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Recipe of the Month | Easter Cake

With spring upon us and the Easter Bunny right on our tails, the time has come for coloring eggs, digging out the Easter baskets and planning our holiday menus. Granite Transformations® offers a fun dessert idea to share with you that is sure to bring smiles to your table.

Easter Lamb Cake Recipe from Granite Transformations

Check out this fun Easter dessert recipe that your kids will love!

The easiest way to make this adorable lamb cake is to bake it in a two-piece aluminum mold and use your favorite pound cake recipe or one right out of the box!

This cute Easter Lamb Cake recipe is a fun dessert to prepare for the coming Easter Holiday—feel free to share this recipe with your friends!

Prep Time:30 minutes
Cook time:45 minutes
Yield: 1 cake

Easter Lamb Cake Recipe Ingredients:
- 2-piece aluminum lamb mold
- Your favorite pound cake recipe or one box of white or yellow flavored cake mix (follow directions on box)
- Your favorite buttercream frosting recipe or one can of your favorite white frosting
- 1 12oz bag of sweetened flaked coconut
- 1 bag of jelly beans
- 1 bag of colored Easter eggs
- Non-stick cooking spray
- Toothpick

Cooking and Prepration Directions:

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
2. Separate the two-piece lamb mold and generously spray the inside of both pieces with non-stick baking spray. *Note: There will be a vent hole in one side of the lamb mold, be sure to fill the opposite side with batter.
3. Pour batter into one side of the lamb mold that does have the vent hole.
4. Place the opposite side of the mold on top of the batter, make sure it is secure.
5. Carefully place the lamb mold in preheated oven with vent hole facing up.
6. Bake for 45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into vent hole comes out clean.
7. Let the cake cool in the pan at least 15 minutes before removing the top. It is best to wait until the cake is completely cooled before carefully removing from the pan— take extra care with the head and ears.
8. Transfer cooled lamb cake to a platter and carefully frost your cake, taking extra care around the head and ears. Cover entire cake with flaked coconut and use jelly beans to make two eyes, a nose and mouth.
9. Surround your lamb with colored Easter grass and decorate with colored Easter eggs, jelly beans or any fun colored candy.

Enjoy! Happy Easter from Granite Transformations!

Keep Warm This Winter with These Gorgeous Fireplaces

Nothing announces the holiday season like a roaring fireplace. Whether or not there’s snow outside, warming up with a fire and a cup of hot chocolate makes a perfect evening. Check out the list below for some of our own dream fireplaces, and imagine cozying up with friends and family in front of your favorite design.

The Elegant Quartz Fireplace

For sleek design and sheer beauty, nothing beats quartz. More durable than granite, quartz also requires no polishing or reconditioning, making clean up a breeze. This beautiful white quartz fireplace offsets the wood overlay and black flooring for a stylish, modern look.     



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Get to Know the Granite Transformations iGranite App for iPad

Use Granite Transformations’ iPad app, iGranite, to bring the remodel of your dreams to life.


At Granite Transformations, we constantly strive to make the remodeling process as simple and convenient as possible. This is why we introduced our highly acclaimed iPad app, iGranite. In fact, the iGranite app, available for free at Apple’s App Store, has been named one of the 30 Top Design Apps for 2013 by Interiors and Sources Magazine. With this app, you are able to visualize the end result of your remodel with a few easy steps.

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Celebrity Style Kitchens from Granite Transformations

With Granite Transformations (photo A), you can get the look of a celebrity kitchen (photo B) without moving to a new home.


At Granite Transformations, we are proud of how our products have the power to completely transform your kitchen, bathroom or other area into a luxurious new space worthy of a multi-million dollar home. With our extensive line of quality granite countertops, recycled glass surfaces, mosaic tile and cabinet services, we can help you complete your dream remodel inspired by a celebrity home. more »

Give the Gift of Granite Transformations This Father’s Day

Surprise dad with the gift of a lifetime this Father’s Day with a kitchen remodel completed in as little as a day from Granite Transformations.


As Father’s Day approaches, you may be struggling with what to get dad for this special occasion. Whether he is a master chef or budding cook, Granite Transformations offers the unique and unforgettable gift option of a stunning kitchen remodel for dads who enjoy spending time in the kitchen. With our extensive line of products, we can help you give dad a new kitchen your whole family can enjoy for years to come.

Granite Transformations’ selection of high quality granite and recycled glass surfaces, mosaic tile and cabinet refacing services are able to accommodate every kitchen remodeling project conceivable.  These products are able to completely transform your kitchen into a brand new space in any design you prefer. more »

Summer Remodeling with Granite Transformations

Mosaic tile from Granite Transformations is the ideal product for outdoor remodeling projects such as decorative wall murals.


Summer means it is time to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family! It also means it is time to spruce up outdoor areas of your home. Granite Transformations can help you remodel outdoor areas such as patio bar areas, pools, exposed walls and more to obtain a stunning new space with our extensive selection of mosaic tile.


Granite Transformations mosaic tiles are offered in over a dozen styles in numerous colors and combinations, offering you the opportunity to create nearly any conceivable design. The compilation of mosaic tiles includes a selection of classic styles with our Traditional Mosaic and Subway collections, as well as more modern styles with the Liberty and Metropolis collections.

 With these tiles, you can create wall murals depicting landscapes, animals, symbols and other designs. These tiles are extremely weather-resistant and require little upkeep, making them especially suitable for outdoor design projects. Plus, our unique installation process allows projects to be completed in a short period of time.

Learn more about Granite Transformations’ impressive product line for your next remodeling project; schedule an in-home consultation now.

Remodeling with Granite Transformations’ Mosaic Tile

Granite Transformations’ mosaic tile is a versatile product suitable for residential and commercial remodeling projects.


When it comes to remodeling projects, it is often difficult to think of design ideas of how to create a unique space. Granite Transformations often solves this challenge by adding our popular mosaic tile in innovative ways to transform a kitchen, bathroom or commercial remodel into an area with a distinctive personality. Mosaic tile is an elegant and smart product to incorporate because of its ability to adapt to nearly any space of your home or business, adding color, depth and character.


Kitchen Backsplash

Using our mosaic tile for a kitchen backsplash is the most popular use of this stunning product. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, our tile can fit in seamlessly with any style of kitchen. You can choose a colorful tile to add personality to your kitchen, or choose more of a muted color to add texture. Plus, what makes our product unique is that it arrives to your home or commercial space pre-grouted. This means that the installation is easier, cleaner and faster.


Bath Tub Decoration

Our mosaic tile adds dimension to a typically uninspiring portion of the bathroom: the bathtub. As you can see by the image below, adding our mosaic tile brings attention to the bathtub, while transforming the area to create a spa-like atmosphere.


Mosaic Mural

Due to the variety of colors of our mosaic tile, we can help you create a stunning mural which will stop people in their tracks. Plus, the tiles are also weather-resistant and require little upkeep, making them especially suitable for outdoor design projects



To find out if Granite Transformations’ mosaic tile and other products are right for your remodeling project, schedule an in-home consultation now.

DIY Don’ts: The Cons of Doing Home Improvement Projects Yourself

Granite Transformations is the best alternative to DIY

Hiring professionals for major renovations is the smart decision in order to avoid expensive mishaps.


When it comes to DIY home improvement projects involving your kitchen or bathroom, cutting corners by doing projects yourself may come back to haunt you with even bigger costs. Improvement projects in these areas of the home are tricky and require highly skilled professionals to execute properly. At Granite Transformations, we provide you with an expertly completed install with beautiful products at a guaranteed estimate.

A popular reason why homeowners try to attempt home improvement projects themselves is because they believe this lowers the cost of the job. This is not always the case due to unforeseen costs involving the renting or purchasing of the expensive, specialized equipment you need to complete these installations. Additionally, you should consider how much your time is worth since these projects take a lot of time to research and execute for non-professionals. Plus, in the event that a project goes awry, you may end up paying more than you would have in the first place.

Granite Transformations is the perfect alternative to do-it-yourself projects. During your in-home consultation, we provide you with design advice as you choose your desired products and colors to meet your remodeling needs.  We can accommodate all your remodeling needs with our large selection of gorgeous granite countertops, recycled glass surfaces, mosaic tile and cabinet refacing.  At the end of the in-home consultation, we give you an honest, all inclusive estimate which encompasses the cost of materials and installation. After the materials have been made to fit your needs, a team of our expertly trained installers will install the products in as little as one day!

This means that you get the expertise of a professional designer, contractor, installer and more, all for one cost. Plus, because our estimate is guaranteed, there will be no added or surprise costs like with other remodeling services. You also get the added benefit of a lifetime warranty with Granite Transformations products.

To learn more about how Granite Transformations can accommodate your home remodeling needs, schedule an in-home consultation with your nearby location now.



Before and After: Featured Kitchen Remodel

Granite Transformations Kitchen Remodel - After

This kitchen is transformed to a gorgeous, modern space with this unbelievable Granite Transformations makeover.


Can you believe this is the same kitchen? With new countertops, mosaic tile backsplash and refaced cabinets, this is a prime example of the incredible transformative powers of Granite Transformations’ kitchen remodeling services.

One of the most important things in your kitchen is your countertop. With our granite surface, you get a material that is incredibly beautiful yet functional.  The benefits of this surface is due to its ForeverSeal finish, which makes this low maintenance, nonporous surface more heat, stain and scratch resistant than others while never needing to be sealed again.

Perhaps the most dramatic change to the kitchen is the cabinets. Most would see these outdated cabinets and immediately think they need to be torn out and replaced. However, what you may not realize is that the better and more cost effective option is to reface the cabinets. We love the clean, classic finish of these white cabinets to go along with the countertops. Finally, the gorgeous and earth-toned mosaic tile backsplash adds the perfect finishing touch to add dimension to this kitchen remodel.

A remodeling project like this one would take weeks, possibly months, to complete with other remodeling companies. With Granite Transformations, this remodel was installed within one week due to our unique installation process which minimizes the disruption to your home and life. Plus, our products are backed by a lifetime warranty, giving you an unparalleled value for your home remodel.

To learn how Granite Transformations is a great choice for your kitchen remodel, schedule a free in-home consultation now.

How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Bathroom Space

granite transformations bathroom inspiration

 Photo: Granite Transformations

Designing for small spaces can be difficult, and nowhere is it as difficult as the bathroom. With a small bedroom or living room space, you can at least choose furniture and create a layout that maximizes the interior space – but that’s not the case when you have a small bathroom.

No matter what, you’re still going to need a sink, toilet, storage space, and a shower at minimum. And unless you’re looking to put some serious dollars into the pocket of your local plumber, the interior plumbing of your home dictates that you’re stuck with the existing layout as well.

Although getting the most out of a small bathroom space can be difficult, you can create the illusion of a roomy space by applying basic principles of interior design and adding a touch of your own creativity. The key is to examine each and every element of your bathroom with an eye towards elimination and integration. Does the item take up more space than necessary? Could its functionality be integrated with another item? Could it be tucked away somewhere else?

You’ll also want to ensure that you eliminate any features that jut out into your already small space – this makes it feel more cluttered and cramped. Combine this with the right color combinations and lighting to create the illusion of a spacious retreat.

Whether you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, or just add some finishing touches, here are some additional DIY ideas that you can implement to get the most of your small bathroom space.


 1. Use Narrow Wall Shelves


While your first instinct may be to tuck your storage space into the vanity or in a medicine cabinet and eliminate shelves altogether, narrow wall shelves let you maximize interior space while still looking stylish. They’re also extremely easy to install.

A secondary benefit is that you’ll have your key toiletries easily accessible, without needing a large counter space. Use narrow wall shelves to store your soaps, shampoos, cotton balls, towels, and lotion, while leaving your more private toiletries for the vanity.


narrow shelves for small bathroom inspiration

Photo Source

2. Switch To A Pedestal Sink


There’s certainly a trade off here – on the one hand, a vanity offers hidden storage space and more counter surface. On the other hand, it takes up unnecessary space and makes the bathroom feel smaller. While a pedestal sink may not always be the best choice for your overall design scheme, it’s certainly something to consider.


Pedestal Sink granite transformations bathroom inspiration

Photo: Granite Transformations

3. Switch To A Floating vanity


If a pedestal sink isn’t the right look for you, consider switching to a small floating vanity. This will give your bathroom a more modern and spacious feel, while also giving you some easily accessible storage space under the vanity – a place to tuck your trash can for example.


Floating vanity sink granite transformations bathroom inspirationPhoto: Granite Transformations


4. Use A Clear Shower Curtain/Door


You can’t magically expand your bathroom space – or can you? If you have an opaque shower curtain or shower door, you’re just closing off your existing bathroom space. If you want your cozy little bathroom space to feel a little bigger, just add a clear shower curtain/shower door. Your bathroom will instantly feel a whole lot bigger.


Clear Shower Door granite transformations bathroom inspirationPhoto: Granite Transformations


5. Choose soft, pale color schemes


Choosing softer, pale color schemes will help give your bathroom the illusion of space. This certainly doesn’t mean your bathroom has to be painted a flowery pink or all white, but it does mean you’ll want to avoid using bold, strong colors. For background surfaces like the floor and walls, choose from a palette of white, neutral colors, and pastels. Add some brightly colored accessories and towels for accents in order to add some “pop”.


soft pale bathroom color schemes granite transformations inspiration

 Photo: Granite Transformations

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