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Mosaic bathroom with storage

10 Easy Ways to Organize and Add Storage to Your Bathroom

Last Updated on January 2, 2020

Struggling to keep your bathroom clean and orderly? Do you feel like you just have too much stuff and nowhere to put it? Well, join the club! There never seems to be quite enough storage space to keep our bathroom products tucked away and organized. We’ve come up with ten clever and easy ways to organize and store what you need – while keeping it easy to grab when you need it.

1. Under the Sink

Give dead space under the sink a purpose with multi-level shelving. This is an easy way to add additional storage and helps keep what you need handy, but off the vanity.

Under the sink storage

2. Drawer Makeover

Give your drawers a makeover! Keep your makeup and accessories in small containers so you can easily find what you’re looking for. That way, there will be no more digging around your drawer or makeup bag to find your favorite lipstick or eyeliner.

Drawer organization
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3. Get it Pegged

This clever peg rail adds charm and function to a small bathroom. Towels can be hung easily to dry, while the shelf adds additional space to store lotions, soap and decorative jars.

Get it pegged
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4. Forgotten Spaces

The inside of a cabinet door is the perfect place to hang a functional rack to store things like your hairdryer, curling iron or other frequently used items for quick and easy access.

Inside door storage
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5. Crate Creativity

Hanging inexpensive crates on a wall lends interest to your bathroom while adding fun and function. It’s an inexpensive, easy way to get the storage you need without busting your budget.

Crate shelves
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6. Expect the Unexpected

You wouldn’t expect a desk and hutch to show up in a bathroom, but this clever use of both is an unexpected way make great use of the shelving, countertop and drawer space. Plus, it’s bound to spark conversation from unsuspecting guests!

Hutch in bathroom
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7. Bowl Bins

Make these little pockets of storage by cutting wooden bowls in half and mounting them on a piece of wood. This hack is an easy, unique and inexpensive way to keep small items at your fingertips.

Bowl bins for organization
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8. Cubby Corner

Cubbies aren’t just for school anymore. This fashionable cubby cabinet has plenty of space to hold large towels, body care and other bathroom essentials.

Cubby corner
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9. What’s Old is New Again

Repurposing the unexpected is a fun way to get creative while also being resourceful. With a coat of stain, this wine crate was transformed into a vintage-style accessory and is the perfect size for storing bath towels.

Wooden crate
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10. Above the Toilet

Skip hanging the picture and opt for an over the toilet cabinet or shelving unit. It’s an easy way to increase your storage while adding depth and richness to an unassuming area.

Over the toilet
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