Kitchen Remodel: The Cabinet Refacing Alternative

More homeowners are considering refacing their kitchen cabinetry, rather than replacing cabinetry during their kitchen remodel. If you like your kitchen layout, there is no reason to change it by ripping out the existing cabinetry that might still be in good condition. However, we do understand that a primary reason homeowners consider remodeling is a desire for a new look.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel and new cabinetry is part of the plan, you might want to consider the cabinet refacing alternative before you pull the trigger. It’s important to know exactly what cabinet refacing is. You should also know how cabinet refacing can save you time and money on your kitchen remodel.


Cabinet Refacing by Granite Transformations NJ


Let me tell you what you need to know about the cabinet refacing process.

First, you should know what it means to reface your kitchen cabinetry. Most homes that were built in the 1970′s and earlier will likely have cabinets made from solid wood. Wood cabinets are very sturdy, durable and high in quality. If your existing layout is something you like, there is no reason to get rid of those wood cabinets. Instead, you can install new cabinet doors if you prefer a new look. Cabinet refacing will also include new drawer pulls, drawers, hardware and hinges. You can even add on to your existing cabinetry if you wish to add something like a new cabinet or wine rack.

How can cabinet refacing save you time and money on your remodel? Well, replacing your cabinetry means demolition. This process could take a few days to complete, and it will create a sizable mess in your home, while adding waste headed to local landfills. You’ll have to order a dumpster for the waste, which means getting a permit too. Then there is ordering the cabinetry, which could take weeks if not months to get in. Now you can see the amount of time involved with replacing cabinetry.


New cabinet doors by Granite Transformations


Let’s quick talk about the cost. Well for starters, you’ll have to order the new cabinetry. There is that dumpster and permits. If you’re replacing cabinetry, you might want to upgrade plumbing and electric in the kitchen while you’re at it. That means dealing with several contractors. The average mid-level kitchen remodel is about $25,000. That’s a rather large investment.

The goal here isn’t to scare you away from remodeling your kitchen, but to inform you of the cabinet refacing alternative which will not only save you time and money, but it will add convenience too. Refacing your cabinetry will provide you with that new look, and it can be done in as little as one day with Granite Transformations. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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