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Why Summer is the Best Time for a Kitchen Remodel

Last Updated on June 4, 2019

There’s a good chance a kitchen remodel is not on your list of things to do this summer – but maybe it should be. Warmer and longer days means more time to spend outdoors with your family, thus freeing up your typically busy kitchen. Think it’s too early in the year to start thinking about it?  You’ll be happy you did when your kitchen is ready for the holiday season, which is just a few short months from now.

Here are some top reasons why summer is the best time for a kitchen remodel:

  • Lighter schedule – Summertime is a fun time of year when your lifestyle is a bit more relaxed and less scheduled. With the kids out of school, you’re not bound to homework and after-school activities, making mealtimes more casual and less structured.
  • Contractors’ schedules are more open – Fall tends to be the busiest time of year for contractors since homeowners want their kitchens holiday-ready. You can beat the rush by scheduling a kitchen remodel now. Additionally, supplies, appliances and fixtures may be easier to come by during the summer months when compared to the fall and winter seasons.
  • Weather – Since a kitchen remodel can leave your kitchen out of commission for a while, outdoor grilling is a great way to cook for your family, allowing you to enjoy the warm weather. Plus, it’s fun way to dine al fresco and incorporate family time.

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  • Natural lighting – Did you know showroom and indoor lighting can be deceiving when choosing cabinet and countertop colors? Choosing your materials in natural light is the best indicator of how your selections will look in your home and can eliminate any surprises once installation has begun. Are you ready to see for yourself? Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with Granite and Trend Transformations and see how beautiful your kitchen remodel can be.
  •  Healthier time of year – Dust and odors come with the territory during a kitchen remodel. Summer weather allows homeowners to open windows and doors to allow for much needed ventilation. Poor indoor air quality is kept at bay, particularly when compared to fall and winter remodels which can trap cold air and moisture in your home.
  • Longer days – More daylight during the summer months means more daylight hours for workers to complete the remodel faster.
  • Less stress – Summer is a carefree time of year in comparison to the fall months, which are packed with a string of holidays. Aside from Independence Day, a kitchen remodel in the summer may reduce your stress levels and limit the intrusions on your busy schedule so your home will be ready for holiday fun and entertaining.

Getting the job done quickly and easily with Granite and Trend Transformations

Have we sparked your interest to start a kitchen remodel this summer? Just wait until you hear how quick the process can be. In just four easy steps, your can have a beautifully remodeled kitchen with little to no demolition, less mess and no stress. Sound too good to be true? Schedule your free in-home design consultation to see for yourself.









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