Last Updated on December 22, 2015

It’s no surprise that kitchens remain “the heart of the home” and are the main focus for homeowners when it comes to remodeling. Whether they are considering a major renovation or a few trendy tweaks, homeowners are embracing the hottest new kitchen design trends forecasted for 2016 to keep their kitchens looking their best.

Gray is the New White in Kitchen Cabinetry: As white cabinets continue to top the color charts as a go-to favorite, experts say that gray is the shade to watch for bumping white out of the top spot. Another up-and-coming trend you’ll see is the combining of cabinet colors (like pairing soft gray cabinets with richly stained wood).

Gray Kitchen Cabinets
Granite Transformations Kitchen: Countertop: Portland White; Backsplash: 270H; Cabinet: Chocolate Pear

High Tech Cabinetry: Pulls and knobs may be the standard in cabinet hardware, but today’s homeowners have exciting new options when it comes to how their cabinets function. For kitchens with limited space, homeowners can choose a new generation of cabinets – literally at their fingertips. With a touch of a button, cabinets with hydraulic, easy-to-close doors fold up and move out of the way to allow for easy access. Now there’s no possible way to slam the cabinets.

High Tech Cabinetry With Hydraulics and Easy Close Doors

Colorful Sinks: Just as kitchen cabinet color is changing, so is the ho-hum standard of white or stainless steel sinks. Installing a colorful sink in your kitchen is an easy way to add a pop of color. You can also create a new focal point by using the same shade in your backsplash, or as an accent color somewhere else in the room to tie it together.

Colored Sinks Add A Pop Of Color
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Oversized Light Fixtures: Experts agree to not shy away from using large or oversized light fixtures, especially over a kitchen island. Not only do they add a sense of depth perception, but they create a great sense of drama (especially in kitchens with low ceilings).

Oversized or Large Kitchen Lighting Creates DramaCreating Drama with Mosaics: Some homeowners believe dark finish cabinets in a small area make the room look smaller. Experts are debunking that belief by pairing light and colorful mosaic backsplashes with equally light colored countertops. It’s a great way to create drama and add another level of sophistication to your home.

Creating Drama with Mosaics
Kitchen design and products by Granite Transformations

Inventive Storage Solutions: Storage seems to be an ongoing issue for those living in apartments or in homes where the kitchen is short on space. For those considering a kitchen renovation, experts suggest investing in multi-tiered drawers. This is a smart and inventive way to double your storage space in one place.

Multi Tiered Drawers

We hope these exciting new kitchen trends for 2016 have inspired you to take a closer look at how you can make your own kitchen even better. Schedule a free in-home consultation with Granite Transformations today!

Last Updated on January 2, 2020

As the holidays draw closer and our homes begin to take on a cozier feel, our senses are ready to be awakened by soothing scents of the season. Ditch the air fresheners and explore the endless combinations of fun and fresh DIY aroma creativity. Try some of these easy and sensory-pleasing ideas to fill your home with holiday scents that are sure to bring comfort and joy to your family and friends.

Simmering Sensation

Simmer your favorite combination of fresh fruits and spices on your stove. Adding cinnamon and cloves is a great way to spice up your sensory brew to bring a cozy and warm scent to your home.

Simmer Fruits and Spices To Release A Wonderful Aroma

Pinecone Picking

Pine is the prince of the season when it comes to holiday scents. Gather fresh pinecones and clip some with their branches intact to fill your home with a woodsy scent. Try filling baskets with pinecones as a way to add a touch of the season to different rooms throughout your home. If fresh pinecones are not available to you, craft stores sell scented ones that will do the trick and last all season long.

Fresh and Scented Pine Cones

Herb Bouquets

Skip the flowers this year and dress up your décor with fresh herb bouquets. Simply tie a bundle of your favorite herb (or a combination of herbs) together to create a sensory treat that will have your guests guessing. The bouquets will last long after the season is over, as they will dry while you’re enjoying them. It truly is like a gift that keeps on giving.

Fresh Herb Bouquets

Roasted Chestnuts

You don’t have to roast chestnuts over an open fire to experience their amazingly unique aroma. In fact, all you have to do is slit each one with a sharp knife, place them on a vented pan and either roast them in the oven or cook them on a heated cooktop. You’ll love the warm and nutty scent that will fill your home.

Roasted Chestnuts

Fresh Wreaths

There’s nothing more welcoming than a beautiful fresh wreath on the front door. But how about one that is hung inside your home? Fresh pine wreaths – adorned with dried fruit and berries – are just one great way to fill your home with the fresh scents of the season. Whether hung over a mantle, in your family room or even in your bathroom or bedroom, fresh wreaths are a charming way to make your home smell like the holidays.

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Decking the halls and transforming our homes with cozy touches of the holidays can bring a sense of renewed joy and spirit. But since time is not usually on our side at this time of year, we wanted to share some easy decorating ideas that can fit into your busy schedule and budget that will add sparkle and elegance to your holiday home décor.

Cranberry Centerpiece

Add a splash of color and a touch of nature to your holiday table by filling clear vases with Epsom salts and fresh cranberries. Fresh cut seasonal greenery tops the arrangement for an easy and eye-catching centerpiece.

Cranberry Holiday Decoration or Table Centerpiece
Photo courtesy of Madigan Made

Ornamental Accents

Dress up any indoor plants and add sparkle to the dining room or den by simply filling the base of the planters with your favorite colored ornaments for a classy, festive look.

House Plants Accented with Ornaments
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Pinecone Garland

Dress up your mantle with this natural pinecone garland. Simply wrap the ends of pinecones with yarn or wire and attach to a clear string or fishing wire hung across the width of the mantle. You can make your garland chunky with several pinecones bunched together, or sparser, with some space in between each one.

DIY Pine Cone Garland
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Berry Sticks in a Vintage Bottle

If you have any old, vintage looking bottles lying around your house, put them to good use this holiday season. Collect some berry and pine tree branches for fun and put them into the bottles for a country rustic holiday vibe. This is perfect for a mantel, side table or credenza.

Country Style Berry and Pine Branch Bottles
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Repurposed and Decked Out Floor Arrangement

Repurpose an old pair of boots for this clever and eye-catching floor display. Line the inside of the boots with plastic bags and weigh them down with rocks to avoid tipping. Then, fill with twigs and fresh greenery and tie a festive white, green or red bow around each boot for a whimsical welcome arrangement that will add charm and character to any home and have your guests talking all season long.

Boots With Holiday Foliage Arrangement
Photo courtesy of Midwest Living

Pinecone Candlestick Centerpiece

Dazzle your guests with this elegant centerpiece of silver candlesticks and silvery painted pinecones arranged on a silver tray. Add coordinating glass ornaments for sparkle and shine. For a fun twist, use gold-toned or clear candlesticks with gold sprayed pinecones to suit your décor. Or, do a mix-and-match for a fun look.

DIY SIlver Holiday Table Centerpiece
Photo courtesy of Midwest Living

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