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Trend Glass Countertops

Services Spotlight: Trend Glass

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

With a name like Granite Transformations, it may be easy to overlook the other options and services we provide.

Some people may actually think of granite as an outdated look, while others view it as upscale/welcoming/kitchen-y. We have solutions for modernists and traditionalists alike, if granite now falls under the traditionalist aesthetic in your view.

Our Trend Glass products can give your kitchen a cleaner, lighter, more modern look especially paired with stainless steel appliances. Manufactured with up to 72% post consumer recycled materials, Trend Glass is not only a modern aesthetic but is also a modern, conscientious choice.

Speaking from a design perspective, the lighter glass countertops featured above go beautifully with darker wooden cabinets and kitchen floors. If you like less contrast, an ultra clean white color on cabinets [perhaps with a sheen] would up the mod factor exponentially. And it’s safe for your kitchen to wear our whites after Labor Day or not since the surfaces are sealed so effectively as to prevent staining… unlike cotton.

So knock that french press full of coffee over. (I hope you didn’t just brew it!) Careful for your floors as they may not be as stain resistant. And know that your wonderful penne a la vodka is no longer a spotting-threat to your kitchen. Again though, watch out for the floors.

It’s an easy cost-effective way to update your home’s look and improve upon its value, which in this market is something to consider seriously, to put it mildly.

And to be totally trite but to the point, it’s the best way for your kitchen and/or bathroom to be both pretty and smart.

Also, while home-owners have primarily been the targeted audience, landlords should seriously consider this. Update your properties without massive demolition and the costs that lie therein, and renter’s will definitely notice.

They are probably even willing to pay up to $100 more a month for finished, professional looking countertops in kitchens in bathrooms. As a bonus, tenants can’t do as much damage to these recycled, durable materials making turn-overs much quicker than they might otherwise be.

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