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15 Green Rebates

Last Updated on January 26, 2012


When you are looking for ways to save money for your home or business with green energy there are a number of products available that can give you rebates. Here is a list of 15 Green Energy Rebates to save you money.

1. Geothermal Heating Energy Rebates

Get an energy rebate for installing a geothermal heating system in your home or building. There are several loans and grants that will help you to pay for the installation of your own geothermal heating system. The Energy Policy Act allows for personal tax credits when you install a geothermal heat pump. For further information on Geothermal rebates, go here.

2. Solar Energy Rebates

You can lower your power bill immediately while also receiving energy rebates when you install a residential solar power system. Solar power can also increase the value of your property. With the continuously rising costs of power, installing solar power can help you maintain your energy costs. There are programs available that can help you pay for the installation of the solar power system as well leasing and maintenance programs. For more information concerning the installation of solar energy system, go here.

3. Wind Energy Rebates

More homeowners are opting for wind energy programs to help reduce their power bills. There are several rebate plans that have been developed to assist with this program. You can not only save money with wind energy, but possibly generate enough power to sell back to the power companies, creating another source of income for yourself. Many states are offering rebates between $2,000 to $10,000 to help homeowners install wind turbines in the homes. There is also a homeowners tax credit given by the federal government of up to thirty percent for installing wind turbines. For more details about installing wind turbines, go here.

4. Residential High Efficiency Heating Equipment Rebate

Install a high efficiency furnace or boiler and receive rebates for upgrading your system. High efficiency heaters allow you to maintain your hot water system while using the least energy possible. Replacing your heating unit can save you as much as thirty percent of your power bill, while also receiving rebates of up to $1,600 depending on the type of unit you install. For more details about installing residential high efficiency heating equipment, go here.

5. Energy Efficient Refrigerator Rebates

You can get a $50 rebate for replacing your old worn out refrigerator with an Energy-Star rated refrigerator. Energy-Star refrigerators can not only qualify you for a rebate, but will also save you money on your monthly power bill. Energy-Star refrigerators are designed to use less power while keeping food fresher with their newer designs and efficiency. For more details about Energy Efficient Refrigerator Rebates, go here.

6. Energy Efficient Washer/Dryer Rebates

Purchase a new energy efficient washer and dryer and you can qualify for rebates through the State Energy Efficiency Appliance Rebate Program (SEEARP). The newer appliances are made with more environmentally friendly products that save you money from use as well as easier to use. Replacing your washer and dryer with more energy efficient units can help you save money on your power bill as well as receiving a rebate from the Energy Efficient Program. You can also get money from your local recycling program for turning in your old appliances. For more information about Energy Efficient Washer/Dryer Rebates, go here.

7. Residential Insulation Energy Efficient Rebates

Re-insulating your home with more energy efficient insulation can get you a tax credit of ten percent up to $500 for making your home more energy friendly. Sealing your home with more energy efficient materials can help you to not only get rebates, but also save more money each month on your power bill. Insulating your home can also help to eliminate cold spots and keep the rooms temperature distributed more evenly. For more information about Residential Insulation Rebates, go here.

8. Residential Energy Efficient Window Rebates

Installing more energy efficient windows in your home can save you a lot of money in home heating costs as well as qualifying you for tax credits. You can receive 10 percent of the cost of your windows up to a total of $200 in tax credits. A new law signed into effect in December of 2010 allows for tax credits to those who improve their homes with the purchase of more energy efficient windows. Newer designs in window manufacturing allows for better control of your home heating and energy. For further information about Residential Energy Efficient Rebates, go here.

9. Residential Energy Efficient Door Rebates

Under a new law signed into effect in December of 2010, you can get a tax credit for installing energy efficient doors in your home. Door designs and materials have changed, allowing them to be more effective in controlling the energy in your home. By updating your exterior doors, you can get up to $500 in tax credits as well as saving money on your monthly power bill. For more information about Residential Energy Efficient Door Rebates, go here.

10. Hybrid Union Green Car Rebates

Purchase a new car through the Union Plus Auto Buying Service and you can get up to $200 in rebates. The Union Plus program is designed to encourage those who are Union members or use to be in the Union to buy more energy efficient vehicles. This also promotes the purchase of Union made products as well as helping you save money on fuel costs. Driving a union made Green Hybrid vehicle is also a great way to help the environment through reduced emissions. For more information about Hybrid Green Car Rebates, go here.

11. Alternative Fuel and Vehicle Rebate Programs

Convert your vehicle so it uses alternative fuels and you can receive 80 percent up to a total of $4,000 to help with the conversion. Changing over to an alternative fuel can help save the environment by limiting the emissions put out by older vehicles. You can also save money by using E85 fuels as well as receiving other rebates for using the alternative fuel. For more information about Alternative Fuel Rebates, go here.

12. Energy Star Lighting Rebate Programs

Get rebates for changing your light bulbs over from the standard bulbs to more energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are known to last up to ten times longer and you can get $1.50 off per compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) on qualifying bulbs. Replacing your old light bulbs with new CFL’s will also save you money on your power bill as well as reduce how often you have to replace the bulbs. DTE provides instant rebates when you purchase the fluorescent bulbs. For more information about the Energy Star Lighting Rebate Programs, go here.

13. Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Rebate Programs

Install a new energy efficient air conditioner and receive rebates. Having a new air conditioner unit installed can save you money on your power bill as well as replacing old, outdated inefficient compressors which can keep from cooling your home properly. The rebate for new energy efficient air conditioners applies only to replacing older units, not on new construction. You can get up to $100 on qualifying units as well as the money you would save on your energy bill. For more information about Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Rebate Programs, go here.

14. Caulking and Weather Stripping Rebate Programs

Get rebates for replacing the caulking or weather stripping in your home. Replacing your homes weather stripping and caulking will lower your power bills as well as allow you to receive rebates to help with the purchase and installation. You can get credit or financing to help you with replacing your homes caulking and weather stripping, as well as rebates of up to $75 for the purchase of energy saving materials. For more information about Caulking and Weather Stripping Rebate Programs, go here.

15. Energy Efficient Dishwasher Rebate Programs

Get great rebates when you install an energy efficient dishwasher. Replacing your old dishwasher with a new energy efficient unit can save you money on your power bill as well as on your water usage. New dishwashers have been designed to use less water as well as run with a lower power requirements. The energy star dishwashers are known to use up to 50 percent less energy, saving you money. For more information, go here.

Article by Simon Marshall, CEO of, a leading online resource for steel and metal buildings and metal building prices.

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