Last Updated on January 22, 2020

In 2017, more than half of all homes will be bought by first-time homebuyers, and the vast majority of these first-timers will be millennials (age 25-34). And where will they be most likely to settle? The suburbs. This is a bit of a change from the millennials who once traditionally preferred living in urban areas.

The Suburbs are Getting Hotter

For baby boomers (age 55-64), the suburbs have always been the hot home destination, mostly because they want to stay close to friends and family. And now, millennials are flooding into suburban areas, and they’re looking for value, space, privacy, good schools, and big yards. The other driving factor is that residences in the city are rapidly becoming scarce and unaffordable. Plus, many millennials are not shying away from “fixer-uppers.”

The Rise of Medium-sized Cities

In addition to suburban areas near major cities, millennials are also buying homes in medium-sized cities. Locations such as Raleigh, NC, and Fort Collins, CO have seen building permits skyrocket in the last six years as these cities are attracting younger adults who are seeking low rents and lower home prices. Expect this trend to continue in 2017.

Mortgage Rates Up, Lending Standards Down

Mortgage rates will be rising, but probably not far enough to slow down the buying. Balancing out that equation is the fact that banks are slowly relaxing their lending standards and the FHA will be lowering fees for first-time buyers.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Might Be Back!

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may begin backing larger mortgages for the first time in a decade. This is one more stimulus for robust home sales (especially for first-time buyers).

Make the Trend your Friend

If you’re a buyer, get out there early, because it appears that competition will be keen in the heat of the 2017 season. If you’re a seller, rejoice! This year will be another sellers’ market and home prices will be rising again in 2017. Now is the perfect time to spruce your home up to get the best price. Who can help with that? Granite Transformations, of course!

Getting ready to sell or buy? Call Granite Transformations for a wealth of affordable, stylish remodeling products and design ideas that will increase the value of the home. To schedule a free in-home consultation, please visit us at


Last Updated on March 20, 2017

The annual ritual of spring cleaning is a way to wash away the winter blues and welcome the beauty of a fresh new season. For some, cleaning is not on their “hot list” of things to do, so we’ve made it easy by offering some tips on what to focus on first. We have also included some suggestions of things you should frequently replace in your bathroom. (You won’t believe how frequently some items need to be replaced.)

Start Early

Since every room in your home may be needing some TLC, we’ve outlined some basic cleaning suggestions that can be applied to any room. The earlier you start, the sooner you’ll free up the time to enjoy the season.

  • Deep clean rugs: If you have synthetic carpeting or rugs that have waterproof backings, you can use a rotary shampoo machine, followed by a hot-water extraction machine to get the job done yourself (if you have those machines). It is recommended to have Oriental rugs or rugs without a backing professionally cleaned.
  • Freshen up upholstered furniture: Seat cushions from couches and chairs can collect dust throughout the year. You can easily remove the dust by gently hitting them outside and then using a vacuum with the proper attachments to clean under the cushions. It’s also the perfect time to check for any stains. Just be sure to read the care labels before attempting to clean them.
  • Walls and ceilings: Cobwebs, dust and grime can build up on the walls and ceilings and leave an unsightly and unhealthy environment. Cleaning them is easy by vacuuming the surfaces with the proper vacuum attachment (soft brush with long handle). You can even go one step further and wipe down the walls with a damp cloth. If you notice grime or grease on the kitchen walls, for example, you can simply use a solvent-free degreaser. (Just be sure to test a small area first to ensure it won’t damage the surface.)
  • Get the dust bunnies: Dust collects on virtually everything, so now is the time to dust those neglected spaces in your home and refresh your rooms. Here are some suggested spaces to tackle:
    • Ceiling fans: You’ll be amazed by the amount of dust that collects on top of the blades.
    • Window sills and casings: With the warmer weather on the way, be sure your sills and casings are free of dust and dirt before opening the windows.
    • Book shelves: Remove everything from your book shelves so you can get to hard to reach corners and dust off any knick-knacks. And don’t forget to pamper any leather-bound books by wiping them with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Clean the screens: Window screens can be cleaned easily by scrubbing them with a solution of warm water and a mild detergent. Just be sure to rinse them thoroughly before putting them back up.
  • Window treatments: Curtains, drapes and blinds trap and hide dust very well. Check the labels on your drapes and curtains for care instructions – many are machine washable. Wooden blinds can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Metal and vinyl blinds can be cleaned beautifully with a solution of warm water and a mild dishwashing liquid.
  • Clean the BBQ grill: It’s never too early to get the grill ready for your first backyard BBQ.
  • Power wash the outside of your house: Dirt and grime from the fall and winter can collect on your home, especially on lighter colored homes with vinyl siding. You can buy power washing liquid from your local hardware store and connect it to your hose for a deeper clean.

When is it Time to Replace Your Commonly Used Bathroom Items?

We use them every day, but some of your bathroom items should be replaced more frequently than you’d think. Here’s a list of some commonly used ones and how to know when their time is up.



You should replace your toothbrush every three to four months, or even earlier if you notice the bristles are becoming frayed. (Don’t brush your teeth too hard, as this will cause the bristles to fray faster.)



Razors should be replaced after five-to-seven shaves. This may seem too often, but razors harbor bacteria between the blades and can begin to rust. (Not to mention the blades become dull and can tug at your skin.)

Makeup Sponges

Makeup sponges

We tend to use our makeup sponges until they disintegrate in our hands, not realizing they’re full of harmful bacteria and might be causing unwanted skin problems. Makeup sponges should be washed every night and replaced after a month.



Natural loofahs should be replaced every three-to-four weeks, since bacteria can grow in them and lead to skin irritations and infections. Plastic loofahs should be replaced every two months.

Shower Curtain Liner

Shower curtain liner

You should wash your shower curtain liner every three months or when you start to see or smell mildew. If the stains or smell do not go away after washing it, then it’s time to replace it.

Mascara and Eye Liner


We all have our favorite mascaras, but don’t keep them for more than three months, since bacteria can grow and may lead to an eye infection. Liquid and gel eye liners should be replaced after three-to-six months and eye pencils after one year.

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Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Make Room for a Mudroom

Just what you needed: another dedicated room in your home. But seriously, you do. Nothing beats a mudroom to help keep the rest of your home clean. More and more, homeowners are remodeling their secondary entry spaces to make them into functional – and attractive – mudrooms. They provide lots of necessary storage space and a dedicated place for all your children’s dirty sneakers, coats and outdoor gear (not to mention yours too).

Mudroom Basics

Typically, the areas that can be spared for mudrooms are small, so it’s essential to make great use of all available space. For instance, you’ll probably want to build some bench seating for the family where they can pull off muddy, wet, slushy, and generally yucky boots and shoes. While you’re at it, be sure to build lots of space-saving cubbyholes under the benches for storage.

Store More

Build storage throughout the space. A sliding library ladder (if you have the space) makes it easy to get to your stuff and adds a cool, unique touch as well. And, of course, include lots of hooks, hooks and more hooks for hanging up all those wet coats and jackets, where they can drip-dry. Built-in shelving can line the walls for easy access to items used the most, and baskets can help to keep everything organized. Locker shelving units are also becoming popular – each person in your family can have one.

White mudroom with storage

Décor and Floor

Pick a design theme and select colors and materials based on this theme. Popular themes might include “Classic Country,” “Balmy Beach,” or “Majestic Modern.” Be sure to match the design scheme with the rest of your home. What’s an attractive yet practical flooring material? You’re probably going to want to avoid carpet, as it will get absolutely filthy in no time. So, here’s a better idea: Beautiful, stylish, mosaic tile or quartz from Granite Transformations! Not only is it easy to clean with just a few swipes with a mop, the textured mosaic surface remains non-slip when wet.

For more mudroom and other home design ideas, call Granite Transformations. To schedule a free in-home consultation.

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Celebrities are embracing TREND Transformations®/Granite Transformations® for the luxury, beauty and convenience of its superior line of kitchen and bath surfaces.

Kicking off the ninth season of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” last November, Kenya Moore unveiled the $100K kitchen and master bath renovation of her “Moore Manor” mansion in Buckhead.

Envisioning a modern twist on old-world charm, Kenya selected Statuario from the Trascenda™ Collection for her kitchen countertops and master bathroom. This white and grey engineered stone is made with quartz and boasts an exquisite, classic charm that resonates throughout the rooms.

Kenya Moore's Kitchen
Kenya Moore’s newly renovated kitchen with Statuario quartz island from the Trascenda™ Collection by TREND Transformations/Granite Transformations.
Kenya enjoying her new kitchen with her dogs
Kenya enjoying her new kitchen island with her Yorkies King and Twirl.

“I had this vision of having this really amazing bathroom – I knew I wanted the white, clean look of marble,” said Moore. “I had all these design ideas and didn’t know how to pull it all together until I met with TREND Transformations/Granite Transformations. I was blown away by their product selection because I honestly didn’t know these types of products existed in the marketplace. They created stunning digital renderings that perfectly captured the look I was going for. The completed project is straight out of a magazine and exactly the way I wanted it – I couldn’t be happier.”

Kenya's new bathroom
The vanity in Kenya Moore’s newly renovated master bathroom clad in Statuario from the Trascenda™ Collection.
Kenya Moore's master bathroom clad in Statuario by TREND Transformations/Granite Transformations
Kenya Moore’s master bathroom clad in Statuario from the Trascenda Collection™ by TREND Transformations/Granite Transformations.

TREND Transformations/Granite Transformations prides itself on offering quality-conscious homeowners its exclusive selection of quartz, recycled glass, granite countertops and mosaic tiles – all at price points to suit their budgets. And since the material is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty and is completely nonporous and doesn’t require resealing, it’s extremely durable and easy to maintain. This is affordable luxury for even the savviest tastes that impresses at every level.

Schedule an in-home design consultation at your local TREND Transformations/Granite Transformations today and find out how we can make your dream home become a reality.