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Granite Transformations' Carrara quartz from the Classic Marble Collection

Hot Home Décor Trends for Summer 2016

Last Updated on January 7, 2020

“Out with the old and in with – what’s hot!” This is the latest trend this season, as spring cleaning has taken on a whole new attitude. Cleaning out your closets is so last year. Today, homeowners are focusing on their home décor, pitching out what they once loved and replacing it with the hottest decorating fashions that are trending today. Here are some home décor trends that experts say will be huge this summer:

  • Black and White – Less is more this season, as homeowners are embracing the minimalist approach and replacing blasts of color from past seasons with muted color palettes. (As proof of this, on Pinterest alone, black and white décor increased 40 percent since last year.) Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or bath, or refreshing your paint colors or furniture – black and white is taking over as the new “classic” in revealing a clean and chic look that is perfect for any kitchen or bath. Granite Transformations offers a wide selection of cabinetry and an exclusive line of glass mosaics, quartz and granite countertops that can be combined to create a stunning transformation.

Black and white kitchen

  • Marble Accents – This year’s NY NOW tradeshow revealed how marble is back and hotter than ever. Designers are testing the waters by using marble in small doses, since its hefty price tag can leave homeowners with a shaky wallet. Experts say this trend is more about using small touches of this luxury stone around the house with items like marble coasters, planters, candleholders and clocks. On a larger scale, savvy homeowners have embraced marble for its elegance and durability by using it as an accent countertop in their kitchens or work islands and even on vanity tops in their bathrooms. Check out the new Trascenda™ Collection from Granite Transformations that features gorgeous marble-inspired quartz and recycled glass countertops.

Marble accents

  • Gray Hardwood Floors – Gray continues to top the color charts as the new neutral in home décor, so it’s no surprise that this unexpected floor color is making homeowners take a second look. Gray hardwood floors can visually expand a smaller space and add elegance and sophistication to any room in your home. (And, once again, Pinterest reports that pins about “gray hardwood flooring” increased over 20 percent since 2015.)

Gray hardwood floors

  • Indoor Water Features – Fountains, ponds and waterfalls are making their way into the homes of sophisticated homeowners. Adding water features to foyers and hallways is a great way to create a soothing atmosphere in the home. Experts say the sound and visual effects of water can greatly improve one’s well-being and bring them a sense peace and tranquility.

indoor water feature

Be sure to check back on our blog for all of the latest home décor design trends, news and tips. Schedule your free in-home design consultation with Granite Transformations today.

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