Last Updated on February 11, 2020

With fall underway and winter on the way, it’s not too soon to start preparing your home for cold weather. The following simple, cost effective steps will help to lower your utility bills and protect the investment you’ve made in your home.

  • Tune up your heating system. Have a technician inspect your furnace to make sure it is clean, in good condition and running at the highest level of efficiency. Average Cost: $80-$100.
  • Reverse your ceiling fan. If your fan can, switch the rotation of your fan blades to clockwise. According to Energy Star this will cause an updraft and push the warm air at the top of the room down. Cost: $0 (may even save money by allowing you to turn down your thermostat.)
  • Hit the roof. Look for any signs of damage or areas of potential leaks. Have these repairs made before the cold weather hits. If your roof is flat, blow off excess leaves and pine needles. If necessary, hire a handy man to repair a few shingles or seal a few cracks. Average Cost: $95-$350.
  • Clean your gutters. Gutters that are full of debris or water can lead to damage to your roof, siding and may even cause leaks or ice dams. Average Cost: $70-$225.
  • Turf off exterior faucets. Disconnect water hoses and drain the remaining water. Undrained water in pipes will freeze, expand and burst. Cost: $0.

Taking these precautionary steps will help keep costs down and prevent damage to your home this fall and winter season. For more tips on fall and winter maintenance for your home, please visit

Last Updated on November 28, 2022

It’s time to welcome friends and family into our homes to celebrate the holidays. If you look around your kitchen and wish that you had done a remodel or upgrade sooner, it may not be too late. There may not be enough time to completely reconstruct your space, but there is still time to spruce things up and give your kitchen a whole new look with these quick kitchen makeover ideas!

Consider updating your countertops to give your Thanksgiving feast a luxurious setting. The Granite and TREND Transformations kitchen remodeling experts can transform your kitchen countertops into a magazine-worthy display. And the best part? Our countertops can be installed directly over your existing surface. That makes installation quick, easy, and relatively mess-free.

Add a mosaic tile backsplash around the edge of your counter area or showcase your sink for an added pop of color and style. Our large selection makes it easy to find just the right one, no matter how bold or neutral the color you choose.

Perhaps your cabinets need a little pick-me-up. We offer cabinet refacing services that don’t require messy demolition or a lengthy installation timeframe. Not only will you save time, but this option will also allow you to save money. So, you can splurge for a few extra sides or maybe a new set of holiday tableware with the savings!

If you spent all your creative energy designing your kitchen upgrade and now can’t decide what menu items to serve—not to worry! We can help with that, too. We have gathered a few mouthwatering side dish ideas below to inspire you.

Whether you’re planning a Thanksgiving feast for the whole family or a quiet holiday dinner spent at home, picking the perfect sides can be a challenge. Southern Living shares 90 Spectacular Thanksgiving Side Dishes to complete your Thanksgiving feast this season. From classics like sweet potato casserole to not so traditional sides like wild rice and mushrooms there is sure to be a spectacular side to add to your Thanksgiving menu.


  • Cornbread Dressing – Next to the turkey, the dressing is at the heart of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.





The team at Granite and TREND Transformations is here to help you prepare for the holidays. Choose from a wide range of easy-to-install, quick kitchen makeover ideas that will freshen up your kitchen so you can delight your guests. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or if you need a little guidance from our design team. Contact our team today and schedule your free in-home design consultation!