how much the renovation will cost – including installation.
  • Sign with confidence: Once you’ve reviewed your contract, you’ll be asked to sign it and move into the “Template phase.” An initial deposit is required upon signing the contract to start the project. The second payment is due before materials are ordered, and the last payment is due when the project is completed. After you’ve paid the initial deposit, you have three days to cancel the contract should you decide not to move forward with the renovation.

After the consultation

Now that you’ve selected your materials and have a signed contract, here is what you can expect next:

  • Template phase: Our team of experts will come to your home and create a template (i.e., graphical representation) of what your kitchen or bathroom will look like with all the materials – including colors, finishes and hardware – and exact measurements of all components. This is your opportunity to approve all your design selections and make any last-minute tweaks.
  • Fabrication phase: During this phase, your materials are ordered and cut to size according to your individual design template. This process takes about two weeks, depending on the materials chosen.
  • Installation phase: At this time, the Granite Transformations installers come to your home with the fabricated materials ready to go, so the installation process takes as little as one day to complete. What could be better?

Benefits of our process

  • No mess or downtime: Unlike other kitchen or bath renovations that can leave your kitchen or bathroom out of commission for weeks at a time, a Granite Transformations renovation allows these rooms to be back in use in no time. The installation could even happen while you’re at work, so you won’t ever need to go without a kitchen or bathroom.
  • Pre-fab and one-day installation: Your materials are fabricated ahead of time. So, on installation day, materials are installed quickly – with no mess or stress. Most Granite Transformations’ installations are completed in a day, so you can go back to your daily life with limited interruption and start enjoying your new kitchen or bathroom.
  • Eco-friendly: Because there is no demolition required with our renovation process, there is less waste filling up landfills. Our surface products are also made with recycled materials, so you can feel good knowing that your remodel has minimal impact on the environment.

Read more about Granite Transformations in-home design consultations in our blog, “Your Dream Kitchen or Bath Starts with Our Design Consultation.”

Schedule your free shop-at-home appointment with Granite Transformations today, and watch your dream space come to life before your eyes.

Last Updated on January 8, 2018

The hottest countertop trends for 2018 are surfacing, with some carryovers from last year and a few new ones that will pique your interest. Whether your décor is modern, contemporary, traditional or somewhere in between, there’s a look to suit your personal style.

Here’s a peek into the countertop trends for 2018. Which one will top your list?


Quartz may be the new kid on the countertop block, but its beauty and popularity are fueling its staying power into 2018 – and beyond.

Quartz countertops

Quartz countertops

Veining and Patterns

Today’s savvy homeowners are looking to ramp up their design style by ditching their drab and boring countertops with ones which boast character and old-world style. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, materials like quartz are being crafted to resemble stone and marble in a variety of patterns that will have you doing a double-take.

Marble veining in kitchen countertop


Neutrals are the new norm as bright colors are fading by the wayside and soft neutral tones are taking over. The countertop trends of 2017 that featured neutrals like soft grey, white and beige tones are finding their ways into 2018 in a big way. Today’s kitchens are seeing more natural light, as homeowners are designing with oversized windows, skylights and glass doors. This shift to neutrals is the perfect balance of casual elegance and sophistication.

Kitchen with neutral colors

Kitchen with neutral colors - featuring Portland White quartz island

Textured Finishes: Honed Finish

If shiny finishes aren’t your thing, check out a honed finished countertop – one of the latest countertop trends for 2018. With a matte finish, this type of countertop pairs beautifully with marble. And, since it lacks any shine, it’s great at hiding flaws and scratch marks.

Countertop with matte, honed finish
Photo Credit:


Textured Finishes: Leathered Finish

This rich-looking countertop shows off its beauty with a soft sheen and a feel that is different from regular countertop finishes. This style of treatment retains the stone’s natural color and is great at concealing fingerprints and water spots.

Countertop with leathered finish
Photo Credit:


Integrated Kitchen Sinks

This kitchen countertop trend is going to remain popular into 2018 as a clever way to keep the look “all in the family.” Integrated sinks are made of the same material as your countertop giving your kitchen a sleek and seamless look. Everything but the kitchen sink…I think not.

Integrated kitchen sink

Granite Transformations offers a one-stop-shop for remodeling, including gorgeous quartz, glass and granite countertops, mosaic tile backsplash cabinets, all installed in as little as one day. Find a location near you and schedule your free in-home design consultation today.