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Product Overview

Granite Transformations' Granite Countertops are one of our most popular items. Composed of quality granite, they are sealed with our uniquely designed ForeverSeal®, a polymer resin that ensures our countertops are nonporous, stain and scratch-resistant and, unlike other granite surfaces, will never require sealing. Plus, they can be installed over your existing countertops in as little as one day, without the mess of a demolition.

  • Quality

    Superior engineering combined with the highest quality granite in the world, make our granite surfaces among the most popular in the industry.

  • Style

    Flecking, color variations, swirls — it’s what gives each of our granite slabs their own unique look and style, making it perfect for your bathroom, kitchen or commercial space.

  • Design

    Granite surfaces can be used in any room in the house, including your kitchen, bathroom or even around your living room fireplace.


ASTM Test Test Description Trend Stone Mid-range Ordinary Granite
ASTMC 373-88 (94) Water Absorption Less than 0.2% Greater than 0.39%
ASTMC 484-86 (93) Thermal Shock Resistance No evidence of any failure or damage No evidence of any failure or damage
ASTMC 256-93a Pendulum Impact Resistance (J/M) is 7.4 + 0.5 (J/M) is 6.3 + 0.7
ASTMC 648-84 (94) Breaking Strength M.O.R 49.4 + 2.5 Mpa* M.O.R 34.3 + 2.5 Mpa*
ASTMC 790M-93 Flexural Strength Mpa 28.1* Mpa 15.3*
ASTMC 1028-96 Friction Coefficient Dry test 0.91Wet test 0.63 A coefficient of friction greater than 0.5 is generally recognized as providing nonhazardous walkway
ASTMC 1712-89 Sulphide Staining No evidence of any staining or discoloration No evidence of any staining or discoloration
ASTMC 696-1 Linear Thermal Expansion No unusual behavior observed in expansion or contraction No unusual behavior observed in expansion or contraction
ASTMC 1243-93 Resistance to Deep Abrasive Wear 102.7 + 9.2 136.5 + 7.7
DIN 51961-63 Resistance to Cigarette Embers All stains disappeared Yellow stained halo remained

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