Last Updated on January 22, 2020

The time is almost here. The days we must entertain and impress our loved ones for Christmas, unless you plan on traveling to someone else’s house this upcoming holiday weekend. It’s never an easy task, what with making sure the food is prepared, the house is clean, the children aren’t tampering with the gifts under the tree until the morning of Christmas. This time of the year also acts as a real litmus test for you and the current completion of your home.

How do your countertops stack up? Are the linoleum finishes beginning to wear? Could new granite countertops perhaps be in the cards after the holidays? Perhaps some new mosaic shower walls to wash away the grimy tile you currently have? When people come and see what you’re packing from a domestic perspective the weakness become that much more glaring.


Last Updated on December 16, 2010

There are a lot of cabinet choices to pursue out there, but what might look best with your kitchen when it comes time to think about some home remodeling? The decision is a tough one, as you’ll be pulling dishes, glass, pots, and pans out of those cabinets for the forseeable future. A mix of sturdy construction and attractive design must be found. Here is a list of possible cabinet types that could potentially revamp your kitchen, making it the cooking and gathering space you’ve always wanted.

Glass Windowed Cabinets – These can be accomplished in two ways. You could have a clear glass door with window-like panels, requiring a small amount of additional woodwork, that can create something of a classical, farmhouse look. The other way a glass-faced cabinet might appear is with a frosted look. Added a frosted large, typically vertical rectangle shaped frosted glass pane to the front of a lighter colored cabinet or a white or black face can add a fashionably modern appearance.


Last Updated on January 21, 2020

Much of the time people look at home remodeling as if it’s all one big bag of the same thing. Remodelers know how to remodel, replace cabinets, install electrical fixtures, countertops, appliances, etc…right? Sure, anyone who says they can remodel can probably get the job done to its most limited and barely satisfactory levels, but sometimes people demand artists. People who actually pride themselves on creating home additions, and even entire homes themselves, beyond just fix it work are the people you want to seek out for your next (or first) home addition or renovation.

We recently got wind of a story about an in-wall television installation in a kitchen and liked what we heard. The person in question had a relatively old flat screen television, meaning that the back portion of the set protruded out some three inches or so. These three inches were ruled wholly unacceptable when it came to mounting it, so a solution needed to be found. Enter the intrepid contractor.

Last Updated on January 7, 2020

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or simply updating the design you currently have, here’s a  list of fun kitchen trends to look out for once the ball drops in a little more than a month!

Bright Appliances.

Colorful appliances and cooking accouterments can add an unexpected element of fun to your kitchen. They are an easy way to breathe life into an otherwise bland kitchen. Kitchenaid offers a wide array of colorful countertop appliances, including stand mixers, blenders, and toasters in a spectrum of eye-popping colors. There’s something delicious about the nostalgia these vintage-inspired items arouse.