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Activate Your Warranty

All Granite and TREND Transformations high-performance etherium® By E-Stone countertop surfaces are manufactured to strict quality standards and designed to provide total satisfaction, year-after-year. Our Lifetime Limited Warranty ensures that you are protected should your surface ever fail to live up to its promise.

Please ensure you activate your Lifetime Limited Warranty or Commercial Warranty within 3 months from the installation date. Failure to do so will make any claim null and void.

To register and activate your warranty, fill out the form on this page. You will then receive a Warranty Activation Confirmation via email. Please save this email for your records.

Please note: This Warranty is for Granite and TREND Transformations etherium® By E-Stone engineered stone countertop and backsplash surfaces only. Your warranty is only valid when you can provide your warranty activation confirmation along with proof of final payment for your installation.

Please click here to download the Residential Warranty.

Please click here to download the Commercial Warranty.

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