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Granite Transformations of San Rafael

Granite Transformations of San Rafael offers kitchen and bathroom remodeling services all throughout the San Rafael area, featuring our sleek and sophisticated granite, quartz, and recycled glass countertops, as well as our cabinet refacing, and mosaic tile displays. To jump to a particular topic, use our quick navigation links below!

Granite countertops

At Granite Transformations of San Rafael, our strong, elegant granite countertops are a company namesake. Each of our beautifully designed granite countertops and surfaces is sealed with our own ForeverSeal® polymer to ensure our products are heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and nonporous. If you’re searching for high-quality, visually stunning granite countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, or commercial property, stop by Granite Transformations of San Rafael today!

Granite countertop resurfacing

At Granite Transformations, our granite countertop resurfacing process places new countertops and surfaces directly over your existing ones, so there’s no need for the mess or stress of a demolition. Our home designers can finish countertop installations in one easy visit. Come to your local Granite Transformations showroom to see our granite countertop resurfacing styles and colors.

Our granite countertop colors

The Granite Transformations collection of granite countertops presents an expansive assortment of colors and styles to fit right into any classic or modern kitchen or bathroom. Our granite countertops and surfaces can highlight the individual personality of any room in your house or commercial property.

Our granite countertops and surfaces come in a combination of flecking, color variations, and swirls to give each granite slab a unique look and a personalized touch, allowing you to renovate your kitchen or bathroom in your own style.

Black or white granite countertops?

The current trend among homeowners involves bold, darker colored countertops to offset white or beige cabinets and furniture, creating a lively contrast that accentuates the angles and curves of your kitchen or bathroom. Pairing brighter colors, however, can often create a welcome illusion of comfortable, open spaces, the same way mirrors will make a room seem larger.

Selecting a color for your granite slabs is a decision based on your personal style, but if you’re looking for advice, our professional interior designers would be thrilled to visit your home for a free design consultation.

Granite countertops cost

Granite Transformations of San Rafael can replace your current countertops by installing new granite slabs directly over your existing surfaces. This fast and effective installation practice circumvents the need for messy and stressful demolition, and your new countertops can be set up in one quick and simple visit to save you time and money. Additionally, many of our countertops and surfaces are created using recycled materials and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes, and all of our products are guaranteed with a lifetime limited warranty.

Quartz countertops

The quiet strength and beauty of quartz combine perfectly for a unique splendor that is perfect for any kitchen or bathroom. If you’re looking to open up your kitchen space or brighten your bathroom, the shimmering luster of quartz offers a warmer alternative to bolder, darker granite. Granite Transformations of San Rafael supplies and installs elegant yet durable quartz countertops and surfaces in residential or commercial properties.

Quartz countertop styles

Granite Transformations offers a diverse variety of quartz countertop styles and colors that smartly adapt to the personality and aesthetic of any room in your home or property. Our creamy ivory tones and speckled aquamarine hues blend perfectly with your kitchen cabinetry or bathroom decor to create a unique, sophisticated visual flavor.

Need help selecting the perfect style of quartz countertop for your home or commercial setting? The professional interior designers at Granite Transformations of San Rafael are always glad to visit your property for a free design consultation!

Quartz countertops: Durability and hygiene

At Granite Transformations, we take great pride in the quality and durability of our surfaces and countertops. Much of this durability can be attributed to our uniquely designed ForeverSeal® brand polymer, which ensures each countertop is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, heat-resistant, and nonporous. Nonporous and scratch-resistant surfaces are easy to clean, and are less likely to harbor traces of mold, bacteria, or harmful antigens, allowing for a greater overall kitchen or bathroom hygiene.

Furthermore, our quartz countertops and surfaces will never require resealing, and are guaranteed under our lifetime limited warranty.

Quartz countertop cost

Quartz is a low-maintenance material, especially when sealed with our scratch-resistant, nonporous ForeverSeal polymer. Our quartz surfaces require very little attention or additional resources from the owner. Plus, our quartz countertops can be installed directly over your existing surfaces, eliminating the need for messy and stressful demolition, saving you time and money. Plus, our quartz surfaces are durable, and guaranteed with a lifetime limited warranty.

Recycled glass countertops

Granite Transformations of San Rafael provides recycled glass countertops for a sleek, shiny alternative to granite, quartz, or marble. Our recycled glass countertops are composed of up to 78 percent recycled glass, making for an affordable and environmentally friendly choice. Our manufacturing process combines synthetic semi-precious stones with crushed recycled glass for attractive, unique kitchen or bathroom countertops that can be customized with an impressive number of options.

All of our countertops and surfaces are sealed with our specially designed ForeverSeal® polymer resin to make them heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and nonporous..

Recycled glass countertop styles

Granite Transformations of San Rafael supplies an expansive variety of stunning, stylish recycled glass countertops with unique patterns, colors, swirls, and flecking. Whatever your desired aesthetic may be, Granite Transformations can craft the perfect recycled glass countertops for your home of business.

Need help choosing the right recycled glass surfaces for your interior spaces? Our professional designers would be glad to visit your home or commercial building for a free design consultation!

Recycled glass countertops cost

In general, recycled glass countertops cost less than granite, marble, quartz, or concrete surfaces of a comparable size and style. Recycled glass countertops are made from inexpensive, reused materials with relatively low manufacturing costs, and therefore recycled glass surfaces tend to be more affordable than other options. And as the name implies, recycled glass countertops are made of recycled glass for a “green” and environmentally responsible choice.

Granite Transformations of San Rafael can install new recycled glass countertops directly over your existing surfaces, preventing the need for stressful and costly demolition. Our fast and simple installation process saves time and money when compared to typical countertop replacement services. Plus, all of our products are guaranteed with a lifetime limited warranty.

Recycled glass vs. granite or quartz

Aside from the low cost of recycled glass countertops, why should you choose recycled glass as opposed to granite or marble? If you’re looking for an affordable, attractive, and very customizable option for your bathroom or kitchen surfaces, recycled glass is the best option.

For starters, because recycled glass countertops are made from approximately 78 percent recycled glass, you’ll be reducing your impact on the environment. Secondly, crushed or recycled glass countertops have a distinct, colorful appearance that can be customized to fit the decor of any room. Stop by Granite Transformations of San Rafael today to learn more about the advantages of recycled glass countertops!

Kitchen remodeling

If you’ve been thinking of a beautiful, refreshing new kitchen renovation for your San Rafael home, look no further than Granite Transformations. We can transform your kitchen into a vibrant, exciting living space you’ll love to share with friends and family. From gorgeous granite countertops to mosaic tile backsplashes to cabinet refacing services, our professional interior designers provide everything you need to attain the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

On the other hand, if you need a keen eye and some experienced inspiration, ask our interior designers about scheduling a free design consultation!

Cabinet refacing

Cabinet refacing services from Granite Transformations can grant your kitchen a charming new appeal without having to start from scratch. Reface your cabinets with bold obsidian tones to offset the heavenly whites of your kitchen surfaces, or brighten your living space with an ivory lustre on your cabinetry. Whatever style you choose for your cabinet refacing project, Granite Transformations has the expertise and the craftsmanship to create a beautiful space you’ll love.

The Granite Transformations cabinet refacing procedure involves installing new cabinet surfaces directly over the sturdiest parts of your existing cabinets, while reinforcing the hidden hardware of your cabinetry and shelves to increase their durability. Our cabinet installation process eliminates the need for costly and stressful demolition, saving you time, money, and headaches.

Custom backsplash and tile

Countertops and cabinets don’t have to be the only attraction in your beautiful kitchen: Granite Transformations can design and install breathtaking custom backsplashes and mosaic glass tiles in virtually any home or commercial kitchen for an exquisite, alluring centerpiece. Our backsplashes and mosaic tiles can turn any area of your kitchen into an impressive and attractive focal point.

Create a custom backsplash of your own design, or enlist the help of our interior designers for a captivating work of art in your very own kitchen. Whatever you desire, Granite Transformations has the products, styles, and expertise to turn your vision into a remarkable reality. Visit our showroom to see examples of our tiles, backsplashes, and more!

Mosaic tile

For a custom kitchen or bathroom renovation that is uniquely yours, Granite Transformations can design and install mosaic tile arrangements that will capture the essence of your aesthetic vision. Whether you desire an inspiring mural for your living room, a personalized design for kitchen countertops, or you simply want a remarkable conversation piece for your living space, Granite Transformations can make your ideas a reality.

Granite Transformations of San Rafael offers a wide variety of mosaic tiles to give your kitchen an impressive and inspiring look. We can install our mosaic tiles directly inside your kitchen. Choose from our selection of tiles veined with enamel, aventurine stone, or semi-transparent glass.

Bathroom remodeling

Granite Transformations renovates bathrooms all over the San Rafael area, meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations every time. During the bathroom remodeling process, our quartz, recycled glass, and granite surfaces are installed directly over your existing cabinets and countertops, eliminating the need for costly demolition. We take great pride in keeping our bathroom remodeling procedure both stress-free and mess-free. Granite Transformations of San Rafael can replace and install bathroom vanities, showers, tiling, and more.

Our Gallery includes numerous examples of our beautiful finished bathroom transformations.

Shower remodeling

Your shower is arguably your bathroom’s biggest attention-grabber, so it would make sense if your bathroom remodeling project begins with your shower. If you’re looking for a dazzling, luxurious shower that will make a strong first impression, shower remodeling services by Granite Transformations can achieve your goal. Our bathroom and shower renovations can help you create the soothing, luxurious bathroom and spa you’ve always wanted. Granite Transformations of San Rafael can remodel your shower with glass mosaic tiles, extravagant quartz surfaces, and much more. All of our products are backed by a lifetime limited warranty!

Vanity remodeling

Your face shouldn’t be the only beautiful thing you see when you look in the mirror! Our bathroom vanity remodeling services at Granite Transformations of San Rafael can renovate and refurbish your bathroom vanity with exquisite new countertops and cabinet refacing. Our bathroom vanity selection includes sleek, luxurious granite, quartz, and recycled glass countertops and surfaces, as well as mosaic tile backsplashes and more.

Bathroom tile options

We’ve got something for every style and vision. Granite Transformations offers an extraordinary array of tile options for your bathroom renovation project. From brilliant glass mosaic tiles veined with enamel to aventurine stone, or semi-transparent glass for a classic Italian fashion, our spectacular tiles can be installed over your current bathroom surfaces at much less cost and inconvenience than other forms of tile installation.

If you need a keen, professional eye to help renovate your bathroom with an inspiring transformation within your budget, our professional home designers would be thrilled to visit your house for a free design consultation!

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