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Are you looking for new ways to spice up your kitchen? 

We have some colorful kitchen remodeling ideas.

While sheer white kitchens are popular for smaller rooms, making the space feel larger and brighter by reflecting natural light, some of you might be seeking more of a warm and cheery atmosphere.

That’s why we are starting our Themed Kitchen Transformations Series with the color yellow, a color that might just become your favorite.


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Looking to spruce up your bathroom space without having to change the tile or tackle major plumbing projects? Don’t worry! A bathroom makeover is easy to do! Check out some of these 5 quick tips  to give your bathroom a beautiful updated look without breaking the bank.

1. Paint


The easiest way to change the whole look of a room is to paint it a different color. It’s a good idea to pick up a few swatches and bring them home with you to check out under the lighting conditions in your bathroom. This way you’ll see exactly how the color will turn out in your home. Keep in mind that darker colors absorb more light, making rooms look smaller. If you have a small bathroom already, consider using a lighter color to open up the space.


blue paint via Decor Pad


Tip: Paint isn’t just for the walls you know. If you bathroom cabinets are looking a little shabby, why not give them a fresh coat of paint too? Neutral cabinetry looks great against bright walls, while bold colored cabinets work best with neutral toned walls.


2. Organize


Sometimes all the bathroom needs is a little TLC to start looking like new again. Give your bathroom a thorough clean-up. Toss any old medications, makeup, magazines, or whatever is collecting dust and taking storage space.



bathroom remodeling - granite transformations

If you share a bathroom with your significant other, consider organizing your bathroom essentials on separate shelves to keep things neat. Getting a couple of baskets or jars to keep makeup, shampoo, or soap in can make all the difference. Also, keeping everything except for hand soap off the counter top will make your bathroom look much neater.


3. Recycle


Instead of running out and buying all new items for your redecorated bathroom, consider recycling items from other rooms of the house. For example, mason jars not only make great containers for jam, they can be used for storing cotton balls, Q-tips or makeup sponges.


mason jars via Liz Marie Blog


Have a wine rack that isn’t being used in the kitchen? How about mounting it to the wall and using it to hold rolled towels in the bathroom? You could even use a framed mirror or picture frame as a vanity tray, for a decorative feminine touch.


4. Accessorize


Once you’ve repainted and tidied up the place, invest in a few inexpensive pieces that will make a world of difference in your bathroom. A new shower curtain that corresponds with your color choice is a good way to go.


wine towel rack via Imperfect Home


If you have a light colored fabric curtain already, use fabric dye (up to $3.00 per box!) to save a few bucks. Another way to bring in new color is with your hand towels. Hand towels and wash cloths can be purchased in 4-packs from big box stores like Target, for as little as five dollars.


5. Add Finishing Touches


Finally, add a few finishing touches to pull it all together. Changing the cabinet pulls and switch plates to match your new style may seem like a miniscule change, but it will really make the room look finished. These small items are also cheap!


bathroom remodeling - granite transformations


These easy updates are all inexpensive ways to change the look of your bathroom. All you need is a fresh coat of paint, and a little creativity to stretch your budget!


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