Pantone Colors of 2016

Pantone Colors of 2016: Bringing Peace and Serenity to Your Home

The Pantone Color Institute has named Rose Quartz and Serenity as their two colors of the year for 2016, making this the first time the industry experts have given two colors the top spot. Pantone spans the world to discover how color influences various aspects of our lives – from home décor and fashion to sports and entertainment. This year, their choices reflect how Rose Quartz and Serenity express every consumer’s quest for mindfulness and a reflection of our culture’s increasing acceptance of gender equality.

Incorporating the two pastels into your home décor will depend on your individual style. Experts agree that whether you go all out or use just a splash of color throughout your home, the result will have a beautiful and calming effect on you and those you bring into your home. The experts also agree that although the two colors are beautiful when paired together, they can stand alone quite beautifully. Although each makes a perfect choice for a bedroom, both colors can lend a peaceful, serene, and comforting quality, just like a summer sunset.

Rose Quartz and Serenity occur together  naturally

Industry experts have weighed in on how these two pretty pastels can be incorporated into any home. Rose Quartz can be beautifully paired with colors such as khaki, navy, chocolate, moss, lime and gray. West Hollywood interior designer, Natasha Baradaran, believes that pink is becoming the new neutral when it is paired with other colors since it doesn’t fight the combination and allows for color and warmth to take over. Annie Sloan, paint and color expert, says she would pair Rose Quartz and Serenity with a strong color (like a bright orange) to create a 1960’s modern-retro look. For a traditional home, interior designer Kirill Istomin suggests that Serenity would work best with a palette of ivory, pale gray and coral. Contrary to past opinion, these two pastel beauties work for both a masculine and feminine décor. With a few design tweaks, it’s easy to find a balance using these colors and still enjoy the calming effects they bring.

Here are a few suggestions for how to use Rose Quartz and Serenity in different rooms in your home:

Kitchen: Experts say these pastels will work beautifully in a white or gray kitchen. Whether you chose to paint an accent wall or use rose-colored accessories on your countertops, Rose Quartz and Serenity will add a sense of warmth to your bustling kitchen.

Bathroom or Powder Room: Rose Quartz is the perfect choice to use on powder room walls or anywhere women apply their makeup because the color is flattering to skin tones and offers a luminous glow to your skin. If you’re not ready to paint the entire room, try a mosaic tile accent wall around your mirror, as shown in the picture below which has a Serenity colored base with a light sheen of Rose Quartz visible from certain angles. You can also start by accessorizing with luxurious soft pink towels and beautiful rose-colored accessories which create a soft, soothing feeling, well-suited for a bathroom.

Blue Trend Mosaic Includes Hues of Serenity and Rose Quartz

Bedrooms: Both Rose Quartz and Serenity make the perfect choice for bedroom colors, whether used together or separately. They offer a sense of tranquility and serenity which is the ultimate goal when enjoying time in your bedroom. One of the easiest ways to test the colors in your bedroom is to accessorize with a duvet cover or accent pillows. This will allow you to live with the colors first – without spending time and money on a more permanent change (like painting walls). Our Trend standard mosaic mix collections are made of gorgeous recycled glass – Happyness, Sweet and Celestial are examples pictured below which are perfect bedroom options.

Trend Mosaic Celestial

Trend Mosaic Celestial

Trend Mosaic Sweet

Trend Mosaic Sweet

Trend Mosaic Happyness

Trend Mosaic Happyness








Dining Room: Upholstering dining room chairs is a chic way of adding a splash of color to your dining area. Don’t be afraid of using patterns like paisley or plaid to incorporate the colors. Creating a mosaic tile accent wall in a deeper shade of Rose Quartz or Serenity can add depth to the room while bringing a sense of warmth and glamour to the area. Trend Group’s mosaic wallpaper collections, Ethnic B and Murano 4, are perfect examples of how you can use patterns of deeper and lighter shades of blue and pink to create a soothing, natural, warm feel for your dining room space.

Wallpapers that incorporate hues of Serenity and Rose Quartz










Living Room/Family Room: Accessorizing is the easiest way to add a splash of color to your living room or family room areas. By swapping out items like lamps and rugs, you can instantly transform the room and add another level of sophistication without breaking your budget. And, don’t forget the pillows. Pillows are a fun and easy way to liven up a room and can be swapped out to maintain your seasonal décor.

Granite Transformations is a leading home remodeling company in North America, with the goal of providing you, the consumer, with the most up-to-date design and home renovation industry news, information and trends. Keep our blog in your “favorites” so you can check back for new posts!


Gray Kitchen Cabinets

2016 Kitchen Design Trends

It’s no surprise that kitchens remain “the heart of the home” and are the main focus for homeowners when it comes to remodeling. Whether they are considering a major renovation or a few trendy tweaks, homeowners are embracing the hottest new kitchen design trends forecasted for 2016 to keep their kitchens looking their best.

Gray is the New White in Kitchen Cabinetry: As white cabinets continue to top the color charts as a go-to favorite, experts say that gray is the shade to watch for bumping white out of the top spot. Another up-and-coming trend you’ll see is the combining of cabinet colors (like pairing soft gray cabinets with richly stained wood).

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Granite Transformations Kitchen: Countertop: Portland White; Backsplash: 270H; Cabinet: Chocolate Pear

High Tech Cabinetry: Pulls and knobs may be the standard in cabinet hardware, but today’s homeowners have exciting new options when it comes to how their cabinets function. For kitchens with limited space, homeowners can choose a new generation of cabinets – literally at their fingertips. With a touch of a button, cabinets with hydraulic, easy-to-close doors fold up and move out of the way to allow for easy access. Now there’s no possible way to slam the cabinets.

High Tech Cabinetry With Hydraulics and Easy Close Doors

Colorful Sinks: Just as kitchen cabinet color is changing, so is the ho-hum standard of white or stainless steel sinks. Installing a colorful sink in your kitchen is an easy way to add a pop of color. You can also create a new focal point by using the same shade in your backsplash, or as an accent color somewhere else in the room to tie it together.

Colored Sinks Add A Pop Of Color

Photo courtesy of Pinterest (

Oversized Light Fixtures: Experts agree to not shy away from using large or oversized light fixtures, especially over a kitchen island. Not only do they add a sense of depth perception, but they create a great sense of drama (especially in kitchens with low ceilings).

Oversized or Large Kitchen Lighting Creates DramaCreating Drama with Mosaics: Some homeowners believe dark finish cabinets in a small area make the room look smaller. Experts are debunking that belief by pairing light and colorful mosaic backsplashes with equally light colored countertops. It’s a great way to create drama and add another level of sophistication to your home.

Creating Drama with Mosaics

Kitchen design and products by Granite Transformations

Inventive Storage Solutions: Storage seems to be an ongoing issue for those living in apartments or in homes where the kitchen is short on space. For those considering a kitchen renovation, experts suggest investing in multi-tiered drawers. This is a smart and inventive way to double your storage space in one place.

Multi Tiered Drawers

We hope these exciting new kitchen trends for 2016 have inspired you to take a closer look at how you can make your own kitchen even better. Schedule a free in-home consultation with Granite Transformations today!

she shed cover

Women Create Their Own Space and Find Serenity in She Sheds

Today’s woman doesn’t have to look any further than her own backyard to discover the perfect space to escape from her day-to-day chaos and indulge in a haven all her own. Most women would agree that they are overscheduled and are in desperate need of some “me” time. She sheds have become the latest trend in transforming a backyard storage shed into a secluded retreat. Just as men have their man caves and kids have their playrooms, now is the time for women to claim their space and indulge in the private time they deserve.

Country Chic She Shed

(Photo courtesy of Hometalk and Country Living)

Getting Started

  • Choose a Purpose – Whether you want a place to escape to enjoy your favorite hobby (like yoga, dancing, meditation, crafting, sewing or gardening) or simply to relax, the possibilities are endless when you discover how you want to use your personalized space. Granite Transformations has the perfect products to transform your space into the room of your dreams. Whether you’re using the room for exercise, sewing, writing, or simply relaxing, GT countertops are the ideal choice. And for the dancer or yoga enthusiast, GT has flooring that will have you tapping your toes and stretching to the stars.
  • Choose a Design Theme – Make it all about you! Here’s your chance to have a room all your own, with the colors, patterns and fabrics you’ve always dreamed of. Plush seating, beautiful drapery and even crystal chandeliers can transform a once dingy shed into a majestic sanctuary for your own relaxation and enjoyment.

Make it Your Own

  • Paint – A fresh coat of paint revives any space and brings a sense of new life to the room. Experts agree to use light shades on the walls and floors.
  • Bring Nature Inside – Blend the beauty of the outdoors with your inside space by adding a feminine floral print to your décor to create an airy feel. Experts suggest adding live plants to your space to create a sense of warmth and nature.
  • Comfy Cozy – Here’s your chance to have it all. Pamper yourself with overstuffed cozy furniture and fluffy pillows, surrounded by the beauty of your favorite artwork or whatever brings you peace and joy. Making it your own and finding your serenity is the beauty of the she shed.
  • Make it Welcoming on the Outside – Hanging window boxes with pretty flowers adds the perfect welcoming touch to your she shed. Window shutters are also a great way to add a touch of charm to your haven.
She Shed With Lots of Windows

(Photo courtesy of Janis Nicolay and Country Living)

Granite Transformations can help make your she shed a place that reflects your true self with the perfect combination of granite or quartz surfaces, glass mosaic tile and cabinetry. Find a Granite Transformations location near you today and work with one of our design experts to make your dream she shed a reality.

Fall Wreath

Welcome Fall into Your Home with These Easy DIY Décor Ideas

Pumpkins, crisp leaves and a nip in the air can only mean one thing – fall is near and it’s time to add a touch of autumn to your home’s décor. Simple hints throughout the home can welcome a new season and bring a renewed sense of well-being.

Here are some fun and easy DIY fall decorating ideas that are sure to beckon family and friends and make your home feel cozy and welcoming.

Fall Under Glass

Fall decor: Fall themed bell jar display.

Create this cheerful fall terrarium by using a shallow terracotta bowl dish lined with moss and covered with a bell jar or glass cake cover. Fill with your favorite fall foliage or create a scene all your own. Pictured here are mini pumpkins and a sprig of oak leaves. This can be used as the centerpiece of your indoor or outdoor table, on a mantel, or on a side table in your living room.

Veggie Vases

Gourds and squash make for great flower vases during the fall season.

Show off the colors of fall in an unlikely vase. These unique bud vases can be made from gourds or squash by simply cutting a hole that’s big enough to hold a couple of floral tubes. (Just be sure the bottoms are flat enough so they can stand without tipping over.) Insert your favorite fall flowers and watch them become a conversation piece.

Wheelbarrow of Plenty

Fall Decor: Wheelbarrow filled with mums, pansies and other seasonal flowers.

Be the talk of your neighborhood with this creative outdoor fall display. Fill a sturdy wheelbarrow with soil and then loosely insert plants to create a beautiful fall arrangement. Or, leave plants in their containers and tuck them in the wheelbarrow, filling gaps with more plants. Mums, pansies and Russian sage are flowers that are sure to bloom during the fall season. This is a fun and easy way to welcome fall and guests to your home or for sprucing up your backyard for the season.

A Burst of Fall

Fall wreath made of Indian corn.

Create this stunning fall wreath in no time and welcome your guests to a sunburst of fall at your door. Simply unfold husks on the ears of Indian corn and arrange them so that they point straight out from the tops. Then, hot-glue the ears to a straw wreath and pull the husks in a way that resembles a sunburst.

Blooming Banisters

Tie bunches of wheat and lavender around your banisters for an easy fall harvest look.

Step up your game by decorating your stairway with fragrant bunches of grasses, wheat, lavender, eucalyptus or any combination of your favorites. Simply tie bunches with rubber bands and attach them to alternating banisters with raffia.

Now that fall is quickly rolling in and the kids are back in school, are you ready for your next home improvement project? Does a new bathroom or kitchen sound appealing – with fast, hassle-free installation and maintenance-free surfaces that are guaranteed for lifetime use? Contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation and see the difference that Granite Transformations can make.

Photos Courtesy of: Midwest Living

2015 Granite Transformations Convention Keynote Speaker Vern Yip

Highlights from Vern Yip’s Presentation at the 2015 Granite Transformations Convention

Granite Transformations holds an annual franchise convention that is used as a platform for the franchise network to discuss new ideas and trends in the home remodeling industry, share strategies, network and celebrate success. At every convention, there is typically a keynote speaker, and at this year’s convention, it was celebrity designer Vern Yip. So, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the key design trends that he predicts for the very near future.

Vern Yip was the star of TLC’s Trading Spaces, NBC’s Home Intervention, and more recently, he starred in his own HGTV show  called Deserving Design with Vern Yip.  He was also host and judge on HGTV: Design Star. In addition to this already impressive resume, Vern has his own line of home décor products, is an ambassador for UNICEF, and is a contributing writer to HGTV magazine.

Vern focused his presentation on the primary design trends he sees for the future, which we will summarize here. He stressed that the home is the physical manifestation of the people who live there. It’s the biggest investment that most people will make in their lifetime, and it is where most important events in life take place. With that in mind, we’ll talk about design trends.


Colors used in interior design are moving toward saturated, rich and deep palettes of deep gold, warm orange, and soft blue (with a pairing of navy blue and deep orange as a rising color combination).

saturated, deep color palettes


There will be an increased popularity in the layering and mixing of patterns, which will be featured through the use of stripes, geometrics, abstract florals, and ethnic prints. An example of this might be the use of three different sized tiles in the same room that are pulled together by the thread of color.

Bathroom layering patterns

Style 1: Urban Warmth

Eclectic style will be mixed with warm materials like exotic woods to visually and physically texturize the space. The concept is about infusing warmer, softer materials into urban environments – harder lines juxtaposed with softer lines.

Urban Warmth

Style 2: Eclectic Transitional

Clean, classic lines are being mixed with global influences (such as accent pieces from Asia or Africa), which create a melding of the east and west. This style is presented in a modern way through curated, thoughtful style and graphic colors.

Eclectic Transitional Style

Style 3: Modern White

White will continue to remain popular (especially in kitchens), but will be contrasted with one or two key accent colors. We will continue to see white cabinets taking center stage; however, white will begin to move into the countertops and backsplashes more often, and even move into other areas of the home, balanced by warmer elements.

Modern White

If you are renovating your kitchen, Vern says the one thing you should not skimp on is the countertop. They get the most wear out of any other surface in the kitchen. Patterns can be layered through the backsplash, countertop, and floor and provide an element of continuity that tie them together (like color).

In North America, cabinets tend to be the neutral foundation of the kitchen, with color being used on the walls or in the backsplash. In Europe, colored cabinets are seen much more frequently. By 2017, Vern predicts that North America will catch up with Europe and start exploring more colored cabinets.

Vern also talked about the importance of meeting both functional and aesthetic needs when designing a space. You must think about how you will actually use the space, which will in turn dictate the type of materials that are best to use. And aesthetically, it’s often beneficial to look through a magazine, and pull images of things that appeal to you or make you happy. These could be anything from a favorite food, part of the world, person or even clothing. Any of these can be used as the basis of inspiration when designing a space in your home.

Don’t forget to sign up for a free in-home consultation with one of Granite Transformations’ design consultants – they can help make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality!

Ourdoor living area

Backyard Design Trends that Bring Beauty, Comfort and Functionality to Your Outdoor Living Space

With summer in full swing and daylight lasting into the night, our backyards are the new hot spot for entertaining and family fun. Homeowners are embracing the hottest trends in eco-landscaping and backyard design by creating outdoor spaces with all the luxuries and amenities of indoors.

Here are some of the top trends in backyard design to make your outdoor space your favorite summer sanctuary:

  • Sustainable Plants – Today’s homeowners are rethinking their gardens by choosing plants that are tolerant to both hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. It’s a sound choice, both economically and environmentally. For example, Prairie blue-eyed grass, Arctic poppy, and lily-of-the-valley are perennials that can grow in cold and hot climates.

  • Keep Edibles Front and Center – Blending a garden with edibles and ornamentals allows homeowners to eliminate turf grass and keep their harvest of fruits, vegetables and herbs easily accessible. For urban areas, edible gardens are a great way to create community by sharing the bounty with neighbors.

Edible plants

  • Keep Your Cool – We may be enjoying the warmth of summer, but even the best of us need some shade. Enjoy your patio or deck even more by using retractable awnings, umbrellas or even planting mature trees around your outdoor space. For a more classic look, pergolas and arbors adorned with vines are a cozy and great way to escape the heat and still enjoy the beauty of your backyard.

Shaded patio

  • Cooking Al Fresco – Dining in our backyards is a welcome summer event, but all the trips back and forth from the kitchen to the patio can make us build up even more of an appetite. Today’s homeowners are adding outdoor kitchens to enjoy the experience even more. The best part is that you don’t have to build anything large-scale that might break your budget. If you have a grill with a side burner, then you’re already on your way. Consider adding a countertop for prepping food and closed storage to create a convenient cooking area. Adding a small refrigerator and a sink for easier prep and clean-up will round out your outdoor kitchen and allow you to extend your al fresco dining experience throughout the seasons.

Outdoor kitchen

  • Outdoor Living Rooms Created for Comfort, Style and Durability – Just take one trip to your local outdoor furniture retailer and you’ll be amazed at the choices of patio furniture, fabrics and accessories for outdoor living. Classic materials like wrought iron, cast iron and wrought or cast aluminum are still available, but new synthetic, weather-proof patio furniture and fabrics are taking center stage, as they offer homeowners the same comfort and style of their indoor living rooms.

Ourdoor living area

Granite Transformations provides quartz, glass and granite countertops kitchens, bathrooms and virtually anywhere in your home that features a countertop. Check out each of our kitchen remodeling services and schedule your free in-home consultation today.

2015 Pantone Color Styles Feature

How to Bring Pantone’s Spring 2015 Color Report into Your Home

Pantone's Spring 2015 Color Report

Pantone’s “Fashion Color Report: Spring 2015” is finally here – and this year, it is leaning toward a cooler, softer side of the color spectrum, with pale pastels and nature-like neutrals. We have picked a few of our favorite colors, and demonstrated how you can seamlessly integrate them in your home décor. All of the mosaic tile designs and countertops are available through Granite Transformations and/or Trend.

Classic Blue (Pantone 19-4052)

Classic Blue is a strong, thoughtful color that contrasts nicely with yellows, golds and oranges. Below the Classic Blue tone is shown as the background on this unique mosaic tile wallpaper featuring an innovative bird design. This works well as a statement wall in a room with a simple layout and relatively quiet, one-toned furniture and accent pieces that pick up the blue, white or darker tones of the mosaic.

Pantone Classic BlueBird Mosaic Tile Wallpaper







Toasted Almond (Pantone 14-1213)

Toasted Almond is a versatile nude color that could be used anywhere in your home – from something as large as your walls to something as small as a table cloth, centerpiece or bed spread. The kitchen shown below features a Granite Transformations mosaic tile feature wall with hints of Toasted Almond tones which contrasts with the deep gray counters. Warm, natural tones blend beautifully with Toasted Almond – such as golds, tans, beiges and sands.

Pantone Toasted Almond Kitchen with Toasted Almond accents









Glacier Gray (Pantone 14-4102)

Glacier Gray is soothing, soft, and inviting, and is perfect as the focal color of your bathroom, office or kitchen. The image below features a white and gray mosaic tile wall which brings together the white top cabinets and countertop, and makes the brown cabinets pop.

Pantone Glacier GrayGlacier Gray Kitchen Backsplash











Marsala (Pantone 18-1438)

Marsala is a warm, rich, muted red color that’s perfect for an accent wall, rug, curtains, chair or pillow set in your living or bedroom. The image below features gorgeous custom mosaic tile wallpaper reminiscent of wrapped vines in a silky Marsala on a white tile background, giving it flare and pop.

Pantone MarsalaMosaic Tile Accent Wall with Marsala vine design











Pantone Custard (13-0720)

Custard may not seem like your style, but if you integrate it into your furniture (either as the upholstery color or on the accent pillows) it can really liven up your space. Shown here is the custard color used in a mosaic tile accent wall in an eclectic kitchen – you can see that the color blends well with the lighter wood-toned counters and cabinets.

Pantone Custard YellowKitchen with mosaic tile accent wall featuring Custard Yellow









Like what you see? Contact Granite Transformations today to set up a FREE In-Home Consultation and discover a whole new side to your style! Also, check out our broad selection of mosaic tile colors and styles.


Outdoor Privacy Solutions for the Homeowner

Privacy Solutions for Outdoor Spaces

Creating a Private Retreat When Your Neighbors are Too Close

Spending time in your backyard is one of the perks of enjoying the warmer weather. Relaxing on a hammock, reading a book, or spending time with family and friends are great ways to enjoy your outside space in the privacy of your own home – except when that privacy is invaded by peeping neighbors or open spaces. Today, larger homes are being built on smaller lots, leaving homeowners feeling as if they are living in a fishbowl. Homeowners searching for backyard solitude have discovered some unique privacy solutions (as well as some old standbys) to create a peaceful and private retreat.

Backyard privacy solution

Here are some ideas to beautify your backyard while keeping your space under wraps:
Privacy Planting – Property-line planting is a beautiful way to create a natural year-round fence or screening around your side yard or where space is at a premium. Privet hedges and fast-growing columnar evergreens like Italian cypress and arborvitae are perfect solutions for separating adjoining yards. For larger yards, mixing and staggering deciduous or evergreen trees, shrubs and perennials is a creative way to conceal a neighbor’s view from a second-story or terrace.

Container Gardens – These are perfect for creating a natural screen around a raised deck seating area. Pots should be lightweight or raised on casters so they can be easily moved for parties or deck repairs. Mixing colors, textures and foliage types is a fun way to add flair and character to your seating area.

Fences – The quick fix when you need privacy in a hurry (like after installing a new pool, patio or playground), but this may require pulling a permit. Fences (such as the common 6-foot wooden board fence) may be the best solution in a side yard or where space is tight, since they require less space to install than planting trees or shrubs. Although board fences may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, they are available in different styles and can be stained to match or complement the color of your house. Planting flowering shrubs in front of the fence or adding an open lattice top can distract from the solid appearance of the fence and add more character to your outdoor space.

Stone Wall Topped with Fencing – This is a perfect combination of masonry and charm. A 2-3 foot stone wall is a great way to distract from sight lines, while the mounting of a shorter 3-4 lattice or picket fence on top adds extra privacy with a lighter feel.

Masonry Walls with Ornamental Ironwork – The placing of 5-6 foot masonry walls of stone or stucco can feel less oppressive by the inclusion of cutouts decorated with ornamental ironwork.

Panels and Pergolas – Small defined areas like patios, outdoor kitchens and decks are typically easier to screen than an entire yard. Enclosing them can recreate an intimate feeling of dining or entertaining indoors while still enjoying your outdoor space.

Lattice Wood Panels – Cozy corners can be transformed into a secluded haven by installing lattice screens or sections of ornamental iron.

Using Fountains to Buffer Noise – Even if you’re not in earshot of your neighbors, you may still be close enough to hear intrusive noises that range from traffic to loud AC compressors. Adding a fountain can mask unpleasant sounds with the soothing sounds of trickling water.

A view before the nine columns are placed.

Heinz Mack’s ‘The Sky Over Nine Columns’

The waters off the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, Italy will be enchantingly illuminated beginning June 3 through November 23, 2014, as the installation of Heinz Mack’s ‘The Sky Over Nine Columns’ is unveiled to the public at the Church of San Giorgio. The structural ensemble consists of nine symmetrical columns, each standing 24.5 feet tall and covered with a golden mosaic of 800,000 tesserae bearing the sky. The tesserae, or small pieces of 24k gold-leaf Trend mosaic tiles, are used as instruments to reflect the light of the sun and moon onto the water. German artist Heinz Mack designed the golden mosaic as a tribute to the city of Venice, exemplifying the long tradition of local craftsmanship and early cultural relations between Orient and Occident. It is estimated over 15 million visitors will experience this amazing installation in Venice over the next five months.

The Sky Over Nine Columns’ made with Trend Mosaics

24k Gold Leaf Trend Mosaic Tiles

The Sky Over Nine Columns’

Trend Group, the parent company of Granite Transformations, is proud to be an integral part of this monumental artistic installation. For homeowners who are thinking about a kitchen or bath renovation ¬– you too, can have a piece of history in your own homes. Granite Transformations uses the same exclusive product in their backsplashes (although the golden tesserae were especially designed for this project). Let our team of experienced design specialists help you design the perfect kitchen or bathroom for your home. Contact Granite Transformations today for a free in-home design consultation.

For more information on ‘The Sky Over Nine Columns,’ please visit:

Todd Michael, mosaic designer & artist.

Todd Michael Creates Modern-Day Mosaic Designs Using Old World Artistry

Blending the artistry of an ancient world with a modern twist has defined mosaic artist Todd Michael as one of the most sought after mosaic designers in South Florida. As a self-trained ‘mosaicist’ (a designer of mosaics), Todd has been transforming spaces into permanent works of art with mastery and beauty for the past 15 years.

“The process begins with my imagination as it comes to life after studying the space,” Todd explained. “It has to be a perfect fit, since mosaic installations become absolute and permanent.”

His latest work of art, ‘The View from Delilah,’ began in January when he was commissioned to design a space in the grand foyer of one of South Florida’s magnificent homes on the Intracoastal Waterway in Ft. Lauderdale. Todd first began translating his idea into an artistic composite, which was drawn to scale and then transferred and used as a full-size template. He then hand-placed 82,000 hand-cut pieces of Trend Mosaic Tile onto a flexible piece of mesh, ensuring that all of the glass tiles were in place, secured and ready for transport to the location. “The installation phase is just as important as the design phase,” Todd said. “This is where the craftsmanship comes into play.” Todd explains how precision, placement and the use of quality materials will ensure a flawless installation and guarantee a lifetime of beauty set in glass. “There are no shortcuts in mosaic,” Todd said.
Trend Mosaic Tile work done by mosaicist Todd Michael Trend Mosaic Tile Design

Mosaic Tiles from Trend Group for Todd Michael  Hand Cut Trend Mosaic Tiles

This large-scale project took two months to complete, with over 200 hours dedicated to the meticulous preparation and execution of the design. The end result is a magnificent 10′ x 15′ mountainous backdrop of a Mediterranean scene with a spacious terrace surrounded by native fauna. “I especially enjoyed creating ‘The View from Delilah,’” Todd explained. “I tapped several artistic factors to design the perfect balance of textures, color and flow.”

The View from Delilah by Todd Michael using Trend Mosaic Tiles

Todd says the use of Trend Mosaic Tiles in his designs is the cornerstone of his creations. “Trend mosaics offer me an artist’s palette of beautifully cut tiles in a variety of colors and textures that capture the beauty of gemstones.” In a time where being ‘green and clean’ is at the forefront of an environmentally-friendly world, Todd is proud to tell his customers that Trend Mosaics are made from up to 80% recycled materials. “I’m an artist who paints in glass,” Todd explained. “It’s a great feeling to know I’m creating timeless art with the best products on the market today.”
For more information on Todd Michael and his work, please visit You can also find exciting updates and posts on his Facebook page at