Last Updated on January 8, 2020

As the deadline for tax returns approaches, you’re probably compiling a list of things you want to buy with your tax refund money. One of the smartest decisions you can make is to reinvest this money into your home by remodeling key areas of your home. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, kitchen and bathroom remodels have some of the biggest pay off, retaining 65-75% of the cost on a U.S. national average when you sell your home. Granite Transformations products offer an easy and quick way to give your kitchen or bathroom a beautiful new look with a selection of materials and colors you are sure to love.

As the highest-traffic area of the home, the kitchen experiences a lot of wear and tear. Granite Transformations can help you utilize your tax refund to install a granite overlay, reface cabinets and add a backsplash to update your kitchen. This season’s biggest trends for kitchen remodels include bold patterned granite countertops which provide a durable and solid surface as well as darker wood tones which add warmth to kitchen cabinets.

Next to kitchens, bathrooms are the most remodeled room in the home. At Granite Transformations, we offer a gorgeous selection of glass mosaic tiles available in a variety of colors and custom design patterns. These glass mosaic tiles are extremely versatile, as they can be used for bath and shower walls, vanity accent details, decorative walls and more. Our durable and mildew resistant granite surfaces are also ideal for vanities, shower walls and floors.

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Last Updated on January 8, 2020

Spring has officially arrived, and you know what that means—spring cleaning is here. As you get rid of the old and bring in the new, you may be considering a home remodel. You can simplify your spring cleaning routine for years to come with Granite Transformations’ gorgeous yet low maintenance products which come in a variety of styles and colors. Plus, don’t forget to take advantage of our kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, including our in-home consultation, to help design the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.


Kitchen Remodels

Our stunning, exclusive granite countertops are infused with ForeverSeal, eliminating the need to apply a granite seal every year. In fact, our granite countertops are virtually maintenance-free and can be cleaned on a day-to-day basis with soap and water or a mild, ammonia-free household cleaner. Backsplashes made with our extensive collection of mosaic tiles can also be wiped clean with soap and water.


Bathroom Remodels

If you’re looking for a beautiful update to your bathroom, we have a multifunctional line of products which look amazing and can cut down on your spring cleaning. When it comes to shower walls and vanity surfaces, combat mildew and stains with our low-maintenance and grout-free granite surface. Our cabinet refacing services offer a large selection of cabinet styles and colors to add the perfect touch to your bathroom. Plus, you won’t have to worry about steam ruining your new cabinets thanks to our moisture-resistant surfaces.


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Last Updated on January 3, 2020

According to a survey on bathroom habits conducted by MaP, the average person spends 30 minutes per day in the bathroom. However, 1 in 4 people actually spend over an hour in the bathroom. We’re sure you would prefer to spend this time in a beautiful bathroom created by Granite Transformations.

The top photo represents an outdated bathroom later remodeled by Granite Transformations’ South New Jersey location. The old-fashioned pink shower tile was adorned with Granite Transformations’ exclusive granite surface. This granite is also highly functional due to its mildew and stain resistant qualities, plus it comes with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, Granite Transformations installed a more modern pedestal sink and an acrylic tub liner over the existing surface. The entire installation process was done very quickly with minimal disruption to the homeowners.

Not only is remodeling a bathroom a great lifestyle choice, data also shows that on a U.S. national average, bathroom remodels retain approximately 70% of their value at resale.

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How many times have you looked out your kitchen or bathroom window to the concrete below and wished you had a nice patch of grass to turn into a garden? Have you cringed when going through the check-out at your local grocery store because you’ve spent a car payment on fresh produce and dreamed of how much money you could save by growing your own food? If only you had somewhere outside you could use for planting!

Don’t think that just because you don’t have a yard, you can’t have a garden. On the contrary, indoor gardening is more popular than ever. There is no time like the present to start saving some green by developing your green thumb; here are a few options to include in your very own countertop garden.

Adding some fresh herbs is the best way to spice up any dish. For many of them, all you need is some room on a windowsill and you’re in business! Keep in mind that although these herbs (for the most part) love the sun’s natural rays, they need to be protected from artificial heat, so plant them away from the stovetop or the oven. Also, they grow best when the indoor environment mimics the outdoors in terms of temperature, and you can achieve this day to night climate shift by allowing your indoor temp to drop about 10 degrees when the sun goes down. Finally, be sure to water your herb garden appropriately. Good drainage is especially essential as they like to be watered but don’t fare well sitting in a pool.

Here are a few must have herbs:

One of the most common herbs to have on hand and one of the easiest to grow indoors, parsley will not disappoint if you are willing to wait to see some results (slow to germinate seeds may take up to two weeks to poke through the soil). Once you get it growing, parsley does not require much maintenance or light.

Rosemary is a good indoor choice because it does well when left unattended: it prefers a less moist environment and, indeed, it is easy to over-water rosemary. Additionally, an upright variety (like Blue Spire or Tuscan Blue) remains more compact than some of its cousins.

If you’re looking for an oniony kick, chives are the way to go. An easy to grow little herb, chives do not require much light and grow very quickly. Chives are easiest to start when you plant a bunch of existing sprouts, complete with roots, into a small pot of soil and trim off one-third of the crowns on top to stimulate new growth.

Fruits & Vegetables
Growing your own fruits and vegetables allows you to add a burst of fresh flavor to your dishes without having to make a grocery run. A couple of good options include:

While commonly thought of as a vegetable, the juicy tomato is actually (technically) a fruit! And there’s a way to grow your own without having an elaborate set-up: plant cherry, or “window-sill,” tomatoes indoors because they do not require a wooden stake for climbing vines like other varieties of tomatoes.

Round Radishes or Baby Carrots
Either one of these smaller varieties of vegetables will grow well on your countertop. The main difference between growing vegetables and other plants inside is the use of compost with the potting soil. For more on appropriate soil, let’s look at our final consideration for our indoor garden.

Pest Control
Although the likelihood is lessened by growing indoors, you may still experience one of the un-pleasantries of an outdoor garden: pests! The good news is that there are several things you can do to minimize and even eliminate them.

Proper Soil
Even though you can likely find cheap or free soil from an outdoor garden, resist the urge to use this in planting your indoor garden. This soil is prone to both diseases and pests and you should stay away from it entirely. Instead, go with a commercial potting soil, or make your own tri-mix of soil, compost, and vermiculite (you could also use perlite or sand instead of the vermiculite, or even a mixture of all three to add to your soil/compost mix).

Proper Care
Keep up your plant’s defenses by maintaining appropriate light/temperature ratios and bathe them regularly with water. The conditions found indoors are not necessarily conducive to a healthy plant (that’s why so many office plants never make it), so make sure you monitor their condition and remedy problems as soon as you notice them.

Proper Application
If, despite your best efforts, you notice pests have moved in, move them right back out, permanently. You can use a safe insecticidal soap spray which is effective against insects on contact. Be sure to apply this spray at night/early evening to prevent it from drying and evaporating rapidly and never apply it in direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves. Finally, make sure you wash off the leaves you have sprayed prior to eating.

But now that you know the basics, you’re ready to do just that – grow your own food and eat it! So, what’s on the menu from your garden? What are some of your favorite tips and tricks to growing your own herbs, fruits and vegetables?

Mike Tuma is a store associate at a Chicago-area Home Depot. Mike also contributes to the Home Depot blog, and is interested in outdoor products ranging from chainsaws to riding lawn mowers.


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Last Updated on January 6, 2020

If you missed last week’s episode of HGTV’s Income Property, you did not see a great feature on Granite Transformations’ granite countertops. To get the scoop about installing this countertop for the popular show, we spoke to the installer, Terrell Thurston. Terrell is a dedicated member of the Granite Transformations family—he installs for the Oakville and Kitchener/Waterloo franchises in Canada and is also part owner of the Albuquerque, NM franchise.


What was the Income Property crew most impressed with in regards to the granite countertop?

Scott McGillivray, host of Income Property, was really surprised by how fast the install was completed, which was great for the crew since they are on a tight schedule. He was also surprised by how light the countertop was when he helped me carry it in to the house.

How was your experience with the show and crew members?

It was very exciting because I have watched the show before. The crew was great and very easy to get along with. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

What do you think will be the most beneficial to the property owners about the countertop?

I think the owners will love how durable the countertops are with minimal care and a lifetime warranty. The ease of maintenance is a bonus since the countertops can be cleaned with soap and water. They can also feel good about their purchase knowing that the countertop is made with recycled materials.

What kind of response have you gotten to your feature on the show?

It’s been very positive. In fact, our franchise has already gotten several inquiries as a result of the feature on the show.


If you are interested in learning more about products from Granite Transformations, schedule a free in-home consultation now!