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It’s a new year and a new beginning for your home. As we’ve discussed previously, your kitchen is one of the easiest rooms to renovate—and most likely to give you more bang for your buck. Start the year right by planning your own kitchen overhaul, and consider these four ideas to make the space stand out.


1. Change the Aesthetic

Starting out, ask yourself what kind of feeling does your kitchen currently gives you and your guests? Maybe you’ve created a warm, friendly room that encourages relaxation and socializing. Or you could have a kitchen with a more modern edge, featuring sleek, metal appliances. You may even be housing a kitchen that lends a more classical approach to cooking and dining. Regardless of your current design, changing the appearance, and ultimately the ambiance, of your kitchen is easier than you might think.



Clean lines, a cool color scheme, and plenty of space are all hallmarks of the modern look. Depending on your appliances, complimenting them with a light grey or pale blue paint job will make them really pop. You’ll want to open up those windows and let all the light in you can in order to make the space feel larger and more inviting. Aside from brightening your kitchen space, you’ll also use less electricity, keeping your electric bills down.


A classic look is all about earth tones: tans, browns, and natural wood. This is a great opportunity to repurpose old furnishings that might otherwise find themselves being replaced. Your favorite antique chair or table, with a little sanding and staining or painting, can help revitalize your  space by matching the new decor. Darker wood cabinets such as rosewood, teak and mahogany will warm up the room and make it feel more comfortable and relaxing. Bring in a light-colored futon or a set of painted stools to complete the look.




2. Create or Eliminate Space

The amount of space you have to work with should be a determining factor in the aesthetic you choose. This is one of the first rooms your guests will see, but it’s also a space you’ll be working in every day. Remember, your kitchen shouldn’t just look beautiful, it should be functional, too.


Open Space

With more space to work with, a modern look will be best. Clean, sharp lines with minimal design contrasts well with open spaces. As before, the more light the better. This will make your kitchen feel even larger. When designing toward a modern aesthetic, don’t try to fill up the room, only placing furniture when it’s functional and absolutely necessary.


Blue Steel Granite with White Cabinetry


Tight Space

If your kitchen is a little cramped, go for the classic look. The woods and earth tones that a classic aesthetic highlight make a space feel warmer and homier. Not everything has to be functional here, so place furniture and affectations where they look best. Think of the room as a place of entertainment. As long as you can still work in your kitchen and comfortably seat guests, the room will be a popular spot.


Granite Countertop Island in Small Kitchen


3. Replace the Countertop

You might be surprised at how drastically replacing your countertop will change your room. This is the business end of the kitchen, where all the work is done, and the focal point of the space. Once you’ve decided on your aesthetic, here are two choices to bring the room together.


Recycled Glass

To bring a modern design together, recycled glass countertops are a great choice. It comes in many different patterns and styles to match your aesthetic. A Black Star or Nero Maltese colored countertop will draw the eye and center the room. Supporting the sleek, clean lines, this surface looks best in composite, giving your countertop a unique impression instead of a basic slab.


Recycled Glass Kitchen Countertop



A colored granite countertop can bring some color into your classic kitchen. A basic white will draw the eye to your wooden cabinets, but you can distract from plain cabinets with a stronger hue. If you have basic cabinets, consider a bright red surface to make them pop. A classic space can be diverse, so don’t be afraid to make a strong choice to surprise your guests.


Quartz Kitchen Countertop


4. Finish with Flooring

Deciding what flooring to install in your new kitchen might be one of the most difficult choices. This is where you need to know firmly what you want your room’s aesthetic to be, as your flooring will make or break your space.


Modern Space

If you’ve decided that the modern look is what you want to work toward, you’re going to need to choose dark flooring that will offset the whites and greys the aesthetic implies. Even if you’re working with a darker set of modern cabinetry, offsetting the choice with a lighter color can also add a modern flair. Materials like tile, slate, or even concrete would be a strong choice for your kitchen. You need something sturdy and sleek to compliment the straight lines and minimalist design of the room.


Modern Kitchen Space


Classic Space

With a classic kitchen in mind, you’re going to want to choose wood. It’s a versatile surface with a variety of looks, all of which warm up a room. Wood not only compliments but also underscores a classic aesthetic. Depending on the color of your cabinets and countertops, a dark wood like teak, or a light wood like pine, will tighten up the space and please the eye.


Classically Modern Kitchen


Remember, decide on an aesthetic first and then work toward it. With an ultimate goal in mind, you won’t be buying pieces haphazardly, working sideways toward a mismatched design. Once you have your dream kitchen in mind, get to it and enjoy the new year and the happiness and comfort your new kitchen will bring.




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If you’re like most people, finding a unique and heartfelt gift for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day can cause a little anxiety. So, set aside the flowers, box of candy and don’t make those reservations just yet, because we’ve got some great tips on how to ensure this year’s gift will be remembered for years to come.


Being with the person you love is no different than being in a home you love. And there are few things more exciting to a relationship, or a home, then taking something that’s already good and making it even better. Granite Transformations can take your living space to the next level, creating an ambiance that reignites your passion for your living space, and is guaranteed to make your significant other smile.


Kissing the Cook

Every room in your home gets its fair share of traffic and activity, but none more than the kitchen, which is often the heart of every household. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in an older Victorian-style or a newly-built modern home, changing the layout, or just improving the overall feel of a kitchen, can improve more than the aesthetic.

By simply refacing old cabinets and installing countertops that appeal to your personal sense of style, you can rejuvenate the relationship between you and a pleasurable mealtime again. Plus, the added bonus of being able to create a home-cooked meal in your new kitchen for your loved one shows an appreciation beyond the ordinary. It will also give them an excuse to have some friends over to show off the upgrade, which has its own way of making a lasting impression.


Woman Hosting Friends In Her Beautifully Remodeled Kitchen


The Relaxation Station

Few people find the time or the energy to invest in true relaxation when it comes to bathing and showering. But, more of you are looking into ways to use a tub or shower than merely a quick preparation for the day ahead. Revitalizing your bathroom gives you an excuse to surround yourself with newly-installed glass tiling that subtly picks up lighting and radiates throughout the room. You will soon find yourself spending your evenings in the bathtub with a book and wondering why you hadn’t thought of this sooner.


Woman Lying Next To Her New Bath


You could also insert a spa-like quality to the bathroom through adding an upgrade to your current cabinetry and sinks. Imagine how your significant other would feel having you beside them in the mornings as you prepare for the day without angling for mirror or counter space. There’s little reason to not imagine that “Valentine’s Day feeling” lasting throughout the year while surrounded with the tranquil mood the color scheme above creates.


Woman Enjoying Her New Bathroom Sink And Vanity


To Affinity and Beyond

If you’re really looking to touch your lover’s heart this Valentine’s Day, nothing says “I love you” more than doing something for your other special someone. Giving your child a new space to wash and play sends a strong message. Take a bathroom that once seemed utilitarian and transform it into a clean, lighthearted paradise for the little one. Your sweetheart won’t be able to keep from wrapping their arms around you and never letting go.


Before And After Remodel Of Children's Bathroom

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If you’re thinking about redecorating but you don’t know where to start, it’s helpful to find your personal style. Your home says a lot about who you are—from the way you arrange furniture to the color of your walls, every piece is a personal choice. Figuring out which designs suit you is the best place to start, and by aligning your aesthetic and your personality, you’re more likely to enjoy your home.


1. Browse Magazines

We’ve all flipped through home decorating magazines and been impressed with the designs. But when you see a finished room, it’s difficult to figure out where they started. Purchase a variety of home magazines and flip through them, cutting out each page that appeals to you. When you’re finished, look though what you’ve selected and search for a common theme. It could be as obvious as a color palette or as subtle as how the furniture is arranged. Once you find those common themes, you’re on your way to understanding what appeals to you, and discovering your own personal style.