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Home Spa Bathroom

Creating the Home Spa Experience

Last Updated on October 3, 2011

The bathroom does more than serve its purpose as the household washroom; it provides us with a quiet place to relax and contemplate days ahead and passed. Much like our kitchens, bathrooms are effective at showcasing our sense of style and individuality through colours, accessories and fixtures.


There are some fantastic new designs that are quickly becoming popular that show just how varied and spectacular your bathroom can be, whether you’re looking for a vintage, rustic look or a dazzling modern theme, you truly have more variety to choose from than ever before. Whatever the style, the bathroom should be a place to relax and unwind, and with some thoughtful suggestions, you can transform your bathroom into a true spa experience.

Know Your Style

Ideally, you should plan far ahead, get an idea of how you would like your new bathroom to feel, if you’re going to be basking in its ambience then it stands to reason that you should set the mood for yourself whilst designing. For example, those looking to capture the feeling of an ancient bathhouse may be willing to sacrifice practicality for style. Features such as a vintage vessel sink may provide the exact style you’re looking for.

Shower Power

Glass shower enclosures look fantastic; with larger enclosures becoming more attainable (in terms of both practicality and price) we can have the luxurious showers that once would have been a custom installation for those with money to burn. Steam showers are becoming hugely popular, helping to relieve tension and cleanse the skin; these showers should be at the top of your Christmas list if you are looking to create the ultimate home spa experience. Be sure to choose an enclosure with clean, clear glass, ensuring it won’t interfere with your contrast of colours.

Little things make all the difference

Nothing ruins a relaxing shower more than getting out to a freezing cold floor and a damp towel. Consider investing in a heated towel rail, wrapping yourself in a soft, warm towel could be the icing on the cake in your new home spa. Why not make those first steps out of the shower warm ones? With under tile heating systems you can enjoy something as simple as walking into your bathroom. The heating mats are installed underneath your chosen flooring, so no need to worry about compromising your chosen flooring.

Accent and Accessorise

Once you have your colour scheme settled you will want to match it as closely as possible with your bathroom accessories, bathroom vanity is practical as well as being a fantastic way to break up the wall and contribute to the colour coordination. Choosing the perfect tiles for your bathroom is one of the most important decisions you will have to make during your remodel. Large format tiles are trending, and if you choose the right colour and texture these could prove to be the perfect way to bind your new bathroom together.

Deciding on the colour and style of your luxury bathroom in advance gives you time to explore the possibilities and fantastic features available to you.

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