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The Ballad of the Ruined Tub Liner

Last Updated on January 21, 2020

We’ve all moved into new homes and apartments expecting, at the very least, a dollop of work to be done here or there. Whether it be some slight repairs or a full remodel, the inclination to better a new home certainly exists in many of us. Though, as some of you know all too well, often times we move in expecting whatever ills the new home may hold to have been eradicated prior to the move in date, only to find that nothing has been done. Blasphemy! It’s an undesirable, yet sometimes ultimately helpless situation. If only acrylic bath resurfacing had factored into the equation before the move-in date, then maybe you wouldn’t be in such a pickle as to what to do or how to attack this problem. Whether it’s in the shower or bathtub, acrylic resurfacing won’t lead to these horrific, move-in-day urban legends.  Allow me to weave you a tale on the subject.

A friend of mine had just moved to New York City, raring to see the sites and soak up the sounds of the Big Apple. First, however, he wanted to take a shower in his new apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn  – a wonderful area. As he stepped into the powder blue colored tub, he realized that he was standing on top of mold, water damage, cracks in the lining, and just general problems that no man or woman should have to deal with in their shower or tub – a place of cleanliness and rejuvenation.

gross tub
Not the type of tub you want in your home.

Instinctively, he made a hurried – and worried – call to the building superintendent, who informed him that they would be sending someone up to take care of the problem. Now, he wasn’t sure what exactly the superintendent had in mind; perhaps some caulk to fix the cracks, chemicals and cleaners to kill the mold, or an entirely new tub (in a perfect world, of course). Unfortunately, what he received was a two day disruption in his shower schedule.

He doesn't care how long this is going to take.
He doesn’t care how long this is going to take.

The superintendent and his team arrived toting disinfectants and a blue glaze to seal and resurface the tub. Problem was, this procedure required my friend to practically evacuate his home for the next two days as the glazing process, combined with the noxious fumes it was emitting, transformed his house into a near-unlivable space. Compounding the inconvenience was the fact that each corner of the bathroom required protective tape, because without it the glaze would permanently stain, and thus ruin, anything it touched outside the tub – rendering this bathroom fix-up counterproductive. There simply had to be a better way, my friend thought.

Clean looking, easy to install acrylic bath surfaces are the answer.
Clean looking, easy to install acrylic bath surfaces are the answer.

Luckily for him, and millions like him, there is another way! Acrylic bathtub and shower resurfacing is the easy, convenient, quick, and attractive answer. Here at Granite Transformations we cringe when we hear stories of work crews turning seemingly minor bathroom revisions into full-scale war-zones;  forcing the family in question to shower elsewhere or go shower-less for days. With acrylic tub and shower resurfacing from Granite Transformations you can have your tub re-lined and ready to go in under a day. And don’t worry, there are absolutely no harmful or unpleasant fumes involved and we won’t interfere with the rest of the bathroom, so you won’t go a day without getting clean in the comfort of your own home.

That's more like it!
That’s more like it!

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