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Useful DIY Tools

Top 5 Most Useful DIY Tools

Last Updated on November 20, 2011

When about to embark on projects around the house, you need to ensure you have your DIY tools in order and ready to go, but which are the tools that need to be on hand for each and every job you want to complete? Many tasks will have tools that are specifically suited for the task, but your grandfather will tell you of the time back in the day where his DIY tool kit comprised of less than 10 tools. While this may be an over the top exaggeration, as many of those types of stories are, but there is a lot that can be done with the basics and its important when putting together your DIY tool kit to know where to start. With this handy guide of our top 5 useful DIY tools, you’ll be tackling most tasks with relative ease.

1)    Multitool – This DIY tool is kind of a cheater to make it on the list as it fulfils a lot of requirements around the house. Leatherman is a popular brand and Victorinox also have a dozen variants to screw and cut its way through a multitude of tasks. Rather go for all the solid features without going overboard and make sure it is a solid build for durability.

2)    Portable Work Light – When you’re attempting to fix certain issues under the stairs on up in the ceiling, you are going to be able to need to see what you’re doing. This DIY tool can come in many forms from the torch through to a headlamp, which is the preferred option to enable free hands. Good quality LED bulbs will provide excellent lighting without too much glare.

3)    Hammer – Self explanatory, but you aren’t going to be knocking home or removing nails with a multitool. Make sure it is a solid and versatile size and constructed for most jobs around the home. The temptation for the sledgehammer may grab you in the store, but grab the common DIY tool size to ensure you hang pictures and not knock down a wall.

4)    Jig Saw – For all your cutting needs, the Jigsaw has the versatility of being able to cut a variety of angles, materials and shapes quickly and efficiently. This DIY tool is a must for anyone wanting to do a little more than change a plug around the house and definitely comes in handy when building just about anything.

5)    Electric Drill – Also a versatile tool as many now have the function of being used as an electric screwdriver as well.  You could go for the multi electric tool with various attachments but a solid drill will give you both wood and masonry options for those around the house jobs.

With a simple kit of these 5 basics, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the jobs around the house. Also remember that when attempting these tasks to be wearing some safe and durable overalls, such as Scruffs Workwear, and to ensure you have safety items such as goggles, gloves and ear plugs when attempting more in depth tasks. So now it’s time to get your DIY tools out and tackle that home improvement list with confidence!

Dave Tucker is a freelance writer with a keen interest in Home Improvement and construction. He hopes that through his shared knowledge people will attempt more projects on their own, rather than relying on professionals.

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