Last Updated on January 3, 2020

Bringing your new baby home for the first time can be one of life’s most precious moments. Preparing the perfect nursery for your little one starts with your own personal tastes and style. And don’t worry about keeping it gender-specific. Today’s gender-neutral trend is to make your baby’s nursery your own, without the typical nursery décor stereotype such as “pink for girls” and “blue for boys.” (Of course, if that’s how you see it, then go for it.) Now is the time to break the rules and create a serene and playful space that’s perfect for your new arrival.

This month, we’ve outlined six nursery décor tips to help you create the perfect space for your baby and your family.

Tip #1: The Trio

Most parents would agree a crib, a changing table and a comfortable chair are the fundamental elements of a functional nursery. Once those items are in place, you can build around them to design a whimsical, calming and functional room.

Changing table, crib and chair trio for baby nursery

Tip #2: Add a Daybed or Couch

If the space allows, adding a daybed or couch can be helpful for late night feedings or quick naps. It’s also a nice way to incorporate extra seating for siblings to spend time quality time with their new brother or sister, and to make them feel like they’re not excluded. It’s great for additional storage (underneath it) as well.

Add daybed to baby's room for quick naps

Tip #3: Accessible Storage

Having easy access to all the necessities is a must when changing your baby. Keeping things such as diapers, wipes, powder, lotions, pacifiers and toys within arm’s reach not only creates a safe environment, but makes your life easier when it matters.

Accessible nursery storage
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Tip #4: Soothing Colors

It’s known that newborns only see in black, white and grey until their sight begins to develop. Choosing soft, soothing tones such as blues, greens and pinks are a good choice, since newborns will begin to see these colors at the same rate as their eyesight develops. (Although red is the first color they will see, experts agree to avoid red since it can cause confusion in a newborn if it is the first color they see.)

Soothing grays and blues are comforting to babies

Tip #5: Removable Wall Art and Decals

Removable wall art is a creative way to decorate your baby’s nursery without damaging the walls. And the best part is that you can change the design as your child grows, so you’re not locked into one theme.

Wall decals are perfect to create a theme for your baby's nursery

Tip #6: Turn Day to Night

Putting your baby down when it’s light outside can be a challenge. Hanging blackout shades or heavy curtains is an easy way to make the room dark and mimic nighttime so your little one will fall asleep faster.

Blackout shades and curtains make it easy for your baby to sleep any time of day

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Last Updated on April 17, 2017

Indoor plants are a beautiful way to add life to your kitchen this spring, bringing a touch of nature into your home. Don’t have a green thumb? We recommend four indoor low-maintenance plants below that will thrive in your kitchen with just a little TLC.


This succulent indoor low-maintenance plant is most commonly known for its soothing gel to treat cuts and burns, making it the perfect first-aid plant to have in your kitchen for those knife or oven mishaps. Aside from its medicinal benefits, the aloe plant grows best in dry soil, so you may only have to water it every two or three weeks. It does well at a room temperature of 70°F and thrives on sunlight. So, pick a sunny spot in your kitchen and watch the aloe plant grow.

Aloe plant


Jade is a low-maintenance succulent that makes a great indoor plant. Whether it’s planted alone in a beautiful pot or paired with other succulents, jade’s thick, lush leaves and unique branches add interest to any room. And since it’s a “slow-grower,” your jade plant has the potential to be with you for many years. Just make sure it’s exposed to bright light and average room temperature. And as for watering, use the touch test and water it when the top of the soil feels dry.

Jade plant

Rabbit’s Ear

This low-maintenance indoor plant gets its name from its “fuzzy” leaves that resemble rabbit’s ears. The leaves’ hairy characteristics help prevent water from evaporating from the plant, making rabbit’s ear a good choice for a low-maintenance indoor house plant.

Rabbit's Ear plant

Spider Plant

Spider plants have been adorning homes for years and their popularity is still thriving. This easy-to-grow indoor plant has the unique ability to produce “pups” (or small plantlets) that can be rooted in potting soil, thus making additional plants. There are different varieties of spider plants to choose from. They prefer evenly moist soil and thrive in a room temperature ranging from 60-75°F in bright or medium light. If you’re short on counter space, they work great as a hanging plant!

Spider plant

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Last Updated on January 21, 2020

Not sure what to do with your tax refund? Many homeowners consider their tax refunds to be “found money,” and some have it spent before they even receive it. With the average family receiving a tax refund of approximately $3,000, the urge to splurge can be their first reaction. Reinvesting your refund back into your home is a smart way to make improvements on your biggest asset, which can increase the return on your investment (ROI).

What to do with your tax refund

Since everyone will not be so lucky to receive a large tax refund, we’ve broken down some of the best home improvement options that can save you money in the long run, based on the amount of the refund.

Tax refund amount: $500

  • Install a ceiling fan. This is an easy way to save on your energy bill all year long. It will pay for itself by keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Have your fireplace or chimney professionally cleaned. It may not be the most exciting way to spend your tax refund, but a thorough cleaning can help keep your family safe by preventing a house fire.

Tax refund amount: $1,000

  • Replace an aging appliance, such as a refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine with an energy-efficient one. You’ll not only save money on your utility bill, but you’ll enjoy the updated look.
  • Add to your landscaping. Increasing curb appeal goes a long way if you’re considering selling your house down the road. It’s also a unique reflection of your personality and how you like to present yourself to the neighborhood.
  • Replace your front door. Not only can a new front door add to the ambiance of your home, it can help with insulation and improve the security of your home. It’s a great way to bring a touch of class to the entrance as you welcome family and friends into your home.
  • Add a ventless fireplace. Create the warmth and coziness you always wanted in your home without the hassle of a chimney or flue.
  • Paint a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Nothing lifts the spirits of a room like a fresh coat of paint. Choose one of today’s hottest colors to update a room, which in turn will bring a sense of renewal to your home.

Tax refund amount: $2,000

  • Replace your old water heater or furnace with a new, energy-saving model. You may be eligible for energy tax credits on certain models.
  • Inspect your roof and gutters. Replacing damaged shingles or roof tiles and cleaning out your gutters can help prevent roof leaks, which can lead to unwanted costly repairs.

Tax refund amount: $3,000 (or more)

  • Renovate your kitchen or bathroom. Granite Transformations offers an extensive selection of gorgeous mosaic tile, quartz, recycled glass and granite countertops to suit even the savviest tastes. Updating the countertops in your kitchen or bath can transform your home and bring you the new look you’ve been yearning for. And as most renovations can be completed in one day and without demolition, you can start enjoying your tax refund before you know it.
  • Paint your house. Whether you decide to paint the outside or inside of your home, a fresh coat of paint can change the look of your house with the stroke of a brush (or roller, whichever the case may be).
  • Incorporate additional storage. Most homeowners would agree they don’t have enough closet space. Adding a closet to “dead space” can be one of the best home improvement investments to keep your home neat and organized. (Future homebuyers will love it, too.) And don’t forget the garage. Garage systems are a great way to keep all your seasonal items organized and out of the way, while making room for the things you use in your daily lifestyle.
  • Polish your floors or clean your tile. Think of your floors as the palette of your home. Beautifully polished and buffed floors and clean tile make a lasting impression and give your home a well-kept feeling.

Whether you decide to use your tax refund on one large renovation project or several small ones, keep in mind when deciding what to do with your tax refund, choose the best projects that will bring you the most enjoyment and highest ROI.

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Last Updated on April 3, 2017

Pastels are one of the hottest decorating trends this year. With Easter decorating and Passover on the minds of many, homeowners are embracing this softer side of the spectrum and primping their rooms with touches of these pretty Easter pastel shades.

Here, we will showcase some beautiful ways you can incorporate Easter pastels into your home décor and offer some fun Easter decorating ideas to welcome both the Easter bunny and the spring into your home.

Decorating with Easter Pastels

Light and Whimsical

This neutral living room was easily transformed by hanging light and airy turquoise curtains, paired with fun, ocean blue accents. Adding blue pastel pillows to the white chair along with “pops” of pastels makes the room feel serene and inviting.

Living room accented with pastel decor

Mixing Bold and Bright

As seen in this relaxed, neutral living room, pastels can bring rich brightness. The gray couch provides a perfect backdrop for the funky green throw pillows that make the room pop with color and interest.

Living room with funky green accents

Barely There

For those who aren’t ready to go all out with pastels this spring, try sneaking them in (as shown on this staircase). A hint of coral on these steps is a unique way to show off your creative side while keeping it simple and toned down.

Staircase highlighted with pink

Sleep Softly

This light soothing colors in this modern, minimalist bedroom bring a nurturing, calming, and reassuring feel. The pale orange and gray hues on the wall and brightly colored throw pillows combine to create a perfect spot to settle in for the night.

Soothing pastel bedroom

Coastal Elegance

Light gray mosaic tiles and rustic coastal décor make this bathroom inviting and calming. The tulips and green fern add just the right amount of pop.

Elegant coastal bathroom

Casual Dining and Conversation

This cozy dining area is the perfect spot to add pops of pastels. The pale Easter egg blue pairs beautifully with solid and print pastel pillows. The window shades round out the look for a nook that is classic and elegant.

Pastel breakfast nook
Photo credit:

Easter Decorating Ideas

These fun Passover and Easter décor ideas will get you excited for spring and the upcoming holidays!

Over the Top

Greenery and Easter pastel-colored eggs adorn this chandelier for a fun and festive look that is sure to spark conversation around your holiday table.

Easter egg chandelier
Photo Credit:

Bunny Tales

Welcome your guests with this elegant Easter scene adorned with pastels, featuring bunnies and a beautifully crafted centerpiece of pastel eggs and greenery.

Bunny centerpiece
Photo Credit:

Passover in Full Bloom

Set a beautiful Passover table with an Easter pastel tablecloth and coordinating glasses and votive candles. The flowering centerpieces are set in simple containers to create an elegance that is refined and understated.

Passover flower centerpieces
Photo Credit:

Simple Elegance

Less is more with this simple but elegant centerpiece. Easter pastel-colored eggs fill a clear pedestal bowl to bring a touch of the holiday to your table. Fresh flowers in pastel hues add freshness to this arrangement, making it a pretty addition to your home.

Easter centerpiece with eggs and flowers
Photo Credit:

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