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5 Essential Additions to Perfect Your Man Cave

Last Updated on December 5, 2011

Man Caves. They’re becoming more and more prevalent in society, and with good reason. After all, who doesn’t need his very own private place for watching football games, drinking beer (Brandy, if you’re a classy chap), or simply sleeping?

No matter how you slice it the fact still remains: The only people who don’t like Man Caves are people who don’t have Man Caves. Whichever side of the camp you’re on, I’ve got 5 additions that will turn your Man Caveinto a perfected fortress of solitude.


Since the first Mahogany tree got cut down and chopped into pieces, men everywhere have turned to the deep-colored wood to express their prowess. Also known as The Great Mediator (solely by me, but it’ll catch on), Mahogany is the one wood that appeals to both men of brawn and brains. Whether you invest in a wall-length bookshelf, or whether you adorn a corner of the room with a gun cabinet, this masculine wood is the only material you should humor.



Another staple in the Realm of Manliness, a well-placed poker table can turn any average Man Cave into a private slice of Monte Carlo. You can find them online, and they come in both standard and Hold ‘Em formations. Whatever your taste in a game of cards, you’re covered.



This should really be a regular fixture in every house, but since that won’t happen I will maintain that no Man Cave is complete without one. Put it somewhere convenient, and stock it with all of the best liquors money can buy. They’re simple enough to make on your own, or you can buy one. Either way, you’d be remiss if your private wet bar didn’t include a top made out of our next item on the list…


granite countertops colors - blue

Say it with me now: Granite. The word itself sounds manly, so that’s a good indication that you’ll need to include it in your Man Cave plans. It’s versatile, durable, and handsome – just like us! If you’re using it as a surface for your wet bar, you can slice limes or mix drinks without having to worry about whether or not it gets wet. Me personally? I would recommend using it to adorn our final ingredient to the perfect Man Cave…



Men have been dramatically sitting in front of fireplaces since, well, the first fire pit made by our ancestors. Fireplaces give any room an unrivaled ambiance that will enhance any Man Cave 100 fold. Even if you think you’ve got the perfect Man Cave as is, you don’t have squat without a fireplace. Do yourself a favor, though; get a real fireplace, not one of those cheesy electronic ones.

Of course these are just suggestions, and you can take them or leave them if you’d like. However, I know you’ll kick yourself ruthlessly around the block if you look back and think about what could have been had you listened to me. Trust me: I’ve been in many a Man Cave, and the best ones make use of the above ingredients.

What do you think? Did I miss something “essential” when compiling this list? Add your thoughts at the bottom!

Jordan Siron is a freelance writer living in Florida. He excels at screenwriting, short stories, copywriting, and creating sell sheets.

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