Last Updated on January 7, 2020

A lot of people misplace, don’t understand, make assumptions about, or flat out don’t read their warranties regardless of what they’re buying. This is something that should change.

Before you buy anything of substantial cost (i.e. car, countertops, or computer), please make sure you read your warranty. Too many times do people read the headline “Limited Lifetime Guarantee” or “10 Year Warranty” and make assumptions by the headline without reading further. We have three different warranties. Which one applies depends on who’s using the product, and how long it’s been since it was installed:

Last Updated on September 9, 2009

Cabinet Refacing by Granite Transformations

The advantage of refacing your kitchen cabinets rather than simply tearing them out and rebuilding them is that more often than not, there is nothing wrong with the physical structure of the cabinets themselves; it is primarily a cosmetic renovation. By removing the door, drawers and hardware and replacing just these surface items, you can save time, inconvenience, aggravation, money, as well as wear and tear on the rest of your kitchen.


Last Updated on January 2, 2020

Granite Transformation shows dedication in delivering high quality, environmentally friendly solutions for your kitchen and bathroom. Since the green movement came upon us so quickly, many companies claim to be “green”, but consumers are sometimes unsure of what that actually means. What does green mean to us?

Here are 6 reasons why Granite Transformations is green:

1. 33 to 70 percent recycled content

Trend Glass countertops are manufactured using 33 to 70 percent recycled content, making it one of the industry leaders for its amount of recycled materials. In addition, Granite Transformations’ entire manufacturing process is designed to recycle materials whenever possible.

2. No demolition, less construction = Less waste


Last Updated on January 6, 2020

Everyone loves the look of stone countertops, especially the unique composite look of engineered granite. However, did you know how easy it is to get countertops like this in your own home?

1. Measure

After a free in-home consultation where a Granite Transformations countertop professional carefully measures your existing surfaces, we build a template to make sure we get every detail correct.


Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Upcycling is basically the transformation of waste into something of greater use and/or value. More than mere recycling, upcycling is about giving discarded objects new life, and it’s more inspiring than, say, making a hot coffee sleeve out of old newspapers. We’re big fans of upcycling; in fact, one of our affiliates recently got some press coverage for our blue Trend Mosaic tiles, some of which are made from Skyy vodka bottles. So how can we upcycle in everyday life?

1. Work for your food

Bike-powered blenders, so you can get a workout and smoothie right after!

2. Swim in a dumpster

Brooklyn upcyclers turned two old dumpsters into portable pools.