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Light Grey Concrete Countertops in Farmington Hills

light grey concrete countertops

Light Grey Countertops

Concrete countertops are the latest craze in kitchen design—and for good reason. They’re beautiful, durable, and timeless. Additionally, they’re an easy product for homeowners to get their hands on for a DIY project. What Pinterest won’t tell you, however, is that real concrete countertops can come with some challenges. They’re virtually impossible to repair, heavy, and porous—meaning they’re hard to clean and a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly sealed.

At Granite Transformations, we offer a concrete countertop alternative that gives homeowners the look and feel of concrete without all the drawbacks of the real material.

Light Grey Concrete Countertops (Without the Drawbacks)

By installing these light grey concrete countertops with Granite Transformations, this homeowner will get to enjoy the look of concrete with all the benefits of etherium® by E-stone!

etherium® by E-stone countertops are made to look like rare, high-end slabs, yet are made of quartz and 78% post-consumer recycled glass. Not only does this make them eco-friendly, but they’re also incredibly durable and non-porous. The concrete countertop color used in this Farmington Hills home is called “Portland White.” This is one of our most recent new products and is very popular with our customers. It is lighter in color, and because our product is nonporous and stain-resistant, there is no worry of staining the countertop

Concrete Countertop Overlay

In addition to being easily maintained, these light grey concrete countertops are also easy to install! Our product is an overlay of an existing countertop. Therefore, there was no messy teardown and we were able to complete the installation within one day. Our customer was very happy with the quick turnaround and the final result.

Call Granite Transformations for Light Grey Concrete Countertops

Love the idea of installing countertops that give you the look of concrete along with the benefits of being nonporous, environmentally-friendly, and ultra-durable? Call Granite Transformations to schedule your free consultation today!

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