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Tremendous 2015 Bathroom Design Trends

Last Updated on May 12, 2015

Spring is officially in full swing, and that yearly ritual known as “Spring Cleaning” is being practiced far and wide. This is the time of year for change; for getting rid of the old and making way for the new.

This desire for change takes home improvement projects into account as well. For this week, the professionals here at Granite Transformations will offer several topics that we’ve collected on bathroom upgrades. So, the question for this week’s blog is: “Bathroom makeover, anyone?”

Since late last year, there has been speculation as to what the most popular bathroom design trends of today would be, and we have weighed in on this topic as well. The variety of different looks and styles is impressive, both in creativity and functionality. Those of you who are considering this major upgrade have so many bathroom design ideas to choose from, you may find making a final decision on what style to go with as the hardest part of the project! For this blog, we are focusing on a few of the basics…

Unique Floor Tiles

Let us begin with tiles. Tiles are the predominant surface of most bathrooms. So, working from the ground up, let’s look at flooring options. Feature floor tiles are attractive, practical and economical. In smaller bathrooms a feature floor tile can add style and elegance without overwhelming the space. Moving on to the walls (as well as staying with floors), another bathroom design trend that is getting attention from homeowners is their choice of geometric tiles, which add depth and visual interest to an otherwise neutral space. While you are in “tile mode,” check out our selection of mosaic tiles for inspiration.

Feature mosaic tile floors
This is custom glass tile used in a private Miami Beach home.


Sustainable Design

We now cover a particular style of bathroom; one that is straightforward, sane and sensible; in a word – sustainable. This bathroom design idea that is a win-win for all is in fact known as the “sustainable style.” The “sustainable” bathroom is constructed from recycled, reclaimed and upcycled materials – a method that Granite Transformations firmly believes in and is proud to practice. The glass countertops that we have installed on many bathroom vanities are made from 72% post-consumer glass products. In the increasingly eco-friendly world we live in, it is only natural that this particular style is becoming popular. Here’s to hoping that “sustainable” is here to stay.

Recycled Glass Vanity
This is a recycled glass bathroom vanity by Granite Transformations.


Floating Vanities

The last bathroom remodel concept we present here provides an interesting futuristic look. If you want to really alter the look and feel of your bathroom, consider installing a “floating bathroom vanity.” Instead of being anchored to the floor of the bathroom, floating vanities are attached to the wall and give the impression that they are “floating” above the floor, leaving a clearance of between eight and twelve inches. The bonuses of having a floating vanity is that it will give a fresh, spa-like feel to your bathroom, and also make a small bathroom seem larger. Amazing, isn’t it? A relatively small switch – changing a vanity’s placement from the floor to a wall – can make a big difference in the look and feel to a bathroom.

Floating vanity with glass mosaic tile wall
Glass mosaic tile bathroom wall in Brillante 216 1×1 by Granite Transformations with floating vanity, descending from the ceiling.
















What are some other trends in the bathroom space? Larger master bathrooms that open up into the bedroom, fixtures that control water flow from multiple sources, freestanding tubs, custom vanities, gray tones and smart lighting with sensors, that light up your vanity when you’re getting ready to shave or put make up on.

As you can see, bathroom design ideas cover a lot of territory – and each idea has its own subset of ideas. Needless to say, the choice of what style to go with can be a difficult one. If you want to learn more about the products and services that Granite Transformations can offer for your bathroom remodel, contact us for a free in-home consultation. Your walls, floors and vanity may become one among many unique and eye-catching bathroom design trends.



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