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Product Overview

The ultimate expression of nature, art, and the human mind.

Transcendence is a deeply rooted human impulse; a desire to leave an impression, to infuse a hallmark, even after we’ve disappeared. Impressions which last, transcend time, transcend spaces. At TREND, we discovered a whole new door to a vast range of collections that imprint our kitchen and bathroom remodeling products with everything our imagination can create.

The Trascenda™ collection combines both beauty and strength in perfect harmony to create a practical, beautiful living space. The Trascenda collection consists of dazzling whites and silver tones to offset the bold contrast of darker cabinets. The bright, vibrant palette of the Trascenda collection adds an exciting liveliness to any bath or kitchen, creating open, inviting spaces for you and your guests.

  • Quality

    Our Trascenda collection is made with sleek, durable polymers. Our bathroom and kitchen remodeling products create the perfect surfaces by combining both form and fashion.

  • Style

    Our Trascenda collection of kitchen and bathroom remodeling products comes in a selection of beautiful colors that are perfect for residential or commercial renovations.

  • Design

    Scratch-resistant and nonporous, our Trascenda collection is designed to be very low-maintenance, yet it adds a fresh look to any commercial or residential space.


  • The Trascenda collection is not porous like a natural stone or a concrete slab, and will discourage the promotion of bacteria or mold with its easy-to-clean surfaces.
  • Our kitchen and bathroom surfaces are infused with ForeverSeal® so it’s stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant.
  • The Trascenda collection is maintenance-free: no polishing, sealing or reconditioning is required for Trascenda countertops and surfaces.

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