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5 Small Details with a Big Impact to Remember During a Kitchen Remodeling Project


After many hours of looking over numerous home renovation articles on interior design blogs and searching for inspirational photos on Pinterest, you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen.


You’ve found your style, be it modern, classic, traditional, cottage or something in between and you’d decided on the kitchen colors, whether you’re leaning towards a white kitchen, a natural wood kitchen, or a more vibrant color option.


Blue Steel and Black Diamond Granite Countertops by Granite Transformations


Whatever you decide, your kitchen transformation will make your home more comfortable and efficient and, in the long run, it will pay off if you decide to sell it.


Details make a big difference so here are 5 things to keep in mind before you make your final selection for your kitchen remodeling project.

Last Updated on October 26, 2021

Admit it. We all love a beautiful kitchen. It’s the one room in our home where we share family time, entertain, and yes—even cook! So, it comes as no surprise that choosing the right countertop, let alone the perfect color, is just as important as what’s for dinner—if not more so.

This month, Granite and TREND Transformations shares some easy tips to choose the best granite and quartz colors for your kitchen that would look fabulous in your home. Plus, you’ll get a firsthand look at our beautiful line of etherium® By E-Stone surfaces. Let’s get started.

Light or dark granite?

There’s no denying how granite countertops can add beauty and elegance to your kitchen—but choosing the wrong color can be a design disaster. So, how do you know which shades to go for? Here are some tips to help you choose the best granite color for your kitchen.

kitchen sink and counter

Dark granite countertops, such as black and grey, work best in a space with good lighting. You want your kitchen to give off a happy and cheerful vibe. Not having enough lighting will make your kitchen feel dreary and unwelcoming.

large granite island

If light-colored granite countertops are your style, you’re not alone. In fact, most homeowners opt for these pleasing tones, since they are frequently at the top of the list when it comes to resell appeal. To make these surfaces stand out as true showstoppers, experts say that granite countertops in brown and beige hues will work best because they nicely complement shiny white appliances and trim.

Contrasting quartz

As one of today’s most popular countertop choices, quartz is leading the way for its beauty, durability, and consistency of color. Unlike granite, which has natural veining and unique patterns, quartz is engineered stone that is available in a plethora of beautiful shades and colors, so there’s never a worry about matching slabs. How then do you choose the best quartz color for your kitchen?

luxury country kitchen

A good rule of thumb is to identify the undertones in the room. Consider choosing a countertop color that contrasts well with other colors in the room. For example, if your walls and cabinets are a uniform color, such as white, the choice of a dark countertop

large kitchen island

Choose flooring and a quartz countertop color that pulls in hues from your cabinet selection. This is a great way to get just the right “pop” and contrast to pull the look together.

See your vision come to life

website shown on iPad

You have a vision of how your dream kitchen will look. But how do you know if what you think you want will turn into the reality of what you want? Granite and TREND Transformations has the perfect solution. It’s called the Visualizer Tool. This cool technology puts the power of design at your fingertips by allowing you to pick and choose from our vast selection of countertops, cabinets, and mosaic tile backsplashes so you can see how your kitchen will look BEFORE the renovation. Now, that’s cool technology. Try it today and start designing your dream kitchen.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s tips on how to choose the best granite or quartz color for your kitchen countertop. Is your kitchen ready for a refresh? Schedule your free in-home, or virtual, design consultation to see how our beautiful etherium® By E-Stone surfaces can look in your home. Contact us today.

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Spending more than we expect is never fun.


Last Updated on February 11, 2020

Every year, allergies make me miserable and inhibit my ability to enjoy life. The pollen outdoors combined with mold and pet dander indoors make my nose run, my eyes water and my sinuses swell. To reduce the physical effects of these allergy symptoms, I perform several do-it-yourself projects around my home.

1. Change the filters

Pollen aggravates my allergies even when I’m inside, so I try to keep the windows closed. Because I run the air conditioner so often in order to stay comfortable, I change the filter every month. Look for AC filters with a high Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value or MERV rating. This number indicates the efficiency of the filter to trap allergen and pollen particles that circulate in the air.

In addition to operating the air conditioners, I also run exhaust fans. In my kitchen and bathroom, they assist in keeping my home free from dangerous contaminants. I wash these fans regularly to keep them clean and help them operate efficiently.

2. Clean the house

Every allergy sufferer understands the importance of dusting the furniture, but removing dust from household surfaces isn’t enough to keep my allergies at bay. Every week, I use a damp cloth to wipe every nook and cranny of my home. The baseboards, room corners and spaces under furniture receive a thorough swipe.

No surface escapes my cleaning routine. Dust mites live in bedding so I have to wash my sheets and pillow coverings every week. I cover the mattresses and box springs with plastic covers that keep the mites out of my bed. I also vacuum cloth furniture and the curtains on a weekly basis to prevent dust from accumulating. While I clean my home, I wear a protective face mask and old clothes. I take a shower after I finish cleaning to remove any allergens from my body and keep me healthy. Though thorough, these housecleaning methods help alleviate my symptoms and let me live freely in my home.

3. Replace the carpets

Despite my efforts to keep my house clean, I notice dust and other particles floating in the air as I vacuum the carpets. I decided to eliminate these allergens and tear out the carpets. Hardwood flooring is easier to clean and allergens like dust and pet hair can’t hide on the hardwood.

If replacing the carpet isn’t an option for you, make sure you vacuum once or twice a week. If you wait until you can see the dirt, the allergens have already accumulated on your floors. Use a High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) exhaust filter attached to your vacuum to catch all the dangerous particles from your carpet.

4. Remove mold

Damp, dark surfaces are prime spots for mold growth. A complete home inspection showed me the spots in my basement, bathroom and kitchen where mold is most likely to grow. To limit mold, I replaced the wallpaper in my bathroom with tile and painted the family room and bedrooms with mold-resistant paint.

Leaks are prime spots for mold. In the kitchen and bathroom, I repair or replace leaky faucets each year keep the shower and sinks dry. I also annually inspect the roof, gutters and eaves for leaks that I repair immediately. Because a dry home prevents mold growth, I use a dehumidifier to keep the humidity level under 50 percent. When my home is dry and free from mold, I breathe better.

5. Purify the air

Despite my efforts to remove allergens by cleaning and dehumidifying my home, I also need to purify the circulating air I breathe. In each level of my home, an air purifier filters the air and traps pollen and other allergens. With a HEPA filter, the purifiers work for me in reducing my allergy symptoms.

With indoor and outdoor pollen, dust and pets, I need all the help I can get in tackling allergens. By housecleaning, changing filters, replacing carpet, removing mold and purifying the air, I make my house a healthy environment. These do-it-yourself projects ease my allergy symptoms all year and can improve the air quality in your home too.