Making Your Apartment Green

You probably guessed, but I’m referring to environmentally green rather than the colour green! If you’re living in an apartment, you’ve got some great opportunities to cut your carbon footprint, while making your living space look and feel fresh at the same time. Follow these 5 tips to make your apartment green.

Buy a plant:

Let’s start simple. Buying a plant, whether it be a mini-conifer, a rubber plant or an underwater plant for your fish tank, will conjure up feelings of nature in your apartment space, and will make a great ornament at the same time. A sub-tip: make sure you water your plant, or nature will take its course and your previously green decoration will become an unhealthy shade of yellow.

Buy a hippo:

Again, this may have been interpreted wrong.  I’m not suggesting you buy a large mammal as a new pet, but rather, the water-saving device. Putting a ‘hippo’ in your toilet’s cistern will drastically reduce the amount of water used each flush. A great, easy to implement, environmentally friendly change. Some water providers in the UK offer free hippo too, so it might not cost you a thing!

Turn the lights off:

You shouldn’t really have to be told this, but rooms which you aren’t on don’t need to be illuminated. Turning lights off when you’re not in the room saves not only your electricity bill, but also the world. Don’t take this one too far: there’s no point stumbling around in the dark and hurting yourself (although if you fancy taking it a bit further, switching to candlelight can provide an interesting opportunity for 1700s role play).

Switch provider:

As mentioned previously, some water providers supply you with free water saving devices. Following this trend, some energy providers supply you with 100% renewably sourced energy. Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. While this may cost slightly more, the weight taken off your conscience should more than make up for it!


This, again, should go without saying, but most local councils offer recycling schemes, and the green apartment resident will take full advantage of these. Separating your rubbish into glass (green, brown, white), cardboard, metal, plastic, etc, may be time consuming, but it’s so much better than sending it to landfill!

As with anything when moving into your new home, there are plenty of opportunities for creativity in making your lifestyle greener. Why not also consider growing herbs and spices on your balcony? Or perhaps you could get an egg timer for the shower to make sure you don’t spend too much time (=use to much water) while you’re washing? Whatever it is, the slight cost in time and money that may be present is a small price to pay for ensuring a sustainable lifestyle.

This post on green apartment living was written for One UK by Chris Lee, who is trying to figure out how to be greener in his apartment in Leeds. 

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