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You’ve decided it’s time to redo the countertop in your kitchen or bathroom but are not sure where to start. Rest assured, the team at Granite and TREND Transformations has helped countless customers through a similar process. We want to help homeowners make their dreams happen. And we know that the choices can often feel overwhelming. So we wanted to provide you with a rundown of some of our top-selling countertops.

Before we dive into the top 10, here are a few helpful tips for things to consider when choosing a color for your new countertop:

Your overall color scheme

What do you want the focal point to be in your kitchen or bathroom, the beautiful new countertop or your cabinets? This is a great place to start, as it will help you narrow down your options. From there, you can decide if you would like colors that match well, subtly complement each other, or stand in stark contrast for visual appeal.

Pattern options

Directly tied to your overall color scheme is the pattern of your new countertop. You will find a large variety of patterns and veins within the countertop choices at Granite and TREND Transformations. Are you someone who wants to make a bold statement in their decor? Or do you prefer muted, classic tones?

Light or dark?

Something else to consider is the size of your space and whether it gets natural light. You may have fallen in love with that beautiful dark marble, but if your kitchen or bathroom is small with little natural light, it may make the space look smaller. In contrast, white countertops will help lighten up smaller rooms. If you are remodeling a larger, well-lit room, you have more leeway in your base color.

If you would like additional support choosing a countertop color, our design team is happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

And with that…

I’m sure you’re excited to find out the real top-selling countertop colors from Granite and TREND Transformations – see below! Enjoy!

Drum roll please, and the top-selling colors are:


Perla Di Modena#1. Perla Di Modena – Granite



Perla Di Modena Bar



Royal Ivory#2. Royal Ivory – Recycled Glass



Royal Ivory Vanity



Terra Di Siena#3. Terra Di Siena – Granite



Terra Di Siena Kitchen Countertop



Terra Ombra#4. Terra Ombra – Granite



Terra Ombra Kitchen Countertops



Bianco Modena#5. Bianco Modena – Granite



Bianco Modena Kitchen Countertop



Gardena#6. Gardena – Granite



Gardena Kitchen Countertop



White Star#7. White Star – Recycled Glass


White Star Vanity



Terra Chiara

#8. Terra Chiara – Granite



Terra Chiara Bar



King Ivory#9. King Ivory – Quartz



King Ivory Tub Surround



Nero Stella#10. Nero Stella – Granite



Nero Stella Vanity and Shower Accents




























Planning a remodel soon? Check out our broad range of quartz, glass and granite countertop colors today! We also offer a wide selection of glass mosaic tile styles and colors if you’d like to complement your countertop with a backsplash. If you find any of these appealing, find a Granite and TREND Transformations location near you and schedule your free in-home consultation. Your new kitchen or bathroom could be just days away!

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See for yourself how one call to Granite Transformations can make your home more beautiful than it was before. Visit us at and sign up for a free in-home consultation and join the hundreds of satisfied customers who are so happy they did.

Last Updated on January 3, 2020

With summer in full swing and daylight lasting into the night, our backyards are the new hot spot for entertaining and family fun. Homeowners are embracing the hottest trends in eco-landscaping and backyard design by creating outdoor spaces with all the luxuries and amenities of indoors.

Here are some of the top trends in backyard design to make your outdoor space your favorite summer sanctuary:

  • Sustainable Plants – Today’s homeowners are rethinking their gardens by choosing plants that are tolerant to both hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. It’s a sound choice, both economically and environmentally. For example, Prairie blue-eyed grass, Arctic poppy, and lily-of-the-valley are perennials that can grow in cold and hot climates.

  • Keep Edibles Front and Center – Blending a garden with edibles and ornamentals allows homeowners to eliminate turf grass and keep their harvest of fruits, vegetables and herbs easily accessible. For urban areas, edible gardens are a great way to create community by sharing the bounty with neighbors.

Edible plants

  • Keep Your Cool – We may be enjoying the warmth of summer, but even the best of us need some shade. Enjoy your patio or deck even more by using retractable awnings, umbrellas or even planting mature trees around your outdoor space. For a more classic look, pergolas and arbors adorned with vines are a cozy and great way to escape the heat and still enjoy the beauty of your backyard.

Shaded patio

  • Cooking Al Fresco – Dining in our backyards is a welcome summer event, but all the trips back and forth from the kitchen to the patio can make us build up even more of an appetite. Today’s homeowners are adding outdoor kitchens to enjoy the experience even more. The best part is that you don’t have to build anything large-scale that might break your budget. If you have a grill with a side burner, then you’re already on your way. Consider adding a countertop for prepping food and closed storage to create a convenient cooking area. Adding a small refrigerator and a sink for easier prep and clean-up will round out your outdoor kitchen and allow you to extend your al fresco dining experience throughout the seasons.

Outdoor kitchen

  • Outdoor Living Rooms Created for Comfort, Style and Durability – Just take one trip to your local outdoor furniture retailer and you’ll be amazed at the choices of patio furniture, fabrics and accessories for outdoor living. Classic materials like wrought iron, cast iron and wrought or cast aluminum are still available, but new synthetic, weather-proof patio furniture and fabrics are taking center stage, as they offer homeowners the same comfort and style of their indoor living rooms.

Ourdoor living area

Granite Transformations provides quartz, glass and granite countertops kitchens, bathrooms and virtually anywhere in your home that features a countertop. Check out each of our kitchen remodeling services and schedule your free in-home consultation today.

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Keeping our homes up-to-date and market-friendly means keeping up with the latest design trends and knowing what’s in and what’s out. What was popular a few years ago is being replaced with new design ideas that either reflect the times or revive traditional styles with a modern twist.

Here are some of the top design trends to do away with in 2015:

  • Kitchen Desks – What used to be practical furniture for the purpose of paying bills and storing cook books is now being replaced by extra counter space and storage. The days of flipping through cook books has gone by the wayside, as homeowners are now searching for recipes on their tablets or mobile phones.

Kitchen desk

  • Whirlpool Tubs The days of indulging in a whirlpool bath have come and gone, as homeowners now wish they had used their prime bathroom space for a more functional use. Today’s home designers and home owners are replacing whirlpool tubs with large walk-in showers that have more space for shelves to hold bathroom products, a built-in seat, and rain shower heads. They are also saving on their water bills (since the average whirlpool bathtub takes about 80-100 gallons of water to fill). For those who still want the relaxing benefit of a bath, stand-alone soaking tubs are becoming more popular (and cost-effective).

Whirlpool tub

  • Barren Windows Simplicity in window dressings was all the rage a few years back (but they left rooms feeling cold and uninviting). Installing decorative shades or hanging panels to windows is today’s trend, as this brings privacy and warmth to a room, along with an opportunity to integrate your own personal style.

Kitchen with barren windows

  • Over-the-Range Microwaves – For the past 20-25 years, microwaves were installed over the range to save space (but this was not particularly aesthetically pleasing). New kitchen designs are showing microwaves that are installed under countertops in drawers or on shelves for easier access, keeping kitchens looking clean and more streamlined.

Kitchen with over-the-range microwave

  • Tiled Countertops – Homeowners are ditching their grout cleaners and opting to replace their outdated tile countertops with quartz or granite countertops – eliminating the fear of chipping and cracking tiles and spilling liquids that leave hard-to-remove stains from the grout. Check out the gorgeous quartz countertops from Granite Transformations.

Tiled countertops

  • Brass Hardware – Today’s trend in hardware is the “sleek” look (like brushed or satin nickel) – brass or gold is totally out. When replacing hardware, make sure to choose a size to cover the “footprint” of the existing hardware so that any unsightly marks or stains from what was previously there won’t be visible.

Bathroom with brass hardware

  • Faux Finishes – The faux finish phase has seen its day and the best part is that finishes can be easily covered up with a fresh coat of paint. Tuscan paint finishes and marbled columns are out and are being replaced with a more authentic look of real stone, wood, or glass.

Faux finishes

Does your home still feature any of these outdated design trends? If it does, Granite Transformations can give you that fresh, new updated feel to your kitchen or bath in a fraction of the time of a full-scale remodel. Click here to find a Granite Transformations near you.

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Whether you’re having fun in the sun and sand or in your backyard hammock with your favorite book, summer is the season to embrace all things relaxed and casual. Creating a summer-filled atmosphere in your home is easier than you think. If you’re preparing for a festive Fourth of July party, having a family BBQ in the backyard, or planning a staycation this summer, here are nine seasonal ideas to transform your home into a summer space you won’t want to leave.

1. Plant a tower of flowers in patriotic colors and add some flags to mark the day. It’s an easy way to add beauty to your yard and transforms easily for all occasions.

Patriotic Flowers

2. Create a fireworks display on your table by adding spider mums to different shaped vases or glasses. It’s a simple and fun way to dress up your table.

Spider Mums - 4th of July Decor

3. “Wow” your guests with this edible tropical fruit centerpiece that’s filled with a selection of fruit that’s in season, such as grapes, peaches, strawberries, grapefruit fruit and fig. Add some citrus leaves and fresh flowers to round out the look. You can also create a crudité centerpiece that resembles a vegetable patch and watch your guests dive right in. Perfect for next summer soiree.

Edible centerpiece

4. Add a touch of the shore to your home. Decorating a mirror or picture frame with beautiful sea shells will add elegant contrast to the décor of your home. Whether you live in the mountains or by the sea, shells add a touch of whimsy and mystery to any style.

Sea shell frame5. This beach-inspired candle centerpiece is a fun and easy way to add a summer glow to any table in your home.

Beach inspired centerpiece6. Even the most traditional homes can reveal a nautical syle with creative design ideas like this stairway adornment. Nautical style ships and baskets adorn the wall shelf in this bathroom creating a beachy, relaxed feel.

Nautical Design Style7. Floating candles add a glow to any table. Whether floating in a bowl with fresh flowers or topping off a beautiful spray of flowers in clear cylinders as pictured here, they are a hostess’ best friend when a quick splash of elegance is needed.

Floating candles

8. Adding yellow and blue colored lights around your umbrella and nearby tree is a fun way to add light and a spalsh of summer to your outdoor living space. The blue is cool and calming, creating the perfect atmosphere for your next summer gathering.

Outdoor lighting with a newly remodeled kitchen

9. Adding fun and decorative throw pillows to your window seat, couch or favorite chair is an easy and inexpensive way to welcome a new season into your home – without going through the fuss of redecorating.

Colorful throw pillows

We hope you enjoyed these fun home accessorizing tips! If you are looking to make over your kitchen or bathroom, but aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with Granite Transformations to schedule your free in-home consultation. When you sign up, you’ll also receive our complementary “Remodeling Starter Guide,” which will walk you through the remodeling process. Happy decorating!