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How to Throw an Awesome Stranger Things Premiere Party

Last Updated on October 3, 2017

Excited for the Season 2 premiere of Netflix’s original series Stranger Things? For all of us here at Granite Transformations, October 27th can’t get here fast enough. And, while we’re primarily in the business of sprucing up your home, right now we’re taking a step back and turning things…a little ‘upside down,’ if you will, with some ideas for how to make your home a little…stranger.

An epic Stranger Things premiere party must be equipped with a stellar thematic menu. From appetizers to desserts – here are some inspiring food ideas that are sure to become fan favorites:

Christmas Light Cupcakes

Christmas Light Cupcakes: Baked deliciousness – straight from the upside down.

Image courtesy of

Waffle-Inspired Cocktails

Thirsty? Try out waffle-inspired cocktails oozing with maple syrup dripping into delicious bourbon – a proper homage to our favorite numbered friend.

Image courtesy of

Waffle Bar

Wouldn’t you rather eat your waffles than just have them as a drink garnish? Of course. We don’t blame you. For your Stranger Things  premiere party, set up a waffle bar for make-your-own dishes that everyone can enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Forman

Get crafty in the kitchen

For those of you up for a little bit more of a challenge, here are some amazingly creative concoctions right from Netflix’s own kitchen:

French Onion Barb: A horrifyingly delicious spin on a classic crowd pleaser

Photo courtesy of Netflix Kitchen

Demogorgon Pie: A haunting mixture of pumpkin, blueberry, and cherry pie – with ‘almost slices’ to help create a monstrous look for this deadly sweet treat.

Photo courtesy of Netflix Kitchen

Décor and gore

There are a lot of options for how to decorate your home to scream Stranger Things. You could go so far as to turn your living room into a recreation of the Upside Down, or you could simply put an alphabet on the wall to communicate with Will Byers. It’s up to you how far you take it – but here are some cool decoration ideas for how to create a creepy viewing room:

Light it up

Throw some Christmas lights up on your wall, along with the alphabet. Try an easy DIY mural – or – a quick Etsy purchase. If you’re busy in the kitchen with your French Onion Barb, you may want to go the easy route here.

Image courtesy of MaterialGods @ Etsy

Fort Will

Forget the couch. View the premiere from the comfort of your own hideout tent, just like poor little Will Byers:

Photo courtesy of

Go all out

Ever thought your living room could use a huge, disgusting portal into another dimension? It’s certainly no easy feat – but it’s certainly a way to step up your Stranger Things premiere party to the next level:

Photo Credit: Alexandra Klimavich

No matter your taste or creativity, any Stranger Things premiere party is bound to be a hit, and these ideas hopefully gave you some inspiration for how to turn your home upside down. And when you’re ready to go back to a more traditional look, we can help get things right side up at

Enjoy the show…

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