Last Updated on January 22, 2020

They say good things come in small packages. Buying a tiny house is becoming one of today’s latest trends among younger home buyers across America, as they are opting to live in considerably smaller spaces to reduce housing costs, enjoy more financial freedom, and live a more productive life (according to them).

Tiny House

Tiny houses are typically between 400 and 1,000 square feet and can be designed either for traveling on a tow behind a trailer, or for being built on a foundation (similar to traditional housing). They are not for everyone. It takes a certain type of person to adjust to living in such a small space. But at the same time, it’s the small size and smaller cost to run that are the reasons this type of home is becoming increasingly popular.

Tiny House

According to the online resource, the average cost to build one of these micro homes is about $23,000. However, this price tag can get as high as $100,000 if the homeowner chooses to upgrade it with luxury amenities like quartz countertops and state-of-the-art appliances. This most often defeats the purpose of purchasing a small house, since the goal is to have little to no mortgage – which appeals to those who are looking to downsize, or for retirees seeking a turn-key lifestyle.

These self-contained living spaces can still have the comfort of a traditional home, but obviously on a much smaller scale. Kitchens will typically have only a two-burner stove with limited cabinet and counter space, and the bathroom consists simply of a commode and shower. The bedroom may be in a loft to free up living space downstairs, or in some cases the bed hides away. Having less space to maintain has great appeal for those who want to enjoy their free time and not be tied down with weekend chores and home projects.

Tiny House Design Interior
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Those wanting to live an urban lifestyle have come to realize that it is difficult to find affordable housing in a large city, which makes considering tiny houses more appealing. With rental costs increasing across the country, tiny houses are becoming a great alternative to high-rent apartments and high-priced homes. The city of Dallas, TX, for example, has the tenth highest number of tiny houses for sale in the country (and is tied with Irving, TX and Nashville, TN). Other places that include Aurora and Denver (in CO), San Antonio and Austin (in TX), Oakland, CA, and Seattle, WA are seeing a surge in the sale of tiny homes. Coined as one of the most expensive cities to live in the country (with the median home priced at around $1 million), San Francisco, CA has seen an increase in the sale of tiny homes. Portland, OR is considered the hotbed for tiny houses, since the median rent in the city is among the top 20 highest in the nation.

For some people, larger living spaces and creature comforts are a great trade-off to saving money and freeing up personal time to enjoy life. As we see the tiny house trend continue, don’t be surprised if you see them popping up in your city.

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Last Updated on January 7, 2020

Gray has recently become a staple color to the interior design of homes. Designers are expanding their color palette and embracing the elegance and sophistication of varying shades of gray. Gray is becoming the hottest new color trend because it acts as a neutral hue and pairs beautifully with almost any color.

Gray doesn’t just mean cool tones. There are warm grays, light grays, dark grays and…well, you get the idea. Picking the right gray depends on the amount of natural light you have coming into your room. Do you have a lot of natural light when the sun shines in from the north? If you do, design experts suggest a warm gray to make the room feel cozy. To make sure you will love the color before jumping in, buy samples of the shades you like and paint small squares to see how it works with the natural light that hits the room during the day.

shades of gray

Granite Transformations is staying ahead of the curve by offering five new gray Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) cabinet colors, as well as four gray solid wood colors to add a touch of class to your kitchen or bath, pictured below.

gray cabinet colors

Granite Transformations’ cabinet refacing offerings now include five gray cabinet colors: four solid grays and one gray wood grain. All four solid grays have a matte finish and will fit into just about any design concept. Portuna Carnaval, for example, provides a more classic textured wood grain pattern with a gray washed look.

Our solid wood colors include four attractive gray options. When ordered with a satin top coat, they will provide the warm and soft look that is becoming popular with homeowners. These colors will be offered in all solid wood door styles, along with all available moldings and accessories.

This kitchen blends the classic look of traditional style cabinets in gray with glass-front doors to create an open feel. The dramatic backsplash is made from imbedding a pattern into the stone with extreme heat and pressure. This particular pattern adds excitement and movement to the room and blends beautifully with the gray cabinets.

Below are some kitchen and bath renovations by Granite Transformations featuring varying shades of gray to help inspire your new look.

Gray kitchen with mosaic tiles

Gray and white are a classic combination that creates a crisp, clean look. The Metropolis Bronzite mosaic tile feature wall (on the right of the photo below) adds a touch of urban distinction to this suburban kitchen, while the gray island is a classic focal point that brings a touch of elegance to the room.

Kitchen with Pietra Del Cardoso countertops

Classic meets modern in this simple but elegant bath. A Carrara shower and vanity top with a classic mosaic backsplash is paired with dark wood cabinets to create a soothing spa-like atmosphere.

Bathroom Carrara vanity and showerGray and white combine beautifully in this bathroom. Here, the use of mosaic tile is carried throughout the room by cleverly adding a decorative border in the same material to create openness and continuity.

Gray bathroom

Learn more about our new color line from our Trascenda Collection. Find a Granite Transformations location near you and learn more about our new gray cabinet line.


Last Updated on May 10, 2016

Trend Group, the parent company of Granite Transformations, pulled out all the stops at their global rebranding event in Miami Beach this past March, where they announced the appointment of Tarek and Christina El Moussa, hosts of the hit HGTV show “Flip or Flop,” as their North American brand ambassadors.

The El Moussas will be a part of the annual marketing campaign, promoting the Granite Transformations, Trend Transformations and Trend Group brands, appearing in all advertising initiatives, and hosting event appearances throughout the country.

Christina and Tarek El Moussa with Trend CEO Andrea Di Giuseppe
Tarek and Christina El Moussa with Trend Group CEO Andrea Di Giuseppe

Trend’s stellar reputation as the world’s leading producer of full-body glass mosaic, gold mosaic and Venetian enamel – combined with the revolutionary one-day resurfacing process of Granite Transformations – makes this a perfect match for the show and its hosts.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Trend family and its innovative, quality selection of home renovation products and services, said the El Moussas. “In our business, we value a quick renovation turnaround – a process that Trend has truly mastered – and we share a passion for creating beautiful, high-end remodels in a cost-effective way that ultimately enhances quality of life.”

Granite Transformations is in the process of rebranding as Trend Transformations over the course of the next four years. As part of the excitement, homeowners looking to renovate their kitchens or baths can see the transformations come to life before their eyes on the show.

“We create beautiful spaces that bring out people’s desire to spend quality time in them because we believe that beauty is not a luxury – a philosophy that is shared with Tarek and Christina,” said Andrea Di Giuseppe, Global CEO of Trend Group. “As we continue growing our company and embark on this exciting new rebranding phase, we are thrilled to partner with this dynamic duo, who are undoubtedly two of the country’s top home design experts.”

Check out the full press release here.

Last Updated on January 8, 2020

As part of our “Design Style” series, Granite Transformations will explore the hottest trends in modern design style and the best combinations to help you create the perfect balance in your home.

Modern Style

Modern design is becoming more popular than ever, as homeowners are embracing its clean, straight lines with plenty of polish and little clutter. Having started around the World War I time period, “modern” design was created as the opposite of “traditional” design (which used heavy textures, carvings and wood tones throughout the home), following the theory: “form follows function.”

Modern Colors and Decor

Modern Kitchen – Look #1

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen – Look #2

Modern Kitchen Design

When it comes to designing a modern kitchen, think open, clean and iconic. Experts agree that taking the minimalistic approach is the best way to capture the modern element in the room by limiting decorative items and keeping small appliances hidden away. Less clutter means more workspace and increased functionality. Modern kitchen cabinets (like the ones featured above) have a sleek and simple design with flush doors and flat surfaces that have little or no hardware.

When it comes to choosing the right material, adding an element of surprise – like the mosaic featured walls shown above (Mysterious Mix in ‘Look #1’ and Metropolis Diamond in ‘Look #2’) – is a great way to give your kitchen a touch of elegance, while still maintaining the modern look. Sleek countertops (Lights and Shadows in ‘Look #1’ and Portland White in ‘Look #2’) are the way to go since they pull the look together without competing with the other elements. Rounding out the look is the flooring (Portland White in ‘Look #1’ and Bianco Reale in ‘Look #2’) to create a feeling of continuity and timelessness.

Modern Colors & Decor - BathroomModern Bathroom – Look #1

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom – Look #2

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern bathrooms focus primarily on efficiency and aesthetically pleasing designs. A seamless look, combined with form and function, is essential for achieving a modern and elegant bathroom without all of the frills and finery of a more traditional design. Here, the showers feature two elements that combine a solid background with a contrasting border (in ‘Look #1’) and a complimentary border (in ‘Look #2’). (The materials are Black Diamond with Sunset Beach border in ‘Look #1’ and Sunset Beach with Liberty Topaz border in ‘Look #2.’) The dividing wall is cleverly accented to offset the room with two distinct looks (Liberty Topaz in ‘Look #1’ and HEX260 in ‘Look #2’), while the flooring is dramatically different and changes the look entirely (Factory in ‘Look #1’ and Bianco Reale in ‘Look #2’).

You can achieve these looks (and so many more) by choosing Granite Transformations products. If you are interested, schedule a free in-home design consultation for a free estimate today.

Check out our beautiful new quartz colors from our Trascenda Collection here.