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Granite Countertops with Trend Stone

Granite Countertops

Get the beautiful look of Granite – only better. Trend Stone uses the latest technologies to combine with a selection of the world's finest natural stone, granite and quartz to produce a brilliantly engineered surface. Trend Stone is flexible, resistant to wear and chemical agents, light weight, non- absorbent and frost resistant. It’s heat, stain, and scratch resistant too, making it the perfect surface for kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, shower walls, tub surrounds floors and fireplaces.
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Recycled Glass Countertops-Eco-Friendly Construction

Recycled Glass Countertops

Get the remarkable fusion of transparent tempered glass, post consumer recycled glass and semi-precious man-made stone fragments all in one surface. Our designers and engineers meticulously select both the size and transparency of glass, as well as the translucency of the semi-precious man-made stone fragments to provide our gorgeous Trend Glass line with its characteristically vivid colors and depth.
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Quartz Countertops by Granite Transformations

Quartz Countertops

Get the luxurious, rich look of quartz surfaces in your home. They are non-porous, extremely stain resistant and durable. All of our surfaces are infused with ForeverSeal® technology so no resealing or maintenance is required.
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Mosaic Tiles accent your home with a high fashion, luxurious look

Mosaic Tiles

Get the beautiful look of traditional Italian glass mosaic. Contemporary and durable, Trend Mosaics are transparent glass mosaic tiles veined with enamels, Aventurina stone or semi-transparent colored glass.The surprising iridescent effect accents your home with a high fashion, luxurious look.
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Cabinet Refacing gives your kitchen or bath a new look in days

Cabinet Refacing

A full scale kitchen remodeling, where cabinets are removed and new cabinets installed, can take weeks or months to complete. Compare that with kitchen cabinet refacing, which often takes just a few days. When compared with cabinet replacement, cabinet refacing offers a low cost alternative for bringing a new look to your kitchen.
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Acrylic Bath Surfaces: Tub Liners & Showers complete a Bathroom Transformation

Acrylic Bath Surfaces

Experience our Bath Transformations remodeling, completed in as little as one day with acrylic tub liners and shower walls.
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Radon Safe
Our Products are tested Radon Safe! Sign up for a FREE in-home consultation and get radon safe countertops today with Granite Transformations! Read our radon test results here.