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Are you hosting Easter this year, or simply looking to bring your Easter décor to the next level? Well, you’ve come to right place! We have some super easy DIY Easter decorating ideas that you can create with your family, right in the comfort of your own home.


Easter Egg Garland

Easter Egg GarlandThis is a simple way to add a dash of spring color and cheer to your banister, mantel, or hallway opening. Buy three dozen eggs and poke a hole on either ends of each egg (with a needle). Then blow out the contents, leaving them empty inside. Dip the eggs in the food coloring(s) of your choice and let them dry. Then, take fishing line or jewelry cord and string them together into a garland and voilà! You have a beautiful, budget-friendly decoration for Easter. (You can even preserve it for next year!)




Easter Egg Planter

Easter Egg planterEaster egg planters are a great way to add a pop of color to your Easter dining table. Get a dozen eggs and crack them at the top. Drain the contents, clean them with water, and put them back in the egg carton. (You can dip them in dye if you’d like to color them.) Fill the bottom of each egg with dirt and then fill them with your favorite flowers, succulents or grass. You can place them on your table or anywhere you like. You can keep them in the carton and fill in around them with colored grass. Or, you can place them in a dish or pot of your choosing.



Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg WreathAn Easter egg wreath can bring a touch of spring to your door. You can start with a grapevine wreath as a base. Purchase faux speckled eggs, faux flowers or vines, burlap ribbon, thin craft wire and a hot glue gun at your local craft store. Use the craft wire to arrange your flowers around the wreath, weaving the stems into the grapevine. Use the hot glue gun to adhere the eggs onto the grapevine, arranging around the flowers and vines. As a final touch, make it your own with a touch of baby’s breath, pussy willows or your favorite spring flower. Use the burlap ribbon for hanging.





Easter Candy Vase

Easter Candy VaseIf you have left over Easter candy, this is a fun, pretty way to use it up. Take any glass vase that you have in your home and fill it with layers of the candy – peeps, chocolate eggs, jelly beans or a layer of colored Easter grass to make it crafty. For more pizazz, you can even take your favorite spring flowers – daffodils, daisies or tulips – and stick them into the candy to make the vase more festive.





We hope these decorating ideas have been helpful. If you have other Easter decorating ideas or comments, please add them below!



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Today’s housing and financial markets have seen a significant recovery since 2008, which has increased the demand for multiple home repairs and home improvement services. A part of the increasing demand has to do with the fact that more homeowners are now choosing to upgrade their existing homes to fit their changing needs and lifestyle. They are finding that there’s more risk involved with moving (where they may have to make several compromises), as opposed to staying where they can make their homes exactly how they want them, and without uprooting their families from their schools and communities.

Home remodel by Granite Transformations

According to the third annual Houzz & Home survey, the majority of US homeowners (66%) who are remodeling plan to stay in their homes for the long term, 53% said they are remodeling to increase the resale value of their homes (but have no plans to move), and only 16% said they are planning to move in the next two years. What’s the reason? It’s not because they can’t afford to move; it’s because they are investing to create a home that meets their needs, now and in the future. The survey also revealed that bathrooms and kitchens remain the most popular renovation projects.

Based on the “Franchise Outlook for 2015 and Beyond,” every day, ten thousand people are turning 65 years old. With the life expectancies of baby boomers on the rise, many are finding ways to remain in their homes with certain upgrades that can keep them safe and independent.

On the flip side, families with growing children are finding themselves overscheduled with little or no time for DIY remodeling projects. These families are willing to save time by hiring a professional to do the work for them, while still having the comfort factor of remaining in their homes. They are happy with the school district, community and neighbors, and don’t want to sacrifice all of that because they don’t have a master bathroom. The cost to renovate is often cheaper and ends up being less risky than moving.

Staying “green” and consideration for the environment continues to be a major factor in home improvement projects. Replacing energy-draining appliances with today’s energy-saving alternatives is an ongoing trend for homeowners to cut monthly expenses and save money – while at the same time saving the environment.

Factoring in the expense and hassle of moving, remodeling is becoming a great alternative, as it allows homeowners to customize the homes they’ve grown to love in ways that meet their evolving needs. Whether it’s planning a complete remodel or just tweaking a favorite room, homeowners are taking pride in their investments by investing a little more to savor the memories they have spent so long building in their homes.

Granite Transformations can help you with all your remodeling needs. From a small countertop makeover to a total bathroom renovation, Granite Transformations can help you build a home that you will love forever. Sign up for a FREE In-Home Design Consultation today and get a quote from our expert design consultants.

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The style and elegance of Trend products have come to life at the residence of Trend Group CEO, Andrea Di Giuseppe and his wife, Frederica Bisazza, Image and Communications Manager of the company – in the exclusive South Beach area of Miami Beach, Florida. Remodeling their prominent apartment at Portofino Tower, Andrea and Frederica began an exciting challenge of incorporating Italian-style with the refined elegance and sophistication of Trend products. The result is nothing short of magnificent, as they transformed their home into a showcase of luxury and grandeur using all Trend products with the cutting-edge finishes that have defined their reputation.

Enjoy the tour, for you will see first-hand all the ways that Trend products can transform your home into a haven of elegance and luxury.

A floor created from Trend Surface in the color Polar Ice was used in the living area, kitchen, master bedroom and office. A unique application of Polar Ice was used as a kitchen countertop and backsplash, creating a special effect of continuity which is enhanced by soothing blue illumination.

Master bedroom with Polar Ice flooring from Granite Transformations/Trend.

Kitchen eating area with Polar Ice flooring from Granite Transformations/Trend.Office with Polar Ice flooring from Granite Transformations/Trend.Modern kitchen with Polar Ice countertops and backsplash from Granite Transformations/Trend.

















The magnificence of the Trend mosaic technique is showcased at its highest level in the three bathrooms shown below. The master bathroom walls are covered in Metropolis Mosaic Tile in Opal and are inspired by the style of Art Nouveau. The shower is covered with Brillante 260 (in black), creating a contrast with other areas of the bathroom.

Mater bathroom with Metropolis Opal Mosaic Tile Walls by Granite Transformations/Trend.Bathroom walls are Metropolis Opal by Granite Transformations/Trend.








The first guest bathroom features the mosaic tile collection Liberty in Bronzite, accompanied by Mix Purity mosaic tiles for the shower floor, and Polar Ice for the countertop – creating the perception of a larger space and a luminous effect.

Liberty Bronzite Mosaic Tiles cover the walls and shower of this guest bathroom

Guest bathroom shower walls are covered in Liberty Bronzite Mosaic Tiles by Granite Transformations











The second guest bathroom features a rich mosaic of precious reflections Brillante 216, surrounding an innovative faucet that descends from the ceiling.

Guest bathroom features a drop sink with Brilliante 216 Mosaic Tiles surrounding it.

Brilliante 216 Mosaic Tile by Granite Transformations.











We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful ways that Trend products have enhanced the beauty and value of this beautiful home. Maybe this tour has even inspired you to consider a home renovation project of your own. If you like what you’ve seen here, we invite you to peruse our full line of products available from Granite Transformations and Trend. Enjoy!

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Hexagonal mosaic tile in brown works for a feature wallWhat’s old is new again in the world of glass mosaic tiles. Granite Transformations has captured the charm of Italian-inspired design by blending Old World European style with a modern twist. Granite Transformations proudly introduces two new gorgeous glass mosaic tile collectionsHexagonal and Rettangolo.

Suitably named for its design shape, hexagonal mosaic tile originated in the Victorian era and Granite Transformations is celebrating the classic mosaic design by offering homeowners the 19th century look of white porcelain with the glass of the 21st century – all in vibrant colors that are enriched with enamels and sparkling avventurina. The Hexagonal mosaic tile design is perfect for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom floor or shower wall.

Rettangolo celebrates the simplistic shape of the rectangle, or mini-brick. Granite Transformations has resurrected this popular mosaic pattern into an exciting new dimension with modernistic inspired colors and corrugations. Arranged in a traditional brick pattern, Granite Transformations has captured this vintage Old World design and transformed it into a palette of distinction and elegance, with colors ranging from rich grays and browns to vibrant blues and greens. Rectangular mosaic tiles work well around a fireplace, as a feature wall in your living or dining room, or in standard applications such as a kitchen backsplash or bathroom floor.

Granite Transformations’ unique handmade mosaic tiles can be installed in new construction or adhered over for any existing surface in your home or business. The slabs are pre-grouted with latex grout, cutting installation time down to a fraction of the time that a traditional mosaic tile installation would take, and each are guaranteed by our lifetime warranty. They are made from recycled glass, making them a wise choice for the environment, too!

The two new collections have been added to the latest version of our iGranite iPad app, which allows you to upload a photo of your space and virtually see the Granite Transformations’ products you’d like to have installed. In seconds, you can design your dream kitchen or bathroom with the countertop, backsplash, cabinets and flooring that fit your personal style. You can mix and match colors and styles to completely customize your look. And the best part is that you can download the app for free on iTunes!

iGranite iPad app homescreen iGranite iPad app product selection screenshotiGranite iPad app product application in your kitchen screenshot








We invite you to sign up for a free in-home design consultation. Our team of professional design consultants is ready to help you transform your space into one that reflects your unique style. And don’t forget to ask to see samples of our new Rettangolo and Hexagonal mosaic tile collections!




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Do you like calm, neutral colors or bold, vibrant colors? Do you prefer function over style? Take this quiz to unleash your inner design style and realize the kitchen that’s best for you.

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